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Monday, August 3, 2015
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The Problem with Liberalism
"No matter who wins the Democratic nomination, he or she will toe the liberal line. That's because the Democratic Party has been taken over by the far left. That was demonstrated again today when only two Democrats voted for defunding Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory and sells the body parts of dead babies or fetuses. Yet the Democratic Party does not care. The liberal philosophy is based upon fairness for the underdog helping those who are down protecting the defenseless. Yet unborn babies don't count. Today we have the most liberal president in America's history, but his economic policies have not improved the lives of the poor or African Americans. That's because the federal government cannot run a free marketplace. On the protection front, even a simple thing like Kate's Law, which would mandate incarceration for illegal aliens who commit aggravated felonies in America, is rejected by many liberals. So why are liberal politicians against a law that would protect Americans? It makes no sense and would not impede the quest for so-called comprehensive immigration reform. Finally let's look at three cities run by uber-liberal mayors. Over the weekend in New York City, 25 people were shot, three of them died. In Chicago, 40 people were shot, three died. In Baltimore, 15 people were shot and five of them died. African-Americans made up most of the victims and perps, so where is the group Black Lives Matter? I guess black lives matter not so much in cities run by liberal politicians. No matter how many facts Talking Points presents on the economy, crime, foreign policy, and individual behavior, liberals will not admit their philosophy has gone off track. Thus we have a presidential election in 2016 that will again pit the liberal philosophy against a traditional one. If facts matter, the election should not even be close. If facts matter."

The Factor asked Charles Krauthammer for his take on American liberalism. "The actions of liberals," Dr. K theorized, "is less driven by ideology than by the Balkanization of the population to win elections. When it comes to Planned Parenthood, they see a constituency of single women whom they want to cater to. No evidence and none of the videos will dissuade them. Hillary Clinton managed to say the videos were 'disturbing,' but her support for Planned Parenthood is unshakeable. In education, liberals should be for school choice that would give poor minorities the same choice that white liberals have. But they have teacher unions as their constituency. The Democrats specialize in dividing Americans." The Factor accused leftists of moral bankruptcy: "If you are for abortion on demand up until birth, you don't care about the most defenseless people in the world. And if you are against free choice of schooling in ghettos, you don't care about minority kids who can't get a good education."
Debate Preview
Returning for another segment, Charles Krauthammer looked ahead to Thursday's first Republican debate and Donald Trump's momentum. "When you have the kind of lead he does," Krauthammer said, "you have a pretty good shot at just playing statesman and being quite. I don't see Trump coming in and throwing around insults, but I do see one of the candidates on the lower rung taking a shot at Trump. There's no doubt now that Trump will be a durable candidate, surprising all those who thought, as I did, that this would come and go." The Factor added that Trump will be in his element if he is attacked by another candidate: "He relishes this, he believes he's on a populist bent and he relishes the confrontation."
Is America Taking a Turn?
The Factor asked lifelong Democrat Juan Williams to evaluate the state of the liberal ideology. "I agree with you on school choice and vouchers," Williams admitted. "Liberals support the unions, who support the liberals in return, but nobody is looking out for the kids. This is an abomination! And people make excuses for violence in liberal-run cities. But I don't agree with you on the economy, I think we're much better off now than eight years ago." On another subject, Mary Katharine Ham looked ahead to Donald Trump's likely strategy in Thursday's debate. "He's certainly a showman and he's been getting untold amounts of media coverage. But he may decide this is the day he'll be a statesman. The Fox News moderators will probably ask him about his very liberal stances in the past."
Helping Iraqi Christians
ISIS and other radical Islamic groups are murdering Christians in the Middle East. The Factor spoke about the carnage with Mark Arabo, whose organization is now trying to obtain sanctuary for 20 Iraqi Christians who are detained in San Diego. "It seems our border is open to everyone except Iraqi Christians fleeing ISIS," Arabo complained. "Obama is to blame, Congress is to blame, and the State Department is to blame. So in the absence of their leadership, we're going to do something. Christians have escaped ISIS only to be imprisoned by ICE. These are 20 innocent Christians who have fled a holocaust, we can't turn them away!"
Defending Planned Parenthood
Hillary Clinton has created a video to reaffirm her support for Planned Parenthood, in the process accusing Republicans of engaging in an "assault on women's health." Author Katie Pavlich and Fox Business host Kennedy opined on that strategy. "The 'war on women' isn't as effective when it's coming from a woman," Kennedy suggested, "and you have to realize that this is 2015, it's not 2008. A lot of this is going to fall flat because people realize she is trying to take a wedge issue and put it under the umbrella of women's health." Pavlich accused Clinton of engaging in deceptive advertising. "She acts like it's just Jeb Bush and Scott Walker who want to defund Planned Parenthood, but it's also GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina. And there are Republican Congresswomen who support defunding Planned Parenthood."
Kate's Law & Senator Dick Durbin
Jesse Watters paid a visit to Capitol Hill to speak with Democratic Senator Dick Durbin, who has voiced his objection to Kate's Law. When Watters brought up the law, Durbin initially seemed totally ignorant about Kate Steinle and her murder. Then, after Watters brought him up to speed, the senator put forth some boilerplate platitudes. "We should work to make sure Americans are protected," Durbin said, "from those who are criminal and threaten our communities. I'll look at the law carefully because I want to protect everyone, but I also don't want to discriminate against people who come to the United States and are asking for an opportunity to become legalized."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
George Rikard, Panama: "Planned Parenthood is waging the real war on women. Millions of potential female doctors, teachers, and nurses have been destroyed."

Jim Reid, Henderson, NV: "Abortion is legal. The question should be what to do with the aftermath of the fetus. O'Reilly, you fail to mention that. Why so cowardly?"

Rev. Daniel Swartz, Cadiz, KY: "The Latin word 'fetus' means unborn mammal. When speaking in human terms, fetus then means unborn human being. Please remind people of this, Bill."
Praying for Bill
An organization called Mastermedia International asks its followers to pray for one media person every day of the year. On August 31st the group is praying for a certain humble correspondent. Very humbling indeed!
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