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Week of 12/30
1. In June he became the longest serving member of Congress in U.S. history. Who?
   John Dingell
   John Conyers
   Thad Cochran
   Charles Rangel
2. The financially-strapped New York Times Company sold off which of its properties in 2013?
   WQXR radio
   The Boston Globe
   The Tuscaloosa News
   Nine local TV stations
3. Denis McDonough took over what position at the start of President Obama's second term?
   Secretary of Labor
   EPA Administrator
   Secretary of the Treasury
   White House Chief of Staff
   Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
4. Which nation successfully landed a sophisticated moon rover on the lunar surface in December?
5. President Obama stated that if he had a son, he would be reluctant to let the boy do what?
   Enter politics
   Play football
   Wear a hoodie
   Play video games
   Listen to rap music
6. Only a handful of states have not enacted a version of Jessica's Law that imposes tough sentences on child molesters. As 2013 ends, which is among the holdouts?
   North Carolina
7. Vice President Joe Biden offered what pithy advice to a woman who asked him how she can protect herself from intruders?
   "Get a dog"
   "Buy a shotgun"
   "Take boxing lessons"
   "A can of mace, my dear"
8. NBC dropped to fifth place in the February Nielsen ratings among adult viewers. The once-proud Peacock Network lagged behind CBS, Fox, ABC, and what other network?
   The CW
9. Ratings-challenged CNN picked a member of a prominent political family to host its daily morning show. Who?
   Chris Cuomo
   Chelsea Clinton
   Patrick Kennedy
   Jenna Bush Hager
   Barbara Pierce Bush
10. CNN also revived what program that was once a mainstay on the network.
   In the Arena
   Capital Gang
   The Spin Room
   Larry King Live
11. Comedian Jonathan Winters, who died in April, was known for the characters he created. Which was not among them?
   Lennie Pike
   Aunt Blabby
   Maude Frickert
   Elwood P. Suggins
   Leslie the Sanitation Engineer
12. About 40% of American babies are now born to single mothers. Which state has the lowest percentage of out-of-wedlock births?
   North Dakota
13. Which electric car pulled the plug after disastrous sales?
   Ford Focus
   Chevy Volt
   Nissan Leaf
   Fisker Karma
   Tesla Model S
14. George Jones, the great country singer who died in April, was once married to which other coutry star?
   Patsy Cline
   Kitty Wells
   Loretta Lynn
   Tammy Wynette
   All of the Above
15. Which famous athlete retired from his or her sport in May?
   Kobe Bryant
   Venus Williams
   David Beckham
   Peyton Manning
   Floyd Mayweather
16. Some far-left entertainers, among them Oliver Stone and Phil Donahue, vigorously supported whom?
   Nidal Hasan
   O.J. Simpson
   Bernie Madoff
   Bradley Manning
   Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
17. Because the Miss World pageant was held in majority-Muslim Indonesia, organizers banned what?
   Bare legs
   Strapless gowns
   Talent competition
18. Who or what is "Kinky Boots?"
   Broadway musical
   Woody Allen movie
   Russian all-girl band
   Fashion trend for pre-teens
   Winner of the Kentucky Derby
19. Frank Lautenberg, who died in June, was the only one in the United States Senate. The only what?
   Orthodox Jew
   World War II vet
20. A six-person jury acquitted George Zimmerman of murdering Trayvon Martin. All the jurors were what?
   None of the Above
21. Which organization unveiled a massive and luxurious new headquarters in Washington in April?
22. Hollywood's summer was chilled by some very expensive box office duds. Which was not among them?
   After Earth
   Despicable Me 2
   The Lone Ranger
   White House Down
   All were disappointments
23. The movie "The Fifth Estate" was another conspicuous box office flop. It is about whom?
   Bill Ayers
   Bernie Madoff
   Julian Assange
   Casey Anthony
   Jerry Sandusky
24. Which state carried out its 500th execution since the death penalty was reinstituted in 1976?
25. Janet Napolitano stepped down as head of Homeland Security in September. Who has never been in charge of DHS?
   James Loy
   Tom Ridge
   Bernard Kerik
   Michael Chertoff
   None of them ran DHS
26. Former White House correspondent Helen Thomas, who died in July at age 92, spent most her career working for which media outlet?
