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DECEMBER 19, 2014  | PM Rating: A-
A Factor Special on Race Relations
Best of the Factor
Best of the Factor
Where Do You Stand?
Bill theorizes that America may be ready for a "return to the vision and discipline" that shaped the nation. Where do you stand?
I agree 100%, traditional values are returning
Sorry, but it's too late and we've slid too far

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December 19, 2014
Hear Bill's take on the day's news
"As I said in the Talking Points Memo tonight, I think the country is heading toward a fairly significant change. I think that the experiment of the progressives for the past 6 years has not really worked, and I think that anybody looking at it objectively (not from an ideological viewpoint) will see..."
"I try to keep telling them that. That if they join with most people who want to see them succeed, then the injustices will be a lot easier to fight.

But if they throw in with the Sharptons of the world, you are always going to have that division."
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