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Friday, July 29, 2016
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Friday: Post DNC Analysis
Grading Hillary's Performance
Guests: Katrina Pierson & Bernard Whitman
Hillary Clinton gave her big speech last night to close out the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Was it enough to win over some undecided voters? We'll debate it tonight with a Trump supporter and Hillary supporter.
The State of the Race
Guests: Kristin Soltis Anderson & Simon Rosenberg
We'll talk about the most recent presidential polls and tell you what they could mean for the candidates.
Policing in America
Guests: Judge Jeanine Pirro & Andell Brown
Family members of police officers killed in action spoke at the Democratic convention last night. Was it a genuine tribute to honor American police or a hollow gesture? We'll debate it.
Taking on ISIS
Guests: David Tafuri & Van Hipp
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton both say they've got the chops to take on ISIS. Tonight we'll talk about the positives and negatives of each candidate when it comes to how they'd handle terror.
War on Terror with Former Navy SEAL
Guest: Kevin Lacz
Recently, O'Reilly sat down with Kevin Lacz, a former Navy SEAL who served with "American Sniper" Chris Kyle. Tonight you'll hear his story of war in Iraq.
Best Candidate for Financial Security?
Guests: Carrie Sheffield & Jessica Ehrlich
An ugly report out today casts new fears about the U.S. economy. Which presidential candidate will be best for American financial security?
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