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Wednesday, May 4, 2016
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Why Trump Won
"In the beginning there were 17 contenders for the GOP nomination. Now Donald Trump has emerged victorious. It is a given that all the Republican candidates opposed the progressive policies of President Obama. But what separated Donald Trump from the pack was his disdain for the Republican establishment, a contempt that reflected the feelings of many GOP voters. One issue crystallizes that loathing, the murder of Kate Steinle in San Francisco by an illegal alien felon who was allowed to kill her. I addressed the story on the Colbert program Monday night. Again, Donald Trump tapped directly into the fury being felt by millions of Republican voters, while the other candidates could not match his ferocity. That's why Trump won."
Trump Turns to Hillary
The Factor welcomed Donald Trump, who reacted to his de facto nomination and his very kind words about Ted Cruz. "I want to be gracious," he said, "and Ted Cruz was a great competitor. I respect Ted, even though he made up some things and took some things out of context. He's certainly a capable guy." Trump also looked ahead to the coming weeks and his looming showdown with Hillary Clinton. "If Hillary wants to go the low road, I'm fine with that, and if she wants the go the high road, which I would prefer, I'm fine with that. I can handle the low road if I have to do it and if I have to go in that direction." The Factor warned Trump of a coming tsunami of vitriol, saying, "The Clinton campaign will go after you through surrogates and sleazy left-wing websites that will tear you up."
Trump on Foreign Affairs
Returning for another segment Donald Trump theorized how he would handle Russia's recent buzzing of U.S. warships. "There is no respect for our president and our country," he groused. "If it were me, I would call Putin and say stop it. That is provocation, it's something they should not be doing, and I might do something we would hate to do. They will respect us." Trump also reacted to the raucous protests against his immigration policies. "The demonstrations are made to look much worse than they are by the press, but there was the guy who was stomping on a cop car who ought to be put away for quite a while. And when I see young children with foul mouths, the parents should be ashamed of themselves. We'll deal with demonstrations just fine." Finally, Trump delivered a stern message to Mexico and former President Vicente Fox. "Get your money ready because you're going to pay for the wall!" The Factor concluded with a heartfelt compliment to the Trump family, pointing out that Trump's wife and children "have conducted themselves magnificently."
Karl on Donald
Former Bush strategist Karl Rove reacted to Donald Trump's dominating victory in the Republican primary. "I was not for Trump in the primaries," he said, "but now I will observe and take my time. Trump's victories were jaw-dropping." Rove went on to dismiss widespread predictions of a conservative crack-up now that Ted Cruz has been vanquished. "What will happen in the future depends largely on what happens this fall. If Donald Trump wins and then governs successfully, then he will turn the Republican Party into a populist party. If he loses, there will be a battle for the soul of the Republican Party." But The Factor contended, "I don't think a purely ideological candidate on the left or the right can win again, the voters want somebody who can solve problems."
Trump or Clinton: Who Has the Edge?
Former Obama aide and hard core leftist Van Jones has predicted that Donald Trump may well defeat Hillary Clinton in November. The Factor invited reaction from Monica Crowley and Eboni Williams. "Van Jones is probably right about this," Crowley declared. "He knows that the Democratic nominee has to drive massive black turnout like Barack Obama did and has to get more than 90% of the black vote. But Donald Trump has huge crossover appeal, even to black voters. Blacks have suffered disproportionately in the Obama economy." Williams suggested that Van Jones is merely issuing an early distress signal. "This is a 'wake up, don't take the black vote for granted' warning call. I can't fault him for that, he's a die-hard Democrat. But 80% of blacks have disqualified Donald Trump for things he's said, they feel like the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim things include them."
Trouble at the Border
Back in February, former Mexico President Vincente Fox sent a pithy message to Donald Trump: "I'm not going to pay for that f***ing wall, he should pay for it." Fox entered the No Spin Zone with his latest thoughts. "I invite Donald Trump to come to Mexico," he said, "and to learn about the real Mexico. He says Mexico deserves punishment because of the trade deficit, but the U.S. trade deficit with China is much larger. It would be better to approve the immigration bill that has been sitting in the U.S. Congress for ten years. That bill brings a solution." The Factor reminded Fox that Americans overwhelmingly want an end to illegal immigration: "Patrolled vigilantly on both sides, I think a border wall is actually humane and would save lives because it would cut down on drug smuggling and human trafficking."
Miller on Trump's Big Win
Dennis Miller commented on the news that John Kasich, like Ted Cruz before him, has decided to suspend his campaign. "I just made the decision today that I'm going for Kasich," he joked. "I know you like Kasich, Billy, but I think he's a moron! He should have dropped out a long time ago." Miller also suggested that Donald Trump is a natural outgrowth of liberalism's excesses. "Liberals lie about things they don't even have to lie about, and they left him a big opening by trying to sell too much crap to the American people. When they tell you incessantly that Trump can not beat Clinton, I think they're doing that because they're afraid that he can beat her. She's not a great candidate." Miller then opined on former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg, who got booed at the University of Michigan when he ridiculed 'safe spaces' and 'micro-aggressions.' "Bloomberg is part of this, he's part of the nanny state. You can't have guys telling people what size soda they can have, and then not understand that they're part of the problem. Liberals and Bloomberg have done this to kids, this the yield of the nanny state!"
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Joe Allen, O'Fallon, MO: "O'Reilly, congratulations, you called it. Meanwhile, we are faced with two progressives in November."

Sean Gavigan, Easton, PA: "Bill, your Talking Points about left-wing violence was spot on. Where were the parents of those anti-Trump children who were cursing?"

Aurora Robles, Corpus Christi, TX: "It's disgusting to see the hatred and vulgarity at these protests. I'm sad that my race is participating."
Perilous Political Prognostication
Responding to a Factor daily poll Monday, very few of you predicted that Ted Cruz would drop out if he lost Indiana. More proof that, as Yogi Berra is credited with saying, "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future."
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