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The United Kingdom is going to the polls on Thursday

O'Reilly's History Quiz

David Crockett was born and served as a state and U.S. representative in what state?

Bernie's Weekly Column

There is a split in America and it’s as wide as the Grand Canyon.

News Quiz

Where are the six Baltimore police officers who have been charged in the death of Freddie Gray?

Las Vegas Sun Article

John Finley, VP of development at FNC and Bill’s co-executive producer, talks to the Vegas Sun. Column

Grownups say the darndest things. Especially liberal grownups during a riot.

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Monday's Talking Points
Another Round of Why Politicians Will Not Tell You the Truth
For the past 48 years, Democrats have controlled the city of Baltimore.

During that time, the city's population has fallen 30% and the poverty...Read The Memo
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Kelly File
Watters' World
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O'Reilly Poll
Toya Graham was all over the news after she slapped and cursed her son, who was masked and eager for mayhem. Where do you stand?
She's a heroine
No, that was downright abusive
Don't glamorize a single mom with six kids

Legends & Lies
From the wild frontier of Tennessee’s foothills emerges the legendary outdoorsman, David Crockett.  

At a time when the elite moneyed class ruled the nation, Crockett rides his reputation as a plain-talking,...
Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
Tired of Lying Politicians
"Bill Clinton was interesting today.

He was a brilliant man, but he looked foolish in that interview.

He basically knows, I think, that this wohle thing is really not right, this whole..."
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"This country is heading in the wrong direction and I think this Baltimore stuff was very illuminating.

How much money? And it does not work.

It is all about personal behavior, and once peer pressure is applied to people who are corrupting youth, who are being irrepsonsible, being dis..."
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