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Wednesday, October 29, 2014
Looking Out For You is a Performance Business
"It is clear the Obama administration is having a very hard time running the country, yet about 40% of Americans still approve of the president's job performance. Mind-boggling! The administration still does not have a coherent Ebola policy. There is no travel ban from West Africa and no mandatory quarantine. Even worse is the failure to enforce immigration law. As we have been reporting, two California police officers were shot dead by an illegal alien last week. The alleged killer, Luis Monroy-Bracamonte, had been deported twice, yet he was running around California. Does Governor Jerry Brown care? He's been a champion of rights for the undocumented. He has allowed them drivers' licenses, in-state college tuition, and has ordered authorities not to detain them unless it's a felony beef. We called the governor and asked if he would be attending the funerals of the police officers. His office says he doesn't know. Governor Brown should be in the front pew, apologizing to the families of the police officers because it is the sanctuary policies in California that attract illegal criminals. On the national front, President Obama will not enforce immigration law either and has made no comment about the California police officers. There's a reason for that. What can Mr. Obama say? It is his failure to order the Justice Department to enforce immigration law that has led to much chaos and violence. So if the government is a performance-based situation, an honest person would have to say that the performance on Ebola and on illegal immigration is pitiful. Is it not?"
California Cops Killed
Guests:Michael Baker & Sheriff Scott Jones
The Factor analyzed the murders in California with Scott Jones and Michael Baker, both of whom worked with one of the slain officers. "The only mistake you made," Jones said, "is that this guy was actually returned to Mexico at least four times that we know of. While he was here he committed crimes and had at least ten different encounters with law enforcement. This stems from the federal government's unwillingness to have the political courage to address this issue." Baker described Deputy Danny Oliver, who was killed in last week's rampage, as a dedicated cop. "Deputy Oliver loved the community and he loved what he did. This is making my stomach turn." The Factor again called on Governor Brown to attend the officers' funerals: "All we're asking is for the state of California to respect these men. We think Governor Brown should go to both funerals and we will hold him accountable if he does not."
Where's the Ebola Travel Ban?
Guest:Jason Riley
A Wall Street Journal op-ed claims that race is the real reason the Obama administration won't impose a travel ban on Ebola-affected African nations. The Journal's Jason Riley entered the No Spin Zone to elaborate on that theory. "Sure I think there's a racial angle," he affirmed. "This administration is obsessed with race and maintaining street cred with the black community." Riley suggested that the administration is playing racial politics with the issue. "They don't want to do anything to offend the black community and a policy that bans black people from West Africa from coming to the United States could be spun that way. They need blacks to turn out in higher-than-usual numbers next week in order to hang on to the Senate."
Tide Turning?
Guests:James Rosen & Carl Cameron
FNC correspondent James Rosen reported on a new United Nations report that is highly critical of Iran. "This report finds that in the past 13 months," he said, "the Iran regime has executed close to 900 victims, including rape victims and minors. This has happened under the so-called 'moderate' president who effectively lets the hard-liners in Iran run the criminal justice system. That gives him the political cover to pursue nuclear diplomacy with the West." Turning to local politics, FNC's Carl Cameron focused on a new poll indicating that many young Americans are having a political change of heart. "This is a poll done by Harvard and it shows that millennials have changed their sensibilities. Young people have been voting predominantly Democrat, but this shows that they have shifted significantly and that most will be voting for Republicans."
Is it True?
Guests:Eric Shawn & Molly Line
Many liberals, including Attorney General Eric Holder, claim voter fraud is nearly non-existent and voter ID laws are totally unnecessary. The Factor asked Fox News anchor Eric Shawn to administer some truth serum to that claim. "Of course voter fraud exists," Shawn declared. "The Attorney General is not correct when he talks about voter fraud, which has been widespread in a variety of ways that are ignored by the mainstream media. 8,000 people in Kentucky sold their votes in 2010." FNC's Molly Line turned to the recurring rumors that some Halloween candy may be tainted. "That fear that parents and kids have that there will be razor blades or poisoned candy," she said, "is actually more fiction than fact. There has never been a child killed by a stranger's candy at Halloween, but there was one very sad incident about 40 years ago when a child was killed by cyanide in candy that was given to him by his own father."
Miller on Halloween
Guest:Dennis Miller
The Factor turned Dennis Miller loose on the company that is designing kids' Halloween costume that look like a marijuana leaf or a cigarette. "Potty training means something different than it used to," Miller quipped. "Let's face facts - we're a screw-up nation, we're kind of moronic now. I like individuals, but as far as the collective goes we're at a flaky time in history. We have parents out there who want to dress their kid up like a cigarette. I'm just building a bigger fence!" The Factor questioned whether anyone will actually buy the costumes, saying, "Nobody I know in the world would ever do that, this is child abuse."
Al Franken at it Again
Guest:Martha MacCallum
Minnesota Senator Al Franken, favored to win reelection, embarrassed himself in a debate when he refused to say whether he favors Ebola-related travel restrictions. FNC's Martha MacCallum weighed in on Franken's evasion. "How can anyone go into a debate without an answer to that?" she pondered. "It reminded me of a Saturday Night Live skit with someone making fun of a Senator who won't answer questions. But he has about $4.2 million dollars, about half coming from New York and California." The Factor concluded with two rhetorical questions: "How can anyone pull the lever for this man? What is happening to this country."
Don't Be a Hypocrite
Try mightily not to do anything that is hypocritical; if you do, that thing known as karma will come back to get you.
Book Mentions
Check out the books mentioned during this show.
Please Stop Helping Us: How Liberals Make It Harder for Blacks to Succeed
by Jason L. Riley

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Factor Words of the Day
Diane Stuart, Queensland, Australia: "Bill, it is obvious that President Obama is too smart for you."

Bob Orpheller, Downers Grove, IL: "Bill, your statement that the president is in big trouble is misguided. The man does not care about the country or his legacy."

Jim Sharp, Roseville, CA: "Mr. O, your Talking Points about America's corrosive narcissism was spot on. The apathy about the country extends to all social and economic groups."

Bruce Curran, McAllen, TX: "Bill, you finally said what I've been saying for years - Americans are dumb!"
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