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Thursday, October 23, 2014
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More ISIS Inspired Terrorism
Guest:John Oakley
32-year-old Michael Zehaf-Bibeau committed a terrorist act in Canada yesterday when he murdered a Canadian soldier and wounded three people for no reason. Earlier in the week, Martin Couture-Rouleau murdered another Canadian soldier when he ran him down with his car. Both men were Muslim converts and authorities say devotees of ISIS. Does this mean more ISIS terrorism is on the way?
Fair Media Coverage?
Guests:James Carville &Andrea Tantaros
Is the American media trying to help the Democrats in the upcoming midterm election? There is some compelling evidence that says that may be the case. We'll debate it tonight.
Ferguson Update
Guests:Rev. Dr. Robert Scott & Bishop Geoffrey Dudley
According to a Washington Post report, a number of folks have come forward to confirm Officer Darren Wilson's story that Ferguson teenager Michael Brown was attacking him when the shooting occurred. The Post says the people won't speak publicly though for fear of their safety. Tonight we'll talk to two St. Louis pastors about tensions in the area and what could happen if it's determined Darren Wilson committed no crime.
Ferguson Reaction
Guest:Bernie Goldberg
Bernie breaks down how the media has coverage the Ferguson shootings and latest developments.
Smeared by CNN
Guest:Laura Ingraham
On September 6th, there was an alleged brawl in Alaska that involved Sarah Palin and her kids. Now, Anchorage, Alaska police have released audio of 24-year-old Bristol Palin being interviewed by authorities. CNN had a field day with the audio, mocking the Palin family. We'll show you what the said tonight.
Ebola and the President
Guest:Ed Henry
President Obama is starting to take some steps to secure the country from Ebola but is it enough? Has the virus hurt him politically? Ed Henry on that.
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