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Wednesday, April 1, 2015
Religious Rights vs. The Constitution
"It all began in 1973 when the Supreme Court ruled that abortion should be legal. That put the U.S. government directly against the Catholic Church and many Protestant concerns. To be clear, it is a grave sin in Christian theology to abort a fetus, but it is perfectly legal under the Constitution. The gay marriage situation is similar but not nearly as intense. Some Americans oppose homosexual nuptials because of certain passages in scripture. The Supreme Court will rule on gay marriage shortly. But no matter what the court decides, some Christians will continue to oppose gay nuptials on moral grounds and that is their right. The government should be a secular concern. The Founding Fathers were quite clear in saying religious beliefs should not be imposed on the population, but also that we the people have the freedom to believe what we want without interference. If a baker or photographer feels uncomfortable at a gay wedding, that should be respected because there is no exclusivity. Other bakers and photographers will gladly accept the paycheck. It is long past time for the secular progressive movement to stop denigrating people of faith. Most fair-minded Americans get angry when they hear fanatics attacking folks who believe differently than they do. To be fair, you get the same thing on the right, but not nearly at the same level. That's because many celebrities and most of the media gladly side with the secular progressives against religious people. One final thing: A big reason the S-P movement has succeeded so well is the lack of religious leadership in America. There are few clerics of any stature who will go up against the secular lobby. They are simply afraid."

The Factor invited reaction from Fox News analyst and former Bush advisor Karl Rove. "Let's put this in perspective," Rove began. "This law says that if you believe your religious liberty is being trampled upon, you have to show that you are 'substantially burdened.' We are now seeing hypocritical politicians like the governor of Connecticut. He says nobody can travel to Indiana on state business, but he has a religious liberty law like this one on the books. This will become a winner for Republicans and conservatives if they stand up and take on the hypocrisy." The Factor urged Republican politicians to defend Americans of faith: "This is going to be a political issue for the Republican Party because the Democrats sense blood here. Whoever runs for president on the Republican side is going to have to confront this issue of secular progressives defaming, maligning, slandering, and libeling people of faith."
John Stossel on the Controversy in Indiana
What is the libertarian perspective on the dustup in Indiana? Who better to ask than Fox Business host John Stossel. "I am for gay marriage," he said, "but I think this movement has moved from tolerance to totalitarianism, the totalitarianism of the left. No baker should get to stop two people from getting married, but they shouldn't be forced to bake the cake. This is about individual freedom - a bigot ought to be allowed to be a bigot!" The Factor essentially agreed, but also endorsed special legal status for homosexuals: "I believe gay Americans deserve protections written into the law because their numbers are very small. Children and teenagers can be brutalized because of their sexual orientation.
The Truth about Indiana, Stop & Frisk
Proponents of Indiana's law frequently argue that Barack Obama voted for a very similar act in Illinois in 1998. Fox News anchor Shannon Bream administered some truth serum to that claim. "The law was similar," she reported, "but not exactly the same. There are a couple of key differences, one of them being that Indiana's definition of a 'person' is much broader. It recognizes corporate bodies as those who need religious protection. I have to believe that State Senator Barack Obama would have had some issues with the Indiana law." FNC's Eric Shawn turned to New York City and analyzed what has happened since police ended their "stop-and-frisk" tactics. "Major crime is down by 10%," Shawn said, "but murder is way up, by 20% so far this year. One poor precinct has 66% more murders." The Factor logically concluded, "Stopping 'stop-and-frisk has led to more killings of poor people in New York City."
Unrepentant Harry Reid
Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, in an interview with CNN, appeared proud to have lied about Mitt Romney not paying income taxes. Republican Andrea Tantaros and Democrat Jessica Ehrlich opined on Reid's perverse pride. "I don't know that Harry Reid specifically lied," Ehrlich said. "He's a politician and, unfortunately, that's the nature of politics. Ugly things are said during campaign season." Tantaros explained why Reid decided to hurl his unfaounded accusation in the well of the United States Senate. "He did this on the Senate floor because he couldn't be sued for libel. It was a flat-out lie, he was not mincing words and he was very clear." The Factor condemned Reid, saying, "He comes across as a slimy weasel."
The D-Man Returns to Opine on Bowe Bergdahl and More
Dennis Miller joined The Factor with some Miller-esque observations. He began with California Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who theorized that "climate change" will force some women into prostitution. "Look what global warming did to Al Gore," Miller quipped, "who turned into a prostitute for it. Some people sell their bodies, some people sell their souls, and that moron Gore won't be happy until we have a carbon tax. At that moment, sticking with the prostitution thing, the entire country will be screwed." Miller also opined on Bowe Bergdahl, the accused deserter who was swapped for five Taliban commanders. "This was the worst trade since the Cubs sent Lou Brock to the Cardinals for Ernie Broglio. Look at these five morons we traded this kid for - they look like the Smith Brothers after they drank a bottle of their own cough syrup. You have to keep morons like this incarcerated, these are bad guys."
Radical Protestors Caught on Tape
Patrons at some Atlanta restaurants were recently interrupted by protesters shouting about racial injustice. Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum screened tape of the incidents and the diners' reactions. "This group is called Black Grunge," she reported, "and their intention is to annoy and inconvenience people who have money and privilege and who have the leisure to eat brunch. They want to be in these people's faces, they want to mess up their days. This is happening in many cities across the country, but it's not getting them anywhere." The Factor pointed out, "This is against the law on private property, so they could be prosecuted."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Daryl McGinnis, Cincinnati, OH: "I am a card carrying Kennedy Democrat and most times I disagree with you, Mr. O. But your take on the attacks on Christianity is dead on and the movie Killing Jesus was spectacular."

Robert Fischer, Lewes, DE: "Bill, your dialogue with Laura about how Catholic leaders are not willing to defend the faith was superb. You are definitely on track with this."

Pastor Doug Webster, Laguna Beach, CA: "I do speak out but I do not fight using condemnation or condescension. Jesus would not."

Randall Carey, Bloomington, IL: "O'Reilly, you eloquently said what many of us are thinking about the lack of trust we have for President Obama. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the color of his skin."
Protecting Children
April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month, a good time to remind everyone that there is a National Child Abuse Hotline. If you see something that merits reporting, that number is 800-422-4453. It's also worth visiting, which helps victims of child abuse.
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