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Friday, November 21, 2014
President Obama Dividing the Nation
"Discussion about the immigration problem in America rarely changes opinion. Both sides are dug in and mostly un-persuadable. So Talking Points believes President Obama should be the focus of the debate. By unilaterally giving legal status to millions of undocumented people, the president is challenging the Constitution. The Wall Street Journal, sympathetic to immigration, editorialized this way: 'The politics of immigration is already fraught, and Mr. Obama's order will make it worse.' Indeed, Texas and Oklahoma have announced they will sue President Obama on the grounds that he is violating the rights of those states. The administration disagrees, and millions of dollars will be spent defending the president's actions. In the end, the president may very well lose in the Supreme Court. The tragedy here is, none of this had to happen. I believe the new Congress would have passed a fair immigration law if given the chance; there was immense pressure on the Republican leadership to do that. But President Obama was in a rush, and the question is why. Speculation from the right says the president wants to trap the Republican Party into overreacting. Also, that he wants to reinforce his reputation as a liberal icon. What Barack Obama has done is setting off a constitutional brawl that will be harmful to a nation that needs united leadership and intense problem solving."

For a divergent view, The Factor turned to Univision anchor Jorge Ramos. "Barack Obama is paying back a debt to the Latino community," Ramos declared. "In 2008 he promised that he would do immigration reform during his first year. He didn't deliver, even though he had control of Congress, and now he has decided to act. This is something that we fought for." Ramos also defended the constitutionality of the move. "He told me that he didn't have the legal authority to stop deportations, but then he listened to us and he changed his point of view. I think that he honestly believes he has the legal authority to do what he did." The Factor reiterated that President Obama's action is unnecessarily divisive: "You and I could have worked this out over a weekend and 75% of the American people would have been alright with it."
Has President Obama issued de facto amnesty?
Paul Babeu, sheriff of Pinal County in Arizona, has denounced President Obama's action as full-fledged amnesty for all illegal immigrants. He joined The Factor to elaborate. "The president said those who have been here for five years or more are now eligible for this legal status," Babeu explained, "and so now we will see the age of the fraudulent documents. You're going to see fraudulent lease agreements and fraudulent utility bills, all the documents needed to satisfy the requirement for legal status. You can buy these documents for $50 or 100, so we will see this mass production of false documents. This will encompass just about everybody."
Immigration and Ferguson
Dr. Ben Carson, the neurosurgeon and Tea Party favorite, entered the No Spin Zone with his analysis of the immigration debate. "I would first recognize that there are millions of Americans who are very poor and very desperate," Carson stated. "Why don't we extend some help to those people and start looking at ways to get them in a better situation? As far as the immigrants are concerned, we need to reverse the polarity of the magnet that is attracting them. Get rid of all the benefits that are pulling them in here and secure the border." Carson turned to the tense situation in Ferguson, Missouri, where a grand jury decision is expected any day in the Michael Brown shooting. "There are a lot of outside agitators coming in who are riling the people up. There are much better ways, if you feel that an injustice has been perpetrated, to get it taken care of."
Continuing Problems in the NFL
The Factor welcomed Al Michaels, whose new book details his long career in sports broadcasting. Michaels opined on the NFL's current problems with abuse and criminality. "The NFL has an image of thuggery right now," Michaels conceded, "and I think it's a combination of entitlement and immaturity. But Commissioner Roger Goodell has sent a message to everybody in the league that we're not putting up with this anymore. We see this behavior in other segments of society but it never gets reported." Michaels also opined on his former Monday Night Football colleague O.J. Simpson. "You can't imagine that anyone you know is capable of committing a double murder. I never saw the rage, but that's not to say it wasn't there." Michaels added that he eventually came to believe that Simpson was guilty as charged.
America divided
Bernard McGuirk and Greg Gutfeld joined The Factor with their observations on America's divisions. "It's healthy to be divisive," Gutfeld suggested. "Before there was Fox News you never heard the media rail against divisiveness because they were quite comfortable in lockstep. But now they have some competition and they're constantly talking about divisiveness. One reason there is more divisiveness now is that we've been putting identity before industry, we believe who you are is more important than what you do. It's created a lot of factions and has made people angry at one another." McGuirk added that social media outlets enable more hate-spewing than ever before. "We've always been divided, we're a nation of disparate people with competing agendas. Then you throw in envy, stupidity, prejudice, and social media, which really amplifies the divisiveness and hate exponentially. It's very upsetting and disturbing."
Analyzing Obama's defenders
The Factor concluded the week by responding to those who are strenuously defending President Obama's unilateral action on immigration: For example, Nancy Pelosi actually compared the move to Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation. The Factor's reality check: "The Emancipation Proclamation was a wartime order taken to expedite Northern gains during the Civil War. President Lincoln saw that the South was persecuting black people, so he gave them legal authority to leave their slave conditions. It had nothing to do with what President Obama did." Also, Senator Dick Durbin declared that criminal illegal aliens will now be prosecuted or deported. The Factor's response: "Give me a break, Senator! You guys had six years to crack down on criminal illegal aliens and you did bupkis, nada. If the left had joined with the right and demanded that criminal illegal aliens be punished harshly, the left might have some credibility on the issue. But liberal America and President Obama did not demand that, so now all those words are hollow."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
James Truncale, Orange, TX: "There are two problems with allowing so many illegal aliens legal status. First, that will encourage more people to come here. Second, it is unfair to those who have legally applied and are waiting to enter this country."

Kimberly Norman, Arlington, TX: "O'Reilly, you asked Governor-elect Abbott about the morality of allowing foreign parents of American children to stay. I believe their children should not be citizens."

Lenell Brown, Thun, Switzerland: "Mr. O'Reilly, I really appreciate your asking Mr. Abbott the tough question and pointing out that he didn't answer it."
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