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Tuesday, July 28, 2015
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Is America Becoming Barbaric?
"Today pro-life Americans in more than 50 cities protested against Planned Parenthood after gruesome undercover videos showed the organization selling the organs of dead babies. At least eight states are now investigating Planned Parenthood, which receives about $500 million a year from taxpayers. That is obviously wrong. Planned Parenthood should be privately funded, and if it is breaking the law, some executives should go to prison. The pro-life group Center for Medical Progress released yet another undercover sting video, this one showing a Planned Parenthood official talking about selling the body parts of a fetus. An industry that harvests and sells body parts from aborted babies has developed in the USA, and Planned Parenthood is part of that industry. It does business with a company called StemExpress, which buys bodies from abortion providers, then dissects them and sells organs to medical research operations. Planned Parenthood says it is not doing anything wrong and markets the bodies of aborted babies to help science. But there comes a point where Americans have to decide what kind of country they can tolerate. Whether you're pro-choice or pro-life, the videos showing Planned Parenthood bargaining over the price of dead babies before they are even extracted from the womb is grisly beyond belief. Yet there is no remorse from Planned Parenthood, and the White House is standing by them. Talking Points is appalled about the lack of leadership in America and the apathy on the part of many individual Americans who could not care less what happens to the unborn. Congress must get involved and at least suspend tax payments to Planned Parenthood until an investigation is completed. If Congress does not do that, we can rightly be criticized by countries like Iran and Russia as being a barbaric nation. We lose all moral authority."

The Factor invited reaction from Monica Crowley and Kirsten Powers. "There is no chance that the White House will ever be critical of Planned Parenthood," Powers said, "considering the control Planned Parenthood has over the Democratic Party. But this is something the president should be speaking out about because this is not a pro-life or a pro-choice issue. You can support Planned Parenthood and want to get to the bottom of this." Crowley groused that most Democrats are firmly in favor of abortion on demand. "Barack Obama is the most pro-abortion president this country has ever had. And the official Democratic platform is any abortion at any time for any reason. So you will never get a condemnation from this administration or most Democrats."
Addressing Sanctuary Cities
A new Rasmussen poll shows that most Americans want the feds to take action against cities that provide sanctuary for illegal aliens. Columnist Ruben Navarrette expressed absolutely no surprise. "People are sick and tired of hearing these stories of things that go wrong in sanctuary cities," he said. "What gets to people is the idea that localities take it upon themselves to override federal law. It's a mistake for people who support immigration reform, as I do, to be backed into a defense of sanctuary cities. I oppose sanctuary cities because you can't have localities take it upon themselves to say federal law doesn't apply. Do not trust the Obama administration on immigration - they lie, they lie, and they lie some more!"
The Black Live Matter Movement
A far left group called "Black Lives Matter" has been involved in protests across America and is already threatening to disrupt next year's Republican convention. The Factor welcomed investigative reporter Kelly Riddell, who has been looking into the organization. "You have to take them seriously," she asserted. "'Black Lives Matter' is an umbrella group that encompasses a lot of 'social justice' organizations. It was started by three women from organizations backed by George Soros. They believe that all their social and economic woes are caused by unfair policies. They are very well organized and are very well funded." Nevertheless, The Factor questioned whether the group has any real political influence: "I don't know whether this crew Black Lives Matter has any constituency other than the radical left, the nuts who run around the country saying crazy things."
Republican Front-Runner
Donald Trump leads his Republican rivals in most polls, even though some in the media have exhibited outright hostility towards the tycoon. The Factor welcomed political reporter Bob Cusack, who defended his colleagues' overall coverage. "Most in the media have given Trump a fair shake," Cusack declared. "He's an interesting story, he gets big ratings, and most of the media have done him well. If we are trying to bury him, we're not doing a very good job." But The Factor insisted that Trump has been targeted: "They cover him in an arrogant, vicious way. The coverage is designed to attack the man, not what he is saying."
Tom Brady Update
California Attorney General Kamala Harris has launched an investigation into the group that engineered the undercover video stings against Planned Parenthood. Legal analysts Kimberly Guilfoyle and Lis Wiehl explained. "The group may have violated privacy laws in California," Wiehl reported, "by recording those conversations without the consent of both parties." But Guilfoyle pointed out that the site of the sting could affect its legality. "The question is, was there a reasonable expectation of privacy in a public place like a restaurant? That conversation could have been overheard by someone else." Meanwhile, the NFL has upheld the four-game suspension leveled on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for his alleged role in the under-inflated pigskin scandal. "Tom Brady ordered that his cell phone be destroyed," Guilfoyle explained, "and 10,000 text messages were destroyed. It looks like consciousness of guilt."
Satan in Detroit
A Satanic group in Detroit has unveiled a bronze sculpture of the Devil himself. Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk carried the story from there. "It's incredibly unfair to send Satan to Detroit," Gutfeld quipped. "The guy's used to hell, but not Detroit. I'm actually a satinist myself, I'm a sucker for glossy fabric." McGuirk reminded everybody that Satanists are not especially dangerous. "They're not flying planes into buildings or throwing gay people off roofs. They say their mission is to encourage benevolence and empathy among all people. And they will bake cakes for gay weddings. They may poison the cakes, but they will bake them."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Janice Hill, Deary, ID: "Brit Hume is wrong about Cruz and McConnell. It has nothing to do with Trump. Cruz says McConnell lied to him about supporting the Export-Import bill."

Patrick Collins, Huntingdon Beach, CA: "Bill, you are spot on. Republicans should be peppering the president with standalone bills like Kate's Law and funding for sanctuary cities. That would end run the liberal press which misreports things."

Kevin Shultz, Tucson, AZ: "Governor Huckabee's remarks on the Holocaust and Iran were distasteful and a poor analogy. Israel is not defenseless like the Jews of Europe were when Hitler took over."

Frank Einstein, Pikesville, MD: "I usually cringe when politicians reference the Holocaust to make political points, but the prospect of Iran having a nuclear weapon that could be used against Israel is a valid comparison."
How to React When Bad Things Happen
A new book called "Light in the Darkness," edited by Fox News analyst Father Jonathan Morris, attempts to provide solace for people who are going through tough times.
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