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OCTOBER 20, 2014  | PM Rating: A
Talking Points Memo & Top Story
A new Politico poll of likely voters from states where mid-term races are tight clearly shows...
Impact Segment
The New York Times says that there is compelling evidence there was a struggle between 18-year-old...
Hume Zone
As we've reported, the federal courts are legalizing gay marriage all over the place and in...
Personal Story Segment
Last week, in a Daily Show interview, Jon Stewart claimed that
black Americans have a harder...
Factor Follow Up Segment
Karl Rove reacts to a surprising new poll on who Republicans would like to run for president...
Watters' World
Polls show that most Americans are well aware of the Ebola situation and many are very concerned....
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Bill's Daily Briefing
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October 20, 2014
Hear Bill's take on the day's news
"Two months from tomorrow, the big vote takes place and you know I can't really predict what's going to happen here.

I don't really have a feel for the Senate and House races across the country. I would assume..."
"Mitt Romney, as I said last week, is emerging as the most powerful Republican. A lot of conservatives don't like him but he's got a shot at it.

He'll say "No, no, no" but he's not getting up at 4am to go on morning shows for no reason..."
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