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Friday, October 31, 2014
The Factor Rundown
Midterm Predictions
Guest:Dana Perino
With the midterm election just 4 days away, how will the GOP do? Fox News host and former press secretary for President George W. Bush, Dana Perino weighs in on the highly anticipated election.
Playing the Race Card
Guests:Deneen Borelli & Alan Colmes
Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu said yesterday that Southerners aren't very welcoming to President Obama because they're racist. Does she really feel this way or is this a tactic to get folks to the polls next week? We'll debate it tonight.
Blocking Ebola
Guest:Geraldo Rivera
A judge shoots down Maine's request to quarantine nurse Kaci Hickox. Does this mean officials won't be able to isolate other American health care workers returning from West Africa? Geraldo on that.
How to Prevent a Nuclear Iran
Guests:Ric Grenell & Matthew Duss
One of President Obama's top advisors compares making a nuclear deal with Iran to Obamacare. As we all remember, the Obamacare rollout didn't go too well. We'll break it down tonight.
Breakdown of the American Family
Guest:Brad Wilcox
A new AEI study shows that the disintegration of families is killing the American dream. Tonight we'll talk to Brad Wilcox, a co-author of that study.
Intolerance on College Campuses
Guest:Josh Nass
Students at UC Berkeley want to rescind their invitation to notorious left-winger Bill Maher, because he made some controversial comments about Islam. Legit criticism or shutting down freedom of speech? We'll debate it.
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