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Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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Bill's Mugs
A Struggling Middle Class
Guests:Stuart Varney & Susan Ochs
A new study says that working and middle class Americans are falling behind their counterparts in Canada and even some in western Europe when it comes to salaries. Since the year 2000, median income has risen nearly 20 percent in Britain and Canada,16 percent in Ireland but has barely risen at all in the USA. What's the reason for this? We'll debate it tonight.
Is the Web Helpful or Harmful?
Guest:John Stossel
Tomorrow John Stossel will air a special on the Fox Business Channel entitled "They Know What you Do" looking at the loss of personal privacy due to social media. We'll show you a clip tonight and Stossel will explain how the internet could be hurting American life.
The Obama Admin and Drug Offenders
Guests:James Rosen & Carl Cameron
Ace correspondents Carl Cameron and James Rosen explain the DOJ's plan to give clemency to drug offenders as well as the State Department struggling to come up with Hillary Clinton's accomplishments.
Gender Equality Debate
Guests:Leslie Marshall & Kate Obenshain
Recently conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly wrote an opinion piece that argued the so called "pay gap" between men and women is not really a bad thing because if the ladies start making more money than the men they would have a harder time finding suitable mates. Do you buy that? The ladies debate it tonight.
Rocky Mountain High
Guest:Dennis Miller
Tonight, the D-Man spouts off on the Denver pot festival that we covered the other night. What does Miller think of the goings on? It the Rocky Mountain high clouding their minds? We'll ask him tonight.
Wild Stories!
Guest:Martha MacCallum
Some wild stories tonight! A teacher sentenced to 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to second degree sexual abuse of a 16 year old boy and PETA going after the First Lady for some Easter activities. Don't miss Did You See That tonight.
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