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Tonight on The Factor

  • No Spin Interview with Mike Pence
  • Giuliani on the DNC and Terrorism
  • Bill Clinton's Big Speech
  • Bill O'Reilly and Mike Pence

    Watch Bill's full interview with GOP vice presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence here.

    Tuesday's Talking Points

    It is clear that this convention is designed to portray Mr. Trump as a man unworthy of political office. To me that's kind of a waste of time. Everybody knows Mr. Trump.

    No Spin News

    So, as a historian, what am I supposed to say, they weren’t well fed? I had to give you an idea of...

    The Contributing Factor

    Listen now to hear Karl Rove and Democratic Strategist Mary Anne Marsh provide the latest from Philly at the Democratic National Convention.

    Top Story

    Donald Trump challenges Democrats on the economy, the minimum wage, and the environment

    Monday's Talking Points

    The Democratic Convention this week will seek to counter Mr. Trump. We'll see if it succeeds.

    American Patriot Quiz

    Born on July 28, 1929 in Southampton, New York, what was Jacqueline Kennedy’s name at birth? 

    Stossel's Weekly Column

    This week, as Democrats fawn over Hillary Clinton, I'm struck by how both Clintons continue to thrive despite their remarkable record of sleazy dealings.

    Campaign 2016

    As the Democrats convene in Philadelphia, Donald Trump has hit the road trying to round up votes in some swing states.

    Latest Poll

    Russian to Judgment?

    Do you believe Vladimir Putin and the Russian government had anything to do with hacking the Democratic National Committee emails?
    No, just a convenient diversion
    Yes, it probably was the Russkies

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