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Wednesday, October 26, 2016
The Factor Rundown
New Fox News Poll
"With 13 days left until the nation votes, a new Fox News poll says this: Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump 44 to 41, a tighter race than the last FNC poll. What about the level of strong support? That shows Clinton at 61%, Trump 68%, a big plus for the Republican. Blacks are supporting Clinton 82% to just 5% for Trump, a disaster if African-Americans turn out in big numbers. Whites are going for Trump 50% to 36%, a good sign for him in places like Iowa and Nevada. Women back Clinton, but it's the opposite with men. So you can see it's a polarized country. The Fox poll is somewhat surprising because it shows the race is much closer than some in the media believe. Also, Hillary Clinton has not been campaigning all that much, so this might be a wakeup call. Trump's better showing is because more independent voters are breaking for him. The Fox poll has it 41% for Trump, just 28% for Clinton. She's down seven points with independents in two weeks. Finally, the poll asked whether voters had a favorable opinion of the candidates. Trump clocked in 56% unfavorable, while Clinton had 53%. Talking Points will say it again: Whoever wins will be the most unfavorable president-elect in history. The fact that Donald Trump is still competing hard and within striking distance is kind of amazing. The man has been battered by the media, including some commentators here on Fox News. Some of that is Trump's own fault, as his past behavior has hurt him and his penchant for airing personal grievances has cost him votes. But Hillary Clinton simply cannot put him away, no matter what he does. That's because the country is in trouble and Secretary Clinton refuses to acknowledge it, even though the polling on disenchantment is clear: Two-thirds of Americans are not happy with the direction of America. In order to secure his support, Hillary Clinton has chosen to uphold the policies of President Obama. That's tough territory with Obamacare tottering and economic growth at one percent. Trump is also an amazing campaigner, pounding the pavement in the four states that he needs: Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. The guy never sleeps, he just Tweets. Talking Points believes that Hillary Clinton is leading in the race and has a big advantage in the Electoral College. But Trump has regained some momentum as voters start to seriously consider things like blatant media bias, a botched FBI investigation on the emails, and a swamp in Washington that definitely needs to be drained. So the election is not a slam-dunk and Mrs. Clinton should understand that. Her support can erode fast if more WikiLeaks stuff comes out. As for Trump, nobody on this planet can predict what he will say or do. But one thing is certain - if he goes down, he's going down fighting."
Chaos in the Polls
The Factor surveyed the electoral landscape with political observers Caitlin Huey-Burns and Kyle Kondik. "Trump is gaining some ground," Huey-Burns reported, "both nationally and in some battleground states. But some red Republican states are in play right now, places like Arizona and even Utah." Kondik suggested that the election is fairly static and Donald Trump may be running out of time. "The race is probably where it's been, Clinton is up by about five points. We're getting to the point where we are seeing early voting, so even if Trump is able to close in the final days, there are already votes that have been cast against him." The Factor concluded, "I believe that Clinton is ahead, but Trump is gaining momentum."
Best of The Factor's Trump Interviews
Donald Trump was forced to postpone a scheduled Tuesday visit to the No Spin Zone, but The Factor aired some excerpts from his many previous appearances. This was Trump on fighting ISIS: "I would hit them so hard your head would spin, I would find our proper general, our Patton or MacArthur. There's nobody better or bigger on the military than I am." On Islamic immigration: "We should not be taking refugees from Syria because we have no idea who they are, they have no paperwork. When they come in from Syria I want them registered." On newspapers that have compared him to Hitler: "I don't like it, I think it's disgraceful that they're allowed to do it. This affects my family, they don't want to see their father or husband ridiculed." And on Hillary Clinton: "She's not honest, I don't think she's capable. She has made so many bad decisions and she would be a disaster for our country." Donald Trump is expected to appear live on The Factor Wednesday night.
Halloween and College Campus Craziness
Tufts University in Massachusetts has warned students that Halloween costumes deemed 'offensive' could lead to harsh penalties. Eboni Williams and Katie Pavlich discussed the rash of college nuttiness. "Campuses in our country," Pavlich groused, "are becoming more like mini-communist countries. The idea that they are getting worked up about Halloween costumes shows that the future is at stake." Williams essentially agreed, but cautioned Halloween revelers to be somewhat sensitive. "There is a difference between being offensive and feeling harmed or targeted. There were people who dressed like the ISIS attackers in black with machetes, that was crazy. There have also been people in black face and with nooses."
Miller's Election Stress Reduction Tips
Many Americans report that the presidential election has them feeling anxious. So Dennis Miller opined on those voters afflicted with 'Election Stress Disorder.' "I was stressed out last time in the Romney election," he said, "but this time not so much. An ABC poll has Hillary up by 12, but that's like a Pravda poll telling you that Khrushchev has moved into the lead. So I wouldn't trust that too much. But this is like the body snatchers - the country is not coming back around, so go to sleep, wake up, and join them. The country is too far gone." Miller also weighed in on the Halloween costume warnings issued by officials at Tufts University. "They should change name to 'not-so-Tufts.' I got a job there as the 'safe space' lifeguard - I jump in and save kids when they're drowning in their own b.s."
New Undercover Video from Project Veritas
Democratic dirty tricksters, who were recently caught on hidden camera admitting that they choreographed violence at Trump rallies, apparently also taped Mitt Romney's devastating '47%' remark at a private gathering four years ago. Martha MacCallum reported the latest. "This is all pretty tangled," she said, "and these Democrats are now saying they were involved in setting up a lawyer who taped Romney in 2012. These people are very closely tied to the Clinton campaign and to President Obama."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Tom Dadian, Santa Paula, CA: "O'Reilly, you are unbelievable. All evidence points to Obama knowing that Hillary was using private email. Why do you keep making excuses for him?"

Dilano Francis, Anguilla: "Bill, you're right that more than a hundred-million votes cannot be rigged, but a hundred-thousand can. And that might be enough to tilt an election."

Joseph Martellaro, New Windsor, NY: "I have read every Killing book and Rising Sun is the best. The brutality of the Japanese brought back memories of the savagery of al Qaeda when I was deployed in Iraq in 2007."
The Kindness of Strangers
The CEO of a company called Camping World has given World Series tickets to 97-year-old World War II veteran Jim Schlegel, whose greatest wish was to see his beloved Chicago Cubs in the World Series. It's a worthy reminder that we can all perform acts of kindness, large and small, as we make our way through this life.
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