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Monday, September 15, 2014
The Factor Rundown
Taking the Fight to ISIS
In Talking Points tonight, we'll discuss how to take the fight to ISIS and whether President Obama the will and strength to defeat them.
Response to Talking Points
Guest:Brit Hume
Brit responds to tonight's Talking Points on ISIS and whether President Obama can take them down.
Lacking Confidence
Guests:Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham
A new poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News shows that Americans lack confidence in President Obama's ability to eliminate ISIS. Can he turn that around? We'll debate it.
Troubling Statistic
Guests:Dr. Nick Weiss & Dr. Daniel Bober
A new study shows that teenagers who smoke marijuana daily are 60% less likely to complete high school than those who never use the drug. We'll have two drug counselors on to explain what's really going on here.
Troubles Mount in the NFL
Guests:Bernie Goldberg
More troubling news from the NFL: The Minnesota Vikings have reinstated running back Adrien Peterson despite charges of child abuse against his 4 year old son. Also, A number of Ray Rice fans still support the former Raven despite video of him knocking his wife unconscious in an elevator. Why do the troubles keep mounting for the NFL? Bernie on that.
American Clichés
Guest:Jesse Watters
We sent Watters out to Coney Island, Brooklyn to ask the folks what they make of some of the most common clichés including "Kick the can", "Reaching out" and "You know what I'm saying". Are people sick of these tired, old expressions? Watters gets to the bottom of it.
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