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JULY 23, 2014
Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Talking Points believes that Obamacare is purely about income redistribution, meaning that P...
White House Insider
Two weeks ago, the president refused to go to the chaotic southern border and instead raised...
Impact Segment
Some Americans want President Obama to take stronger action against Russia but the word warmonger...
Unresolved Problems Segment
The organization Live Action, a pro-life group, staged an undercover sting at that Planned P...
Miller Time Segment
Tonight Miller weighs in on presidential vacations, American apathy and former NFL coach Tony...
Did You See That Segment
Martha MacCallum will report on the continuing violence in Chicago and show you a wild interview...
Where Do You Stand?
Considering the various legal challenges and hurdles, do you believe ObamaCare will eventually collapse?
Nope, get used to it
Yes, the law is doomed

Bill's Daily Briefing
No Spin News
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July 23, 2014
Hear Bill's take on the day's news
"A story I did not get to cover tonight, but which is a very interesting story, is that in order to extend the nuke talks with Iran, the United States has freed up another 2.8 billion dollars to give to the Iranians."
"There is going to be more stuff released showing that the Russians aided the rocket that went up and shot the plane out of the sky. They thought it was a cargo plane, because they are idiots."
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