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Week of 07/08
1. Which provision of the Affordable Care Act has been delayed by a full year?
   Employer mandate
   Individual mandate
   Medicaid expansion
   Birth control coverage
   State insurance exchanges
2. Mohamed ElBaradei, a leading candidate to serve as Egypt's interim prime minister, formerly headed which international organization?
   World Bank
   World Trade Organization
   World Health Organization
   International Monetary Fund
   International Atomic Energy Agency
3. Asiana Airlines Flight 214, which crash-landed at San Francisco's airport Saturday, took off from what city?
   Kyoto, Japan
   Beijing, China
   Seoul, South Korea
   Ulan Bator, Mongolia
   New Taipei City, Taiwan
4. Unemployment has been stuck above 7.5% for 54 consecutive months, the longest such stretch since when?
   It has never happened
5. Barack Obama and George W. Bush had a rare meeting last week. Where?
   New York
   South Africa
6. As of Monday, which nation has expressed a willingness to grant NSA leaker Edward Snowden political asylum?
   All of the above
   No nation has offered asylum
7. California legislators are considering a proposal that would provide free condoms to whom?
   Girl Scouts
   Illegal immigrants
   California legislators
8. Who is Yasiel Puig?
   Baseball player
   Egypt's top general
   Deported British imam
   George Zimmerman trial judge
   Aaron Hernandez' alleged murder victim
9. Mohamed Morsi, who has been ousted by the Egyptian military, held what job before being elected president last year?
10. Hollywood's summer has been chilled by some very expensive box office duds. Which is not among them?
   After Earth
   Despicable Me 2
   The Lone Ranger
   White House Down
   All were disappointments

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