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Friday, October 17, 2014
The Factor Rundown
Ebola and Race
"One of the big dividers in American society is race. Not bigotry so much, as almost all sane Americans understand that is wrong. The problem with race is how it is used in policy. Racial politics has created the grievance industry, where some minorities and their white enablers believe they should be compensated for historical abuses. Some Americans believe they should get money, direct payments or subsidies. Others say because of slavery and the forced removal of Native Americans from their land that they cannot compete in today's marketplace. That is the white privilege movement, pushed primarily by white liberals who feel guilty that some minorities are not succeeding. All of the above is corrosive to minorities and to American society. Enter the Ebola controversy. Three black nations in Africa - Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia - are ground zero for the spread of the deadly disease. 14 African nations have banned West Africans in the Ebola zone from entering their countries, and 14 other nations have other restrictions. But when Talking Points and others suggest the USA do the same thing, we are attacked as racist by pathetic ideological loons who could not care less about protecting the folks. The fact is that a Liberian national, Thomas Duncan, started the Ebola mess in America by lying to immigration authorities. He paid for that with his life, and his case has embarrassed American health officials. So today President Obama appointed a political guy, Ron Klain, to be his 'Ebola czar.' The appointment will take the pressure off besieged Dr. Thomas Frieden of the CDC, who has mucked things up big time. But a core issue remains: Will President Obama protect the American people by stopping travelers from the Ebola epidemic area? Talking Points predicts if there is one more Ebola case in the USA, a travel ban will be imposed.
Fair Coverage?
Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz, who has criticized much of the Ebola coverage by the press, joined The Factor with his analysis. "My beef is with the breathless, relentless, overheated coverage," he complained, "and with too many headlines using the word 'panic.' It's our business that is helping to spread the panic. Live video of the car carrying the nurse to the airport before she's flown to NIH? There's also a whole media ritual of calling for Thomas Frieden's scalp at CDC because in complicated stories we need to create a pinata. It's symbolism and it doesn't get us any closer to solving the problem." But The Factor maintained that Dr. Frieden has to be canned: "Performance, especially in life and death situations, is imperative. You don't need a mediocre person in charge."
The Ebola Scare and the Economy
After days of extreme volatility and steep losses, stock market averages ended the week with big gains Friday. Fox Business host Lou Dobbs attempted to explain the chaos. "Ebola is part of the reason markets are selling off," he said, "and it's a rational response for the market to sell off in the face of Ebola and Vladimir Putin taking over Crimea. Everyone invested in this market should be very cautions because when you hear a cacophony of 'don't panic' and 'look for bargains,' that is a time to be even more cautious than usual." The Factor expressed great skepticism about the market, saying, "I have only 25% of my portfolio in stocks because guys like me who can't pay attention all the time are at a big disadvantage."
Still Imprisoned in Mexico
Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooressi, accused of transporting guns across the southern border, remains locked up in a Mexico jail. The Factor got the latest from Geraldo Rivera. "I had a talk with his mother today," he said, "and she is obviously concerned. But she sees light at the end of the tunnel because this was the last day of a hearing to have the case dismissed. The judge now has 15 business days to render his decision. He could free this man and end this unbelievable ordeal." The Factor again urged our administration to get involved: "If President Obama can't get this Marine out of there, we're really in big trouble in this country."
What Makes YOU Mad?
FNC anchor Heather Nauert responded to some emails from angry viewers. One of them, Oklahoman Rosstin McDonald is miffed because his millennial generation is portrayed too negatively. "They can certainly be kind of dopey," Nauert said, "but you and I were probably a little dopey when we were younger. 29% of millennials under age 32 follow the news regularly and they get most of their information online." Californian Ed Wold wants the airlines to take the initiative and ban all flights to and from Liberia. "There are more than 1,000 people who come to the U.S. from Ebola-stricken countries every single week," Nauert reported. "People in the airline industry say flights will not be stopped because the administration puts subtle pressure on the industry. They can wreak havoc with the FAA, they can take away routes."
Will RepublicansControl the Senate?
The Factor invited conservative columnist Ann Coulter to handicap the mid-term elections. While most polls show that Republicans will emerge with a majority in the Senate, Coulter expressed some doubt. "The Democrats basically get every immigrant group to vote for Democrats," she said, "and there is also a massive issue of election fraud. The Republicans are not pushing the issues Americans care about, they're allowing themselves to be painted as the party of Wall Street and not the party of the people. If Republicans are going to win, they have to be the populist party on issues like immigration, which they won't touch."
Vacation in Iran?!
Guys Friday Greg Gutfeld and Bernard McGuirk spouted off on a New York Times promotion where the paper will take people to Iran for $7,000 a head. "This is 13 days of hiking with no booze," Gutfeld said. "I'd rather be trapped in a well with a rabid ferret. But this is a great idea for Fox News - for $3,000 you could go clubbing with Greta, for $5,000 you could go bungee jumping with Lou Dobbs, and for $6,000 you can go yachting with Geraldo. An extra $1,000 and it's shirtless." McGuirk also mocked the Times' excellent adventure. "You can experience bazaars, antiques, and lectures on the accomplishment of the Ayatollah Khomeni. But I'm going to have to scratch Kabul, Detroit, and Mogadishu off my bucket list before I head over to Tehran. You can't drink alcohol there, but you can get stoned ... with rocks if they catch you with a beer."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Clifford Welch, Belton, TX: "We had two students on the flight with the nurse who was infected with Ebola. The result is three schools are now closed."

Dr. Mike Magee, Titusville, FL: "Ed Henry asked the White House spokesman who is going to be held accountable for all the Ebola mistakes. That's obvious: it has to be George W. Bush."

Jeff Shaginaw, Atlanta, GA: "Ebola has killed one man in the U.S. so far. The flu kills more than 30,000 every year. Where's your fist-pounding outrage over that?"
When to Say "Enough"
If you want to eat less, drink a glass of water with lemon just before a meal, which will curb your appetite. Also, learn to put that knife and fork down when you're full.
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