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Friday's Factor

  • Bill O'Reilly on the Mass Shooting in Germany
  • Kaine's the One!
  • The Kaine Effect
  • The Clinton-Kaine Ticket
  • The Latest on the Munich Terror Attack
  • Terror and Politics
  • Thursday's Talking Points

    Senator Cruz was wrong to deliver his speech if he was not going to outwardly support Donald Trump.

    The Contributing Factor

    Listen now to hear Charles Krauthammer, Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, and Fox News Senior Producer Chad Pergram give you the inside story of what’s happening in Cleveland.

    Weekdays with Bernie

    Bernie Goldberg expresses his disgust with those pundits and columnists who continue to compare Donald Trump to the Nazis

    The Contributing Factor

    Listen now to go inside day three of the RNC in Cleveland with Fox News Anchor Bret Baier, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R), and Fox News Anchor Bill Hemmer.

    Top Story Quiz

    Which Trump child introduced their father on the last night of the convention?

    Wednesday's Talking Points

    This time around many white voters feel aggrieved.  They feel that the Obama administration is not looking out for them, thus the rise of Donald Trump. 

    BOR Staff Column

    Most people in the so-called 'media elite' don't much care for conservatives and Republicans.  To be more precise, they loathe and fear them.  

    No Spin News

    It’s a very complicated, emotional time for the Trump campaign right now...

    Miller Time

    After two days of speechifying in Cleveland, Dennis Miller provides a few of his inimitable observations.

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    Okay, it's your turn to give a final grade to the just-completed Republican National Convention.
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