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Monday, July 28, 2014
Bill's Mugs
The Great Marijuana Ruse
Guests: Stephen Gutwillig & Kevin Sabet
"The New York Times has called for the USA to legalize marijuana all over the place. That's no surprise, that paper is far left on its editorial page. But the real reason many liberals want to legalize pot is contained in the Times editorial, which says the social costs of marijuana 'fall disproportionately on young black men.' There you have it. The left believes American law enforcement targets African Americans for drug prosecutions; therefore, they want drug sales to categorized as non-violent offenses and marijuana to be legalized. It's about race, not drugs. Now, some facts: About 5,000 criminals were sentenced federally for marijuana offenses in 2013, almost 98% of them for selling. 63% of those convicted on the federal level were Hispanic, just 11% black. The legalization of marijuana is full of unintended consequences. It sends a signal to children that drug use is an acceptable part of life. As for the poor precincts in America, does it make any sense to make intoxicants more available? Drug use and sales have devastated poor neighborhoods in this country. Same thing with alcoholism and tobacco use, but you don't add to those problems by legalizing pot. That's stupid! What authorities should do is decriminalize pot use. If you want to use it in your home and not bother anyone, fine. But if you go outside with a joint or a pipe, you pay a fine. And if you sell marijuana, you go to jail. America used to have standards of behavior in public, but they are collapsing all around us."

The Factor pursued the issue with legalization advocate Stephen Gutwillig and drug abuse expert Kevin Sabet. "I'm thrilled to hear that you support decriminalizing marijuana," Gutwillig said. "We should not be chasing after the nearly 750,000 Americans that we arrest every year for possessing tiny amounts of pot for their personal use. We should have this gigantic marijuana economy in the hands of regulators instead of criminals." But Sabet warned that legalization will lead to a massive new industry dedicated to promoting marijuana use. "If we thought the tobacco industry was bad with the lies about the science, just wait for the marijuana industry. I want to ask the New York Times if they considered the stances of the American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, and other groups that oppose legalization." The Factor again stressed the danger of full legalization, saying, "I don't want the social message going to America's children that this is an acceptable part of life, it damages children and the poor more than anyone."
Should we welcome kids at the border?
Guests:Juan Williams & Mary Katharine Ham

Conservative columnist and Fox News analyst George Will surprised many observers by urging America to open its arms to Central American children who are flooding across the Rio Grande. Mary Katharine Ham and Juan Williams assessed Will's stance. "I will respectfully disagree on a few points," Ham said, "but I do agree that we should not discount our ability to assimilate new immigrants, it's something that America is quite good at. But if the policy is that everybody who comes can stay, then you're not dealing with the many thousands who will come after that." Williams argued that America is well-equipped to welcome and assimilate tens of thousands of children. "We support the elderly, we support our veterans, and, as it says on the Statute of Liberty, we can handle your teeming masses yearning to be free." The Factor bristled at Williams' argument and denounced his general position on immigration: "You are dodging the unintended consequences of an open border. You have never called for the National Guard on the border, you are an open border guy, that's who you are!"
Is Obama anti-Israel?
Guests:Brit Hume
The Factor asked FNC's Brit Hume to evaluate the often-heard suspicion that President Obama harbors an anti-Israel bias. "Some Israeli politicians clearly think that is the case," Hume said, "and there are some on the American right who think that as well. And there is some truth to it. Remember when Netanyahu was snubbed at the White House? And then there was this effort by John Kerry over the weekend to get Israel to go along with a one-sided cease-fire proposal. I think President Obama instinctively shares the sentiment on the academic left that favors Israel's Palestinian neighbors over Israel. But Israel is very popular in Congress and in the country as a whole." The Factor concluded, "I don't think Netanyahu trusts President Obama, and vice versa."
Rove breaks down the 2016 polls
Guests:Karl Rove
With the November elections just 99 days away, The Factor asked FNC's Karl Rove to survey the electoral map and the GOP's chances of re-capturing the Senate. "This is going to be a wild year," Rove declared. "The Washington Post's model recently said there is an 86% chance that Republicans will take control of the Senate. I'm not that optimistic, I think it's about a 60% chance. But many Democrats have the advantage of incumbency." The Factor pointed out that a shift of power in the Senate would end Senator Harry Reid's tenure as Majority Leader: "Reid has blocked most meaningful legislation from coming up for a vote. Whenever the House passes a bill, Reid blocks it in the Senate. One guy is sabotaging the whole process."
What's America's Biggest Threat?
Guests:Megyn Kelly
A recent poll indicated that more than half of respondents view Islamic jihadists as the biggest threat to the USA. The Factor asked Megyn Kelly to opine on the non-scientific survey. "I'm also very concerned about the jihadists," she said, "but I also believe in the saying that America can only destroy herself. And the older I get, the more I start to understand the segments you do on social values and these culture wars. I'm starting to get it more now that I'm a mother of three young children, I worry about the erosion of our culture and our family values. You can go through an entire day without having any human interaction. It makes us feel disconnected and disenchanted and I think it can ultimately be dangerous."
Watters in Rhode Island
Guests: Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters headed to the tony town of Newport, Rhode Island, where he asked some locals and vacationers to grade President Obama's job performance. A few of their replies: "He doesn't seem to be honest" ... "I think he's done a pretty good job" ... "I think he made some promises that he didn't live up to well." Watters also invited the folks to opine on a certain Bill O'Reilly. "You want a straight interview and honest talk," one man declared, "that's where you go." But another gentleman was far less gentle when he pronounced, "You're with Fox, I don't do Fox!"
How to Handle Bad Things
When bad things happen to you, try your hardest to turn them around, just as many of our wounded warriors have done in their lives.
Viewers sound off
Charles Simmons, Henderson, NV: "Bill, thanks for remaining upbeat during the dissolution of America into a mob-centered mania of misery."

Laura Bacon, Santa Barbara, CA: "Mr. O'Reilly, you said impeachment would harm the country, but what about President Obama nearly destroying it?"

Rocio Lucey, Lima, Peru: "O'Reilly, stop blaming Obama for once. The blame falls on all the ignorant Americans who voted for him. I can't believe there are still people who approve of his job performance."
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