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Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Why Traditional America is Poised to Come Back
Guests:Andrea Tantaros & Nomiki Konst
"I don't like to pigeonhole people as liberals or conservatives. Fair-minded folks should be able to cross back and forth when good ideas are on the table. However, the word 'traditional' is inflexible. I am a traditionalist. It is my belief that the Founding Fathers got it right when they created the American system, with the exception of slavery, which Lincoln and millions of Union soldiers corrected. That sets me apart from progressive citizens who want a brand new model for the USA. It is easy to think the progressives are winning the fight, but a traditional storm is brewing. A few years back Christmas was under heavy fire and some major retail companies were actually ordering their employees not to say 'Merry Christmas.' But, as I told Seth Meyers last night, 'We won the war on Christmas.' Along with that, traditional Americans have won a fierce battle to protect children. 46 states now have some semblance of Jessica's Law - tough, mandatory prison sentences for child molesters. As far as the war on terror goes, the media went wild over the Democrats condemning coerced interrogation, but the folks solidly support the limited use of enhanced interrogation to protect lives. Support for the military remains very high; support for less government is growing, as voters demonstrated last Election Day. In fact, the only place where traditionalists are not gathering momentum is on the social scene. Gay marriage is a reality and legalizing drugs, a terrible idea, has some support. But unfettered abortion is not gaining ground, even among young people. So if a traditional leader emerges, he or she will find a country that is ready to listen and perhaps ready to return to the vision and discipline that created the greatest nation the world has ever known."

The Factor invited reaction from traditionalist Andrea Tantaros and Democratic strategist Nomiki Konst. "I wish you were right, but I completely disagree," Tantaros lamented. "The culture, which drives everything, is secular, and it's the air that we breathe. Academia and Hollywood and the media are all pushing these progressive messages. The small victories you are talking about don't mean much in the big picture. The folks who watch this show are a shrinking population and the family has completely decayed." Konst sounded a more optimistic note, at least from her point of view, by insisting that young Americans are creating their own traditions. "We have to redefine what tradition means. Millennials are pro-family and they are getting divorced less than any other generation. And millennials, the most ethnically diverse voting bloc, will be the majority in 2016. They're socially diverse and they're spiritual."
Bergdahl Desertion Investigation
Guests:Col. David Hunt & Tony Shaffer
Military analysts Col. David Hunt and Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer reported the latest on Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, who was swapped for five Taliban commanders back in May. "Based on the classified briefings I've had," Shaffer said, "Bergdahl deserted and he did as much damage as Bradley Manning. People died looking for him and I feel he gave aid and comfort to the Taliban." Hunt predicted that the Army's investigation will wrap up imminently. "I think it will be released in January, and this report will confirm that Bergdahl was a deserter. The issue is whether he was also a traitor. They will give him a less-than-honorable discharge, but he was given $300,000 in back pay that the Army can't get back. This is embarrassing to the Pentagon."
Top Stories of the Year
Guest:Bernie Goldberg
FNC's Bernie Goldberg made a list, and checked it twice, of his most interesting stories of 2014. Here are some excerpts from his rundown: "The border crisis with tens of thousands of children coming across the border and President Obama's executive order to give amnesty ... the missing Malaysian jetliner ... Vladimir Putin and the destabilization of the Russian economy ... Ferguson and its aftermath ... the rise of ISIS and the depravity of radical Islam." At the very top of Goldberg's list was the GOP sweep in November. "Because this will affect the rest of President Obama's presidency, the tsunami in the midterm elections this year is the most important story."
Busy Week for the White House
Guest:Ed Henry
FNC White House correspondent Ed Henry reported on President Obama's momentous week, which included the thawing of relations with Cuba and the suspicion that North Korea is behind the hacking of Sony Pictures' emails. "The White House won't say directly that North Korea is responsible," he said, "but other government officials are making it clear that the FBI believes North Korea had a central role. The administration is very hesitant to declare what they're going to do about this." Henry added that President Obama will spend the holidays in Hawaii and then gear up for 2015. "He's exhausted after a long year and a bruising midterm, but White House aides feel pretty good because there was a climate change deal and the economy is picking up."
Most Annoying People of the Year
Guests:Bernard McGuirk & Greg Gutfeld
Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk gave viewers an early Christmas gift by naming the year's most nauseating people. McGuirk began with NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. "Manziel is a little jerk," he declared. "He struts around like a pimp and he shoots his mouth off, but he's never won anything. And 'Bolshevik Bill de Blasio,' besides being the girlfriend of Al Sharpton, is the creep who demonized the police." Gutfeld went with some buff guy named Zach, who apparently works out at Gutfeld's gym. "He's a machine hoarder. He does the circuit and takes up four machines without regard for celebrities like myself. That means I am forced to work out at home and use my own body weight or the body weight of people that I meet on Craigslist." Finally, McGuirk singled out Al Sharpton for special recognition, saying, "He makes Gloria Allred and Nancy Grace look like cuddly kittens."
Laura's Biggest Story of the Year
Guest:Laura Ingraham
Asked to select her top story of 2014, Laura Ingraham agreed with Bernie Goldberg. "It's the GOP stomping the Democrats in the midterm elections," she averred. "Remember all the caterwauling that the GOP would never recover from the government shutdown? That faded away and the Republicans won historic victories, not only in the House and the Senate, but also in the states." Returning to the theme of the Talking Points Memo, Ingraham disputed the notion that traditional America is forever lost. "I don't buy into the pessimism, it's the same kind of thinking that said Obama's election was a sign that the country had moved forever to the left. Polls show that the country is craving something more and better, I totally agree with you."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Kenneth Brown, Jacksonville, FL: "Bill, how small-minded to bring Samuel L. Jackson's past into your analysis of his statements on police brutality. I feel the same way he does."

Mike Williams, San Antonio, TX: "Bill, I take issue with you saying Barack Obama is the greatest African-American success story. He was born with a silver spoon."

Allan Hunter, Franklin, TN: "O'Reilly, after watching your interview with Martin Luther King III, I believe there is hope for race relations in America."
"Killing Lincoln" on FNC
This coming Tuesday, December 23rd, the movie version of "Killing Lincoln" will be presented on the Fox News Channel, preceded by a special one-hour look at how the blockbuster book was turned into a movie.
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