   Associated Press
   Washington Post
   Agency France Presse
   United Press International
27. Omnicom and Publicis announced that they will merge to create the world's largest company in what business?
28. Major Nidal Malik Hasan was convicted of murdering 13 people at Fort Hood in 2009. Who decided his guilt?
   One judge
   Jury of civilians
   Three-judge panel
   Jury of military officers
   Fort Hood commanding officer
29. The new cable outlet Al Jazeera America is owned by the government of which Middle East nation?
   Saudi Arabia
30. Rick Stengel became the latest mainstream journalist to join the Obama administration. What media outlet did he run?
   Fox News
   NBC News
   Time Magazine
   Washington Post
31. Islamic terrorists opened fire at a shopping mall in Kenya in September, killing dozens of people. Who were their primary targets?
32. The felony conviction of which former politician was thrown out in September?
   Larry Craig
   Tom DeLay
   Jesse Jackson Jr.
   Rod Blagojevich
   Dan Rostenkowski
33. The Simpsons signed on for its 26th year and is the longest-running animated series ever. Which is the most enduring show of all?
   60 Minutes
   Sesame Street
   Meet the Press
   As the World Turns
34. Which veteran singer advised Miley Cyrus to tone down her hyper-sexualized image?
   Celine Dion
   Sheryl Crow
   Mariah Carey
   Janet Jackson
   Sinead O'Connor
35. Vietnamese hero Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap, who died in October at age 102, was revered for defeating the forces of which nation at Dien Bien Phu?
   United States
   South Vietnam
36. Cory Booker, who won a New Jersey special election in October, became the first black elected to the U.S. Senate since whom?
   Tim Scott
   J.C. Watts
   Roland Burris
   Barack Obama
   Carol Moseley Braun
37. Lou Reed, the "godfather of punk rock" who died at age 71, had exactly one song on the Billboard Pop Singles chart. What was it?
   Lay Lady Lay
   Rainy Day Women
   Positively 4th Street
   Just Like A Woman
   Walk on the Wild Side
38. Candy Crush received a lot of attention in 2013. Who or what is Candy Crush?
   Porn star
   Pro wrestler
   Online game
   Sugary drink
   Cartoon character
39. The Subway restaurant chain faced complaints about its "Footlong" sandwiches. Why?
   Uses genetically modified tomatoes
   Extra charge for mayo or mustard
   Far more calories than stated
   Has 1,000+ mg of sodium
   Not really 12" long
40. After a contentious dispute, which was officially declared the USA's tallest building?
   Willis Tower, Chicago
   U.S. Bank Tower, Los Angeles
   Trump Hotel and Tower, Chicago
   Empire State Building, New York
   One World Trade Center, New York
41. A painting was purchased for $142 million in November, the highest price ever paid for a work of art at an auction. Who is the artist?
   Andy Warhol
   Paul Cezanne
   Pablo Picasso
   Francis Bacon
   Edvard Munch
42. Which disgraced former politician re-opened his law practice?
   Eliot Spitzer
   Marion Barry
   John Edwards
   Anthony Weiner
   Kwame Kilpatrick
43. An accused killer declared bankruptcy in January. Who?
   Robert Blake
   O.J. Simpson
   Amanda Knox
   Casey Anthony
   Claus von Bulow
44. Many fast food workers are demanding a rise in the federal minimum hourly wage, which is what?
45. A new presidential library opened in September, dedicated to whom?
   Richard Nixon
   Herbert Hoover
   Calvin Coolidge
   George W. Bush
   George Washington
46. The late Nelson Mandela shared the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize with whom?
   P.W. Botha
   Walter Sisulu
   F.W. de Klerk
   Henry Kissinger
   Winnie Mandela
47. Which team won the 2013 World Series?
   Boston Red Sox
   St. Louis Cardinals
   New York Yankees
   San Francisco Giants
   Los Angeles Dodgers
48. Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, caused a stir by saying people are poor primarily because of what?
   Low IQ
49. The United States is no longer the world's fattest country, having been butted aside by which even-chubbier nation?
   Dominican Republic
50. The Oxford Dictionaries selected what as its "Word of the Year?"

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