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Thursday, August 28, 2014
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Confronting ISIS
Guests:Mike Baker & Amber Barno
The Obama administration hasn't done much to confront ISIS but why? Haven't they proved that they're a powerful terrorist force? Tonight we'll explain why we should we worried about ISIS discuss what threats they pose to the United States. Former CIA Officer Mike Baker and Iraq & Afganistan War veteran Amber Barno will join us.
Assessing ISIS
Guest: Alan Colmes
Despite the rampage of death and destruction felt by ISIS, some people on the left say the danger from ISIS is being overblown. Alan Colmes is one of the people. Tonight he'll explain.
Romney 2016?
Guests: James Carville & Kate Obenshain
A new Iowa poll shows Mitt Romney may be a viable candidate for the 2016 presidential election. Would he give it another shot? Could he succeed? Kate Obenshain and James Carville debate it.
Texas Father is Acquitted of Murder
Guest: Geraldo Rivera
Geraldo Rivera on a case of alleged vigilante justice in Texas. Did a father who was acquitted of killing the drunk driver who killed his kids get away with murder? We'll explain tonight.
Fair Coverage?
Guest: Bernie Goldberg
Bernie Goldberg thinks politics are too polarized and that some folks just have preconceived notions of the facts. He cites MSNBC as one of the worst offenders. He'll explain tonight.
Partnering with Planned Parenthood
Guest: Penny Young Nance
Actress Scarlett Johansson has designed a t-shirt for Planned Parenthood that mocks the GOP over women's rights.
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