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Tuesday, January 17, 2017
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A Super Bowl Interview with Donald Trump
Fox News Channel is happy to announce that on Super Bowl Sunday at 4 PM eastern, your humble correspondent will interview President Donald Trump. Tonight we'll tell you what kind of questions will be put to Mr. Trump and what we're expecting from the exchange.
Will Democrats Give Trump a Chance?
The Factor asked Juan Williams, no fan of Donald Trump's polices, whether he and his fellow liberals will at least have an open mind when judging the incoming president. "I find Donald Trump likeable," Williams said, "but I don't like his demeanor and I hope he will act more presidential. And if he does well with the economy, middle-of-the-road voters will come around." Boothe agreed that President-elect Trump is under pressure to perform. "Donald Trump's political fortunes depend on his ability to accomplish things in his first term. President Obama was able to get by on charisma alone, he didn't have a lot of achievements, but I don't think Donald Trump will be afforded the same leniency from the media or voters."
Liberal Outrage and Donald Trump
CNN contributor Marc Lamont Hill actually denigrated what he called 'mediocre Negroes' who have recently visited Trump Tower. The Factor asked black sports analyst Stephen A. Smith to opine. "There is still a residue from what Donald Trump said during the election and the rhetoric he was spewing," Smith said. "Marc Lamont Hill is very intelligent, but I disagree with what he said, I thought it was disrespectful and insulting. No one who meets with the president-elect should be castigated for that." The Factor added, "People have a right to form their judgments about individuals and they shouldn't be demonized for doing that."
Security and the Inauguration
The Factor was joined by former Secret Service agent Don Bongino, who looked ahead to Friday's inaugural and the massive security apparatus. "This is the Super Bowl," Bongino declared, "for federal, state, and local law enforcement officials. Everyone who has a gun and a shield is going to touch this event in some way. This is a big deal for the Secret Service, it takes years to plan. They cordon off an entire area and anyone who comes into that zone will be screened for metal and weapons and explosives. Everyone in that zone will be clean! Right now the Secret Service is walking down the street and thinking of a plan to mitigate every threat."
Hollywood and Donald Trump
Scot Baio and Joe Piscopo, two entertainers who have outed themselves as conservatives, spoke about the entertainment industry's liberal groupthink and its effect on their careers. "I'm not on the 'A list' or the 'B list,'" Piscopo joked, "so no one cares and I can say what I want. But another entertainer asked about my political beliefs, saying, 'Joe, what are you doing?'" Baio revealed that he has faced some harsh criticism for openly backing Donald Trump. "I've been a conservative my whole life and I don't think I've gotten much blowback until recently when I strongly supported the president-elect. I was at a school event for my daughter when a woman accosted me, it was so bad that I was afraid for my safety and that of my daughter."
Violence in Chicago
In the first edition of a segment called 'Law & Order,' Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eboni Williams scrutinized the Justice Department's claim that Chicago cops are often guilty of excessive force. "I have spent a lot of time with police departments," said Guilfoyle, a former prosecutor, "and to reduce crime you need to be able to 'stop and frisk.' That's one of the things I would do in Chicago, but instead they've been labeled as 'racists' by the Justice Department." Williams agreed that police in Chicago have been handcuffed, saying, "The Supreme Court has given us the guideline that cops should be able to stop people who demonstrate something that is reasonably suspicious." The Factor reported on a very disturbing trend in Chicago: "Over a recent five year period, whites committed just 4% of the murders, but the liberals in Chicago are saying that cops have to stop whites and blacks proportionately."
Inauguration Protest Madness
With thousands of people heading to Washington to protest at Donald Trump's inauguration, Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk offered them a few helpful tips. "Go nude or go home," Gutfeld declared. "If you're out to get attention, find the best looking people and get them out front. Also, if you're going to chain yourself, chain yourself to something that moves like a drawbridge. Take some risks!" McGuirk mocked the demonstrators and their eagerness to disrupt an American tradition. "Serious protesters should set themselves on fire, which shows you have conviction. I would seriously say to them that they should go home, look for a job, stop whining, and read the Constitution. These protests are stupid because this day is sacred!"
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Stephen Spears, Washington, DC: "What a fantastic story about the Talladega College marching band and the courageous president, Dr. Billy Hawkins. It is tremendous that these kids will be part of our peaceful transition of power."

Sharon Finley, Frankfort, KY: "I am retired on a fixed income and donated to Talladega. What a great way to improve race relations."

Robert Neely, Laguna Beach, CA: "Bill, what you did for those young people will change their lives. They will never forget the experience."
Clothier With a Conscience
If you're in the market for clothing, take a good look at L.L. Bean. The company not only makes good stuff, it also stood up for a board member who came under withering criticism from left-wing zealots.