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Week of 10/28
1. The U.S. government has reportedly monitored the phone calls of which European leader for the past ten years?
   David Cameron, United Kingdom
   Francois Hollande, France
   Angela Merkel, Germany
   Vladimir Putin, Russia
   All of the Above
2. Democratic Senators Mark Begich, Mark Pryor, Jeanne Shaheen, and Mary Landrieu all support a delay in the individual mandate. What else do they have in common?
   Their states voted for Romney
   Their states voted for Obama
   Up for re-election next year
   Represent Southern states
   Serving their first term
3. Far-left Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson, known for throwing verbal bombs, compares the Tea Party to which of the following?
   Al Qaeda
   Hitler's SS
   Ku Klux Klan
   Muslim Brotherhood
   Westboro Baptist Church
4. Which stock index closed last week at an all-time high?
   S&P 500
   Japan Nikkei
   Shanghai Composite
   NASDAQ Composite
   Dow Jones Industrial Average
5. Which Middle Eastern nation stunned observers by rejecting a seat on the prestigious United Nations Security Council?
   Saudi Arabia
6. New York City's next mayor is likely to be Bill de Blasio, a man steeped in radical politics. He spent his 1991 honeymoon in which communist nation?
   Soviet Union
   East Germany
7. Florida Blue is canceling 300,000 individual health insurance policies. Why?
   Policies are not profitable
   Company is going bankrupt
   Insured are eligible for Medicaid
   Florida Blue is moving to Georgia
   Policies don't meet Obamacare specs
8. McDonald's is cutting all ties with which of its major condiment suppliers?
   Morton salt
   Vlasic pickles
   Heinz ketchup
   Gulden's mustard
   Hellman's mayonnaise
9. Lou Reed, the "godfather of punk rock" who died Sunday at age 71, had exactly one song on the Billboard Pop Singles chart. What was it?
   Lay Lady Lay
   Rainy Day Women
   Positively 4th Street
   Just Like A Woman
   Walk on the Wild Side
10. Candy Crush has been receiving a lot of attention recently. Who or what is Candy Crush?
   Porn star
   Pro wrestler
   Online game
   Sugary drink
   Cartoon character

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