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Friday, February 12, 2016
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Analyzing The Democratic Debate
"I hate to say it, but the debates are getting kind of tedious on both sides. Canned answers rule, there are very few thoughtful responses, and most of the questions are easily deflected by the well-rehearsed politicians. Last night Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off once again. In one exchange, Clinton said this: 'The kind of criticism that we've heard from Senator Sanders about our president I expect from Republicans.' Mrs. Clinton's poke at Sanders was smart and will rally Obama loyalists to her cause. Hillary won that round, but she lost when asked about her Super PAC that is lavishly funded by financiers George Soros and Donald Sussman. Secretary Clinton completely dodged the issue. If she is going to condemn big PAC money going to Republicans, she can't take cash from Soros and rich Democrat PACs. But her supporters don't care. Devoted followers of a politician pretty much will accept anything from him or her. It is obvious in this campaign that followers of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, to give two vivid examples, are not expecting precise political analysis. It is the tone those candidates strike that is driving their support. As I told Mr. Trump, the federal courts would block his attempt at mass deportations. On the Sanders front, there is no way his draconian taxation vision could even come close to covering his endless list of entitlements. But to Bernie's followers, it doesn't really matter. Like a bad gift, it's the thought that counts. Sanders' democratic socialism' is basically what some countries in Western Europe have, a system that limits income through taxation in return for cradle-to-grave payouts from the governments. Even if you're a derelict, you will be supported by the government and in return you will do what the government tells you to do. When it comes to housing, you can get it supplemented, but you are assigned to units. And you can get daycare, but your kids are assigned to centers. So you can see that democratic socialism where citizens still vote but are mostly told what to do by guys like Bernie Sanders is a system of subservience to a big central government. The majority of those supporting Senator Sanders have no clue what he actually wants, they are hypnotized by the prospect of free stuff because of course they deserve that. Why? Because the system is rigged by billionaires, so why shouldn't Bernie provide for me and take from the greedy rich folks who made their money by exploiting the peasants? That is right out of the Fidel/Che handbook. Again, Talking Points submits that many of those voting for the Bern-meister have no idea who Che was or who Karl Marx was or even who Fidel is. Getting ill-informed folks to follow you isn't all that hard. A dose of flamboyance mixed with some passion and more than a smidgen of resentment can rally some people who don't know very much. Sadly, many would forfeit their right to prosper in a major way for the false security of a government controlled economy. But those folks - the Bernie people - remain a distinct minority, as we will see going forward."
Sanders vs. Hillary Heating Up
FNC contributor Kirsten Powers joined The Factor to evaluate the Talking Points. "One thing that bothers me," she began, "is that the critics of Bernie Sanders will say things like you said. You bring up Castro, but Cuba is a communist country, it's not a democratic socialist country. To suggest that's what Bernie Sanders is selling is disingenuous. He's not suggesting that the means of production will be owned by the government, he's suggesting that what I consider basic human rights will be provided to all Americans." But The Factor reiterated, "The people following Bernie Sanders have no idea about what he really wants to do."
Ben Carson On His Chances in SC
Dr. Ben Carson, despite getting just 2% of the Republican vote in New Hampshire, is campaigning hard in South Carolina. He entered the No Spin Zone and exuded confidence in his prospects. "I knew I wasn't going to do that well in New Hampshire," he said, "and you have to know how to pick your battles. I've picked my battle here in South Carolina and I think things will go much better here. The pundits have written me off from the beginning, but it's a 9-inning game. I am providing a choice of someone who is not controlled by the establishment or special interest groups." The Factor advised Carson, "You don't have to win, but it seems like you have to finish in the top three to continue." Carson said that should be no problem at all.
Unfit Campaign Ads
The Ted Cruz campaign pulled a TV ad after learning that one of the actresses in the spot had starred in soft core porn movies. Meanwhile, Donald Trump also stopped running a negative ad accusing Cruz of gross hypocrisy. The Factor discussed the controversial spots with political strategist Lisa Boothe. "This is something Ted Cruz doesn't want to happen," she said, "considering that he began his campaign at Liberty University and 66% of South Carolina Republicans are born-again Christians. There should be a vetting process, you want to make sure that the individuals in the ad don't have a past like this." Boothe turned to Trump's declaration that he is going to lighten up on the attacks. "Trump's campaign manager said that they are going positive, but they didn't remove the option of putting up another negative ad. With Donald Trump it's a roller coaster, who knows what's going to happen?"
Geraldo and Bolling Debate SC Primary
The Factor asked Geraldo Rivera and Eric Bolling to predict the outcome of the upcoming South Carolina primaries. "I think Trump will win," Bolling declared, "and those ads that you just talked about will hurt Cruz. Trump is tough and nasty, but he's honest, while the perception with Cruz is that he's sleazy and cheap." Rivera agreed that Donald Trump is the prohibitive favorite. "Even though popular South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley scolded Trump, he is now a charismatic force of nature. I expect that he will carry his New Hampshire momentum to South Carolina and Cruz will come in second. On the Democratic side, race will be everything. If younger black voters stay with the older generation, then Hillary will be saved by the black vote."
Varney's Villains
Fox Business Network anchor Stuart Varney named California Governor Jerry Brown one of the week's worst malefactors. "He is acting in a politically villainous fashion," Varney accused. "Half of the new drivers licenses issued in California last year went to illegal residents. Jerry Brown is a gentle and soft kind of character, but I think he is playing to the Hispanic vote. He is subverting immigration law and he is pushing amnesty. That's political chicanery."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Louis La Guardia, Chattanooga, TN: "It is very clear that you guys at Fox News have decided to act like your liberal counterparts on the other networks and not treat Senator Cruz favorably."

Jack Hampus, Spring Hill, FL: "Bill, how can you and Trump still be friends after the way you treat him on The Factor?"

Jeff Butler, Duluth, GA: "Hey, Bill, you said you would buy Ted Cruz dinner if he appeared on The Factor. I will appear if you buy me dinner."

Jamie Rodriguez, Los Angeles, CA: "Bill, I have a solution: If Bernie is elected, he can name you ambassador to Ireland. That way everybody wins - except, of course, Ireland."
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Look for a special program on Fox News called 'Voter Revolt,' in which host Bret Baier examines the deep dissatisfaction permeating the American electorate.
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