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Friday, March 6, 2015
More Trouble for Hillary
Guests:Cleta Mitchell & Mathew Littman
Tonight we'll talk about the growing controversy over Hillary Clinton's use of private e-mail accounts during her four years as Secretary of State. Were Mrs. Clinton's actions more than just a violation of state department policy? Is it possible she actually broke the law? We'll debate it.
Damaging the Democratic Party?
Guests:Nomiki Konst & Marjorie Clifton
How much damage is all this Hillary Clinton drama doing to the Democratic Party? Will it take a serious toll on the 2016 election?
Conceding to Iran?
Guests:Richard Grenell & Tom Collina
Iran and the West are coming closer to reaching a nuclear agreement. But is President Obama giving them a better deal than they deserve.
How to Defeat ISIS
Guest:Geraldo Rivera
Iraqi forces are battling ISIS for control of the city of Tikrit but you won't believe which of our enemies is helping the Iraqis while America sits on the sidelines. Geraldo reports.
Ferguson P.D. Investigation
Guests:Richard Fowler & Niger Innis
According to the DOJ report released this week, tOfficer Darren WIlson was not guilty of "racial bias" when he shot and killed Michael Brown. Also, "Hands up, don't shoot" is not an accurate representation of what happened on that tragic day. So why won't the media apologize for being so quick to take a side in this case? We'll debate it.
An Interesting Backstory
Guest:Janice Dean
Tonight we bring you another edition of Did You Know That with Fox News Meteorologist Janice Dean. Janice tells you about her history as a rock DJ in Canada and how she made her way to Fox News Channel.
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