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Wednesday, February 10, 2016
The Factor Rundown
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Impact Segment
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Campaign 2016
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The Big Presidential Race
Tonight we'll handicap the presidential contenders: Who is looking strong, who is looking weak and who could surprise voters as the battle moves to South Carolina.
New Hampshire Victory
Guest: Donald Trump
Winner of the New Hampshire Republican Primary, Donald Trump joins us tonight to talk about his New Hampshire victory and whether this solidifies his place as the GOP frontrunner.
Trump on the Issues
Guest: Donald Trump
Mr. Trump will stick around to talk about his policies on trade with China, marijuana and the problems at our border.
Hillary Moves On
Guest: Ed Henry
Fox reporter Ed Henry brings us the latest from the Clinton camp. Is Hillary's campaign in trouble after her crushing loss to Bernie Sanders last night? We'll bring you the latest details.
Who Will Drop Out Next?
Guest: Eboni Williams & Monica Crowley
Who will be next to drop out of the Republican race? Eboni and Monica debate it.
Did Kasich Shake Up GOP Race?
Guest: Karl Rove
There was a surprising outcome last night as Ohio Governor John Kasich came in second place in New Hampshire. Karl Rove talks about how this shakes up the GOP race.
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