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Friday, October 21, 2016
The Factor Rundown
Friday: Reaction to the Al Smith Dinner
An Embarrassing Situation at the Al Smith Dinner
The annual Al Smith dinner was held in New York City last night. The event is sponsored by the Catholic Archdiocese of New York, primarily to raise money for poor kids. It's normally a really great event but last night the dinner took an odd turn. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the keynote speakers, used the event to blast each other in a really negative way. Neither candidate took the high road. We'll show you some on the low blows and talk about why they may have blown a great opportunity.
Chris Wallace on the Third Debate
Guest: Chris Wallace
Our pal Chris Wallace received high marks on how he handled the third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas this week. He'll be here to break down the night.
Surprising New Polling
Guests: Geraldo Rivera & Eric Bolling
Some very surprising presidential polling out today shows the White House race essentially neck and neck. Bolling and Rivera are here to analyze the situation.
Lou Dobbs Assesses Trump
Guest: Lou Dobbs
FBN's Lou Dobbs has been a big Trump supporter. Lots of folks say his campaign is looking at little rocky at the moment. Is he still backing the Republican candidate? He'll be here to tell us.
Shocking Report on Millennials
Guest: Marion Smith
A new survey finds that only 42% of American millennials have a favorable view of capitalism. In addition, 46% of them say they would vote for a socialist like Bernie Sanders. What do young people have against capitalism? We'll bring you a special report.
Dana Perino on the Al Smith Dinner
Guest: Dana Perino
Dana will weigh in on Trump and Hillary's low blows at the Al Smith dinner in New York City last night and talk about how her old boss, President George W. Bush, handled the annual event.
Stossel on Supporting Gary Johnson
Guest: John Stossel
Our pal John Stossel is a staunch libertarian. But is a vote for libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in November a wasted one? We'll ask him.
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