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Tuesday, April 15, 2014
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Voter Suppression
Guests:Monica Crowley & Alan Colmes
The grievance industry believes that requiring ID's to vote is a right-wing plot to deny some Americans their voting rights. 33 states currently have voting laws that require an ID with more states considering it. Tonight, two people you might not expect have voiced support for creating photo IDs to vote in the U.S. We'll debate it with Crowley and Colmes.
Latest in Ukraine
Guest:Senator John McCain
The situation in Ukraine is getting violent as tempers rise and Russian forces advance in the country. Senator John McCain is travelling through the Baltic States to try and figure out how to best handle Putin and his forces. He'll join us from Latvia to talk about the situation.
Tax Day
Guest:John Stossel
Today is tax day and if you don't file by midnight you may have some problems with the IRS. John Stossel joins us tonight to talk about what a mess the American tax system is.
Work Ethic
Guest:Genevieve Wood
While Americans are working harder than ever because jobs are tight and salaries are declining, over in France they have a much different situation. They work day isn't nearly as stressful. We'll explain tonight.
Hot Legal Stories
Guest:Lis Wiehl & Kimberly Guilfoyle
Is it Legal has been looking at a very intense land controversy in Nevada and a teenager in trouble for trying to document the fact that he was being bullied. Don't miss Is it Legal tonight.
Life After Death
Guest:Pastor Robert Jeffers
This coming Sunday is Easter, the holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. Tonight we'll discuss with Pastor Jeffers the possibility of life after death and if there's any definitive proof that it exists.
The Taxman Returneth
There's website where you can enter some financial information and get a quick calculation of how large your tax refund will be. You can check it out at hrblock.com/get-answers/tax-calculators.html
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