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Tuesday, October 21, 2014
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Racist America?
Guests:Monica Crowley & Kirsten Powers
The race card is now being played with midterm elections just two weeks away. An MSNBC pundit said yesterday that Americans are so concerned with the southern U.S. border and Ebola in Africa because they're a racial element to their fear. Why are people trying to demonize the whole country for legitimate concerns? We'll debate it.
New Travel Restrictions
Guest:Ambassador Jeremiah Sulunt
The Obama administration will not allow any West African travelers originating in the Ebola-belt countries to enter the USA unless they come through five selected airports. Tonight we'll talk to the Liberian Ambassador to the United States about his country's Ebola crisis and how it could affect the U.S.
Pistorius Verdict
Guest:Judge Alex Ferrer
27-year old South African Olympic track star Oscar Pistorius was sentenced today to just five years in prison for killing his girlfriend. How could this be? Judge Alex explains.
Pistorius Verdict & More
Guests:Kimberly Guilfoyle & Lis Wiehl
The Is It Legal ladies react to the Pistorius verdict, Hardvard tightening restrictions on student travel to countries with Ebola and a woman charges under the new revenge porn law in Virginia.
Abortion Class
Guest:Adam Housley
A new online class being offered at the University of California, San Francisco is totally dedicated to abortion. Fox Correspondent Adam Housley did some investigating and found that the class is anything but fair and balanced. Tonight he explains.
The Battle for the Senate
Guest:Charles Krauthammer
Why are Republicans not way ahead in the election polling when President Obama is doing so poorly? Charles Krauthammer has a theory.
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