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Wednesday, August 24, 2016
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Wednesday: Mike Pence and Dennis Kucinich join The Factor
More Questions About the Clinton Foundation
Guest: Governor Mike Pence
A new Associated Press investigation finds that more than half the private individuals Hillary Clinton met with as Secretary of State were donors to the Clinton Foundation. Could this hurt her polling with folks that already have questions about her honesty? VP candidate Governor Mike Pence will be here to respond and talk about how the Trump campaign is drumming up support.
Dennis Kucinich Responds to Pence Interview
Guest: Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich will respond to our interview with Governor Pence.
Trump Softening Immigration Stance?
Guests: Ruben Navarette & Steve Cortes
From the start of Trump's campaign, one of his platform issues has been immigration. On Fox News this week, Mr. Trump said he's open to 'softening' some of his stances on dealing with illegal immigrants. Tonight we'll bring you a Factor debate on whether this a good move for the campaign and if it'll help attract more Latino voters.
Clinton Foundation Under Investigation?
Guest: Peter Schweizer
Reports have emerged that the FBI is currently investigating the Clinton Foundation. "Clinton Cash" author Peter Schweizer will be here to report what he knows about Hillary's latest potential problems.
Trump's New Secret Weapon?
Guest: Sean Spicer
RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer has been called in to help the Trump campaign. Is this a step toward GOP unification?
Trump and The African American Vote
Guests: Monica Crowley & Eboni Williams
Despite polls showing African American voters overwhelmingly supporting Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump says he can attract some of the black vote. Tonight we'll debate whether he can have any success with African Americans in the November election.
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