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Friday, January 23, 2015
How the Internet is deceiving you
"The movie American Sniper is favorable to the U.S. military. Clint Eastwood's film makes a sharp distinction between the evil of the terrorists in Iraq and the nobility of U.S. sniper Chris Kyle. Because of that, the far left is going nuts, launching hateful attacks on the film and Mr. Kyle. And most of the libel is found on the Internet. Amanda Taub writes for a website called and may even be a terrorist sympathizer. After Taliban savages murdered 132 school children in Pakistan, Ms. Taub tried to explain why the Taliban did it, providing a rationale for slaughtering 132 innocent children! Her article about American Sniper was posted on a number of Internet providers, including Yahoo. Those providers do not tell the reader who Ms. Taub is or the quality of the organization she works for, they just post her disgusting stuff without any context. Here's what Taub said about the movie: 'While it's never great to see a movie falsify a true story, American Sniper's disdainful attitude towards the truth is especially disingenuous.' Taub's view is preposterous; she portrays the enemy in Iraq as victims of American aggression. The chief danger here is not from a propagandist like Amanda Taub, it's the Internet climate. Americans are often presented information that is false, libelous, and distorted. There are no journalistic standards on the Internet, few websites even have editors. Unfortunately, many Americans believe what they read and therefore there is danger to the republic. If you know history, you know that dictators first control the press. The Nazis and the Communists put out a stream of dishonest garbage, brainwashing their population. To some extent that is now happening in free societies with the elevation of the 'net. It is flat-out dangerous."

The Factor solicited feedback from Democratic strategist Nomiki Konst and former blogger Matthew Duss. "The Nazis had only two outlets," Konst protested, "but today there are millions of ways to communicate messages. Ezra Klein was a Washington Post columnist and he is part of Vox Media - he is a real journalist who has editors working with him." Duss went farther, actually praising Amanda Taub's work. "I take issue with your description of her writing as 'propaganda.' She's a fine writer, Vox is a fine website, and we do need to understand what motivates these groups." The Factor blasted Duss for that claim: "She's a fine writer? Did you read the article about the Taliban slaughtering kids? She was sympathetic to them! You and Amanda should go out for tea and talk about how victimized the Taliban are."
A friend of America
Efforts are underway to obtain citizenship for Mohammad Gulab, the Muslim man who saved Marcus Luttrell from almost certain death in Afghanistan and whose heroics were portrayed in the movie "Lone Survivor." Geraldo Rivera reported the latest. "Luttrell was wounded and in critical condition," Rivera recalled, "and were it not for Mohammad Gulab, Marcus Luttrell would have been killed or captured. Gulab has now applied for refugee status through the United Nations, but this is a process that has taken far too long." The Factor vowed to help Gulab become a full-fledged American citizen: "The State Department should get him in here on humanitarian grounds right away, you and I will work together on this."
Declining gas prices
Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs explained the economics behind drastically lower gas prices. "Economies are slowing down around the world," he said, "specifically in Europe and China. As a result, there is less demand for oil, and less demand means lower prices. And our production of oil on non-federal land is going through the roof. Fracking and drilling and refining more oil, all opposed by President Obama, are saving his hide." Dobbs applauded the price decline as a massive benefit to the economy and average Americans. "This results in about $1,400 per household in extra disposable income. That is a big boost in purchasing power."
What makes you mad?
Heather Nauert entered the No Spin Zone to answer emails from angry Factor viewers. One of them, Pennsylvanian Loretta Yastrebov, is ticked off because politicians are calling for an increase in the federal gas tax. "Some members of Congress," Nauert reported, "want to raise the tax, which hasn't gone up since 1993. It's now at 8.4 cents per gallon and they say a higher tax will help fund our roads and bridges and infrastructure. But John Boehner says it won't happen." Another viewer, Coloradan Ross Kaminsky, is peeved because The Factor has suggested raising the minimum wage. "3.3 million people in the United States get the federal minimum wage," Nauert said, "which has been $7.25 per hour since 2009. The Congressional Budget Office says 16.5-million people would get a pay raise as a result of raising the minimum wage, but warns that 500,000 people would lose their jobs." The Factor again insisted, "I want the minimum wage raised to $10 an hour so people have more incentive to work."
Provocative Carl's Jr. Ad
The fast food chain Carl's Jr., known for its sexually-charged commercials, has created another risqué ad that will air during the Super Bowl, at least in many Western states. Bernard McGuirk and under-inflated Greg Gutfeld weighed in on the burger brouhaha. "This ad is not for people," Gutfeld jested. "it's for cattle. If I was a cow, I would be happier on my way to slaughter knowing that I would be eaten by a super model as opposed to, say, a sweaty mass like Alec Baldwin. Imagine taking a ride through his digestive system - you'd find old license plates and missing dogs." McGuirk, after wiping the slobber off his chin, lauded the commercial and its comely star. "This sells burgers because the target demo is guys who won't listen to some plain Jane in a pants suit. This chick makes Kate Upton look like Frank Luntz! What is more American than burgers, babes in bikinis, and the big game? Je suis Carl's Jr.!!"
American Sniper controversy
Actor Dean Cain, one of Hollywood's few admitted conservatives, has called out Alec Baldwin, Seth Rogen, and others who have savaged "American Sniper" and Chris Kyle. Cain joined The Factor and expressed his deep admiration for Kyle. "Chris and I were on a TV show," Cain said, "and we trained together for about six weeks. We became very good friends, so my reaction was to defend a friend of mine. Chris was the epitome of an American hero and this movie shows the grittiness of war." The Factor lauded Cain, saying, "More Hollywood stars have to speak out because all we get is the left-wing point of view out there."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Jeff Wells, Yucaipa, CA: "Bill, you commended Eric Holder for allowing the U.S. attorney in New York to charge Sheldon Silver. If it were any other attorney general, you wouldn't need to say that because that's what he's supposed to do."

Jeffrey Kline, Evergreen, CO: "O'Reilly, I am distraught and appalled that you praised Eric Holder. He cannot begin to atone for the havoc he has wrought."

Christine Bohon, Valley Village, CA: "O'Reilly, I'm getting ticked with your demeanor. I watched Jon Stewart interview Austan Goolsbee, and Jon laid back and let him talk."
Quarterback Sneak?
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has always comported himself with dignity and apparent honesty, so it's only fair to give him the benefit of the doubt in the current pigskin controversy.
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