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Friday, October 9, 2015
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President Obama's Visit to the Killing Ground in Oregon
"The president's journey to Roseburg this afternoon was shrouded in secrecy. Families and victims were alerted at the last minute that they were invited to Roseburg High School to see the President. The press was denied access, cell phones were confiscated by Secret Service, and the visit was generally hard to cover. But why? The nation would like to see how their leader is consoling those wounded and the families of the dead. Perhaps the White House is sensitive to those who opposed Mr. Obama's visit. As Talking Points has stated, all Americans should respect the office of the presidency no matter who is in it. If the leader of America wants to console the citizenry, that should happen without rancor. But Mr. Obama made a major mistake in using the massacre to push his anti-gun agenda. That upset some folks in Roseburg and their feelings are valid. The president has also been selective in his compassion. An illegal alien used a gun to kill Kate Steinle, but there was no call from Mr. Obama to the family. Thousands of guns are on the streets of Chicago and hundreds of murders are taking place in the minority precincts there, but the president largely ignores the carnage. If President Obama believes his vision is best for America, he should sit down with the press and answer some questions. So far he is acting on emotion, not facts. I wish all Americans were law-abiding and both physically and mentally healthy. But that is just a wish, a dream. Reality is much more brutal, and leaving a citizenry without self-protection is simply irresponsible."

The Factor spoke about the president's secretive visit with local journalist David Jaques and Kendra Godon, a student at Umpqua Community College. "This was very unusual indeed," Jaques said, "and the press had no access whatsoever. I think some of that may have had to do with the fact that they did not know what kind of reaction he would get. This was inappropriate timing and I question the president's sincerity." Godon revealed that a friend of hers who was shot did not attend Friday's event. "She had prepared a speech for the president about gun control and how she did not want her name to be involved in something she did not believe. People are very upset that something so horrific is being spun into something political."
Congressional Chaos
Fox News correspondent Mike Emanuel reported the latest from Capitol Hill, where Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy has decided not to stand for Speaker of the House. "My sense from talking to people close to McCarthy," Emanuel said, "is that he thought he was in an impossible situation. His allies who were supporting him to be the next Speaker were getting hammered at home by people who did not want a 'John Boehner version 2.0.' McCarthy also met with a group of conservatives who told him they would try to get rid of him if they didn't like what he was doing. So he was in a situation that could have ended his career." Emanuel added that Congressman Paul Ryan could step in as Speaker, perhaps on a temporary basis, saying, "He is going to give it a closer look because people are saying his country and his party need him."
Immigration Chaos
According to the Department of Homeland Security, there are now 340 sanctuary cities shielding thousands of illegal immigrants from deportation. Jessica Vaughn of the Center for Immigration Studies elaborated on the situation. "This should be a reminder to lawmakers," she said, "that every week that goes by without them taking action results in hundreds of criminal illegal aliens being sent back to our streets. It is also a reminder that the Obama administration does not have any intention of doing anything about this. There are cases of serial sex offenders who re-offend, often violently." The Factor reminded viewers, "We're not talking about immigrants who are chambermaids or gardeners, we're talking about felons that ICE wants deported."
A Trip to the Border
Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, a former Fox News host and a current presidential hopeful, is venturing to the southern border. He spoke with The Factor about the ongling immigration problem. "Twenty years ago they built a double-wall fence along the Tijuana-San Diego border," he reported, "and they have reduced illegal immigration by 95%. It's been a huge success and the fact is that we have to secure the border. If I were president, I would deploy the director of Homeland Security to Texas and tell him he would be living there until a fence was constructed. It would take less than a year!" Huckabee also agreed with The Factor's demand that Kate's Law be presented to Congress as a stand alone bill."
Racist Attack?
GQ magazine, which normally covers men's fashion, tried to garner some attention this week with an article headlined 'F*** Ben Carson.' FNC's Geraldo Rivera and Eric Bolling, both impeccably dressed, debated whether the piece was in any way racially tinged. "I talked with Dr. Carson today," Rivera said, "and there is an aspect of his 'wing-nuttiness' that really enrages the far left. I back him when he says you have to be a hero when confronting a mass murderer, but his suggestion that 6-million Jews might have been able to fight off the Nazis is extremely unrealistic." Bolling contended that many left-wingers hate Carson simply because he is a conservative black man. "Near the bottom of the liberal food chain are white males, you can say anything you want about them. But even below that, at the very bottom, are black conservatives. If you're white and disagree with President Obama, you're a 'racist,' but now a liberal rag like GQ says Ben Carson is stupid. Where is the NAACP, where is Whoopi Goldberg?"
Media Matters & The American Tax Code
In a new Friday segment, Fox Business host Stuart Varney will identify some of the nation's most vicious and vacuous villains. He began with the guttersnipes at Media Matters, which is actually classified as a tax exempt organization. "They are a hate-filled, far-left propaganda machine," Varney declared, "but they are technically a 501c3 corporation. That means they get a tax break, but they are not supposed to engage in politics all the time. If you donate money to Media Matters, it's a tax deduction for you like you're giving money to charity. And they don't pay tax on the money that comes to them." The Factor denounced Media Matters and its inexplicable tax status. "The guy who runs Media Matters also runs an outfit devoted to electing Hillary Clinton, so the IRS has to know that this is a political organization devoted to harming conservatives and traditional Americans."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
John Andere, Baltimore, MD: "Bill, I was stunned when you said Senators McConnell and Feinstein would not talk to you about Kate's Law and that we the people have to get involved with pressuring them. Exactly when did the tables turn so that we have to beg our leadership to do the right thing?"

Ken Laymon, Sun City, CA: "Here's what I wrote: 'Dear Senator Feinstein: I strongly urge you to support Kate's Law and do everything in your power to get a standalone vote in the Senate. Please put partisan politics aside for the good of the country."

Jack Hampus, Spring Hill, FL: "Bill, you have given much of yourself to get Kate's Law passed. But I believe Congress sees you as an outside meddler and wants to put you in your place."
'Killing Reagan' Under Fire
A group of self-proclaimed Ronald Reagan loyalists is attacking 'Killing Reagan,' but the book accurately portrays Reagan's incredible journey.
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