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Monday, November 30, 2015
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Politics and Murder
"57-year-old Robert Dear is accused of killing a police officer and two civilians after he stormed a Planned Parenthood office in Colorado Springs. Dear is a long time malcontent who has had problems wherever he has lived. Planned Parenthood officials are blaming the killings on harsh criticism directed at the organization after undercover videotapes exposed the sale of aborted baby body parts. The situation is reminiscent of the assassination in 2009 of Doctor George Tiller, a late-term abortionist in Kansas who was nicknamed 'Tiller the Baby Killer' by organizations who objected to his grisly practices. I reported extensively on Tiller and, after he was assassinated by a man named Scott Roeder, some far left loons blamed me. I reported accurately on Tiller, whose assistant was stripped of her medical license after the assassination. The assassin Roeder and the Colorado killer represent their sick selves, nothing more. Same thing with the murder of 9-year-old Tyshawn Lee in Chicago, who was gunned down because his father is allegedly in a gang. No matter the circumstance, it would be wrong to demonize young black inner-city men for Tyshawn's murder. It is exclusively on the killers, and no one else. It is long past time that political zealots stop using heinous crimes to advance their ideology. One more example. Again in Chicago, demonstrators are protesting the police department after a teenager, 17-year-old Laquan McDonald, was shot dead by officer Jason Van Dyke. It is to the credit of the demonstrators in Chicago that they are getting their point across without harming other Americans. But again, you can be sure some zealots will use the Chicago police shooting to demonize police all over the country. Again, that is flat out wrong."

The Factor invited reaction from former Obama advisor Austan Goolsbee. "I mostly agree with you," Goulsbee began, "and we have to tone down the rhetoric and generalizations. We don't know that much about the shooter in Colorado and it looks like he's mentally ill, but we can say things in public that lead the mentally ill to go over the edge. It doesn't take any responsibility away from the criminals for us to say we should tone it down a little bit." The Factor took issue with Goolsbee's advice: "I'm not toning it down. Planned Parenthood deceitfully started an industry where they were selling the body parts of aborted fetuses, they were doing it for money, and they deserve all the reportage they received. You can't blame the pro-life movement for telling the truth!"
Climate Change Controversy
Leaders from around the globe have convened in Paris to discuss 'climate change' and what to do about it. Charles Krauthammer took aim at President Obama's declaration that this issue is more important than terrorism. "The president said that this conference would send a 'powerful rebuke' to the terrorists," he scoffed. "But the idea that the terrorists striking Paris had anything to do with climate change is so out there that you have to ask yourself what planet the president is living on. I think this is his way of trying to distract attention from the fact that all the terror attacks demonstrate the abject failure of his policy. He sees himself as a visionary, a man who sees so much farther ahead than ordinary plebeians." The Factor added, "Climate change is more important to him than defeating ISIS, it's more important to him than keeping Crimea out of the Russian orbit, he's almost obsessed with this issue."
ISIS Debate
Returning for a second segment, Krauthammer turned to Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, who are calling for 20,000 U.S. troops to confront ISIS. "In theory I would support this as a last resort," Dr. K said, "but I would not do it under this president. He has never sought victory, so I would not do any operation of this scale under Obama because there would be a lot of needless deaths. I would first try to do an air war that is more than just seven sorties a day over Syria. Seven a day is a joke! And we haven't touched the oil fields because we don't want to damage the environment. When we have a new president, and if nothing else works, I would look for an army of 50,000 or 100,000 with a lot of allies involved."
Is Donald Trump Getting a Fair Shake?
NBC's Chuck Todd grilled Donald Trump Sunday, disputing Trump's claim that thousands of Muslims celebrated in New Jersey after the 9/11 attacks. The Factor asked Juan Williams and Laura Ingraham to evaluate the media's treatment of the GOP front-runner. "The national media is obsessing on this issue," Ingraham said, "and it's legitimate to ask whether this really happened. But the bias comes in on the substantive questions - have all these open trade deals really been good the middle class and has unlimited immigration been good for working families. The media doesn't want to talk about those issues." Williams contended that Trump actually benefits every time the media tries to bring him down. "Trump is a master of the press, he grew up in the media market and he is thriving. He puts the media on the defensive and he actually goes up in the polls even when there is no basis in what he is saying."
Hillary & Obama
As former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton is obviously closely tied to President Obama's foreign policies. The Factor asked FNC's Brit Hume how that will affect her candidacy. "There's a very close association," Hume posited, "between the popularity of the departing president and the candidate trying to succeed that president. So the worse he does, the harder it will be for her. On the other hand, if she tries to distance herself from him, she risks alienating those who support him, and she needs their votes. She also doesn't want to break with him in a way that would cause him to break with her. But I don't think he would ever forsake her because things like the Iran deal and this climate deal depend on a Democrat being elected president."
Christmas Shopping
Jesse Watters paid a Black Friday visit to Target on Long Island, where he targeted some early Christmas shoppers. Here's what a few of them told him: "I don't have a budget, I just spend" ... "I want cash for Christmas, no checks" ... "I'm getting my husband Hot Wheels." Back in the studio, Watters reported that his unscientific sampling indicated that many kids are wishing for a sedentary Christmas: "Legos and video games were the big ticket items," he said, "and no one was in the sports aisle. Everyone's looking at electronics and Legos."
Viewers Sound Off
Factor Words of the Day
Bob Lebenson, Las Vegas, NV: "Bill, your acceptance of Donald Trump is becoming intolerable. He is a racist."

Paul Walorski, Columbus, IN: "Since today's definition of racist is anyone disagreeing with liberal thought, who cares what some call Trump?"

Tiffany Score, Orlando, FL: "Bill, I was relieved to hear you say the Republican candidates should relax on social issues and focus on security and economics."
A Christmas Song of (Mike) Love
If you want a change of pace from the Christmas standards, sample a song called 'Alone on Christmas Day' by Mike Love of The Beach Boys.
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