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Week of 07/22
1. Some prominent Americans sent a scathing letter to top Democrats in Congress, warning that Obamacare "will hurt millions of Americans." Who wrote it?
   Union leaders
   Hospital executives
   Republican Governors
   Democratic Governors
   Chamber of Commerce officials
2. Prior to Detroit, which was the most populous American city to declare bankruptcy?
   Fresno, CA
   Stockton, CA
   Harrisburg, PA
   Birmingham, AL
   Virginia Beach, VA
3. Detroit's population is now around 700,000; when did the city reach its peak of 1.8 million?
4. Bob Filner, after repeatedly being accused of groping employees, has been ordered to stop having closed-door meetings with women. Who is he?
   U.S. Congressman
   Mayor of a major city
   CEO of a large high-tech firm
   College women's basketball coach
5. Which retailer declared that it will not sell the Rolling Stone magazine issue with bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on the cover?
   Rite Aid
   Stop & Shop
   All of the Above
6. Former White House correspondent Helen Thomas, who died at age 92, spent most her career working for which media outlet?
   Associated Press
   Washington Post
   Agency France Presse
   United Press International
7. The Vatican has decreed that Pope Francis will grant indulgences to Catholics who do what?
   Abstain from alcohol
   Follow him on Twitter
   Attend his mass in Brazil
   Donate money to the church
   Help win at least two converts
8. Former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy, who will join the cast of "The View," spearheaded a campaign against what?
   Fur coats
   Late-term abortion
   Childhood vaccines
   Misogynistic rap lyrics
9. Which Fox News host joined Al Sharpton at a rally for Trayvon Martin Saturday?
   Bob Beckel
   Alan Colmes
   Greg Gutfeld
   Arthel Neville
   Geraldo Rivera
10. Which musician heartily endorsed the not guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman trial?
   Ted Nugent
   Tony Bennett
   Stevie Wonder
   Paul McCartney
   Bruce Springsteen

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