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Friday, October 24, 2014
Why the Federal Government is Putting All Americans in Danger
From the very beginning, the Obama administration has screwed up the Ebola situation. Even when we knew there was a potential threat to U.S. public safety, the President made no effort to put forth a strategy to keep us safe. Of course, most of the media hasn't reported on how badly the administration has botched this whole thing. Tonight we'll explain President Obama's missteps and how they could affect our country's health.
Reaction to Talking Points
Guests:Dr. Martin Makary & Dr. Ian Lipkin
We'll ask two doctors whether they agree that the government has really dropped the ball when it comes to Ebola and if their irresponsibility has made us less sage than we already were.
Islamic Terror Attack?
Guest:Geraldo Rivera
In New York City yesterday, a hatchet wielding man attacked four police officers, before being shot down by the tops. One of the men was badly injured and remains in stable condition. Investigators are looking into a motive. Was Muslim extremism at play? Geraldo on that.
What Makes YOU Angry?
Guest:Sandra Smith
Tonight we'll read emails about what's ticking YOU, the viewer, off. We'll touch on a weak global effort to stop ISIS, political judges overturning the will of the people and a viewer with a bone to pick with our pal Karl Rove.
How to React to Islamic Terror
Guest:Pastor Robert Jeffress
Christians are being persecuted in many Muslim countries by ISIS and other extremist terror groups. Christians have heard the old lesson of "turning the other check" but does that apply when it comes to ISIS?
Shocking Video
Guests:Greg Gutfeld & Bernard McGuirk
A group out of Ohio has released a video of young girls, some as young as six, cursing like crazy. The point they make: cursing isn't offensive, what's really offensive is oppression against women in the U.S. We'll show you the video tonight
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