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SEPTEMBER 15, 2014  | PM Rating: B+
Talking Points Memo
In Talking Points tonight, we'll discuss how to take the fight to ISIS and whether President...
Impact Segment
Brit responds to tonight's Talking Points on ISIS and whether President Obama can take them...
Personal Story Segment
A new poll from the Wall Street Journal and NBC News shows that Americans lack confidence in...
Factor Follow Up Segment
A new study shows that teenagers who smoke marijuana daily are 60% less likely to complete high...
Weekdays with Bernie Segment
More troubling news from the NFL: The Minnesota Vikings have reinstated running back Adrien...
Watters' World
We sent Watters out to Coney Island, Brooklyn to ask the folks what they make of some of the...
Univision Interview The FULL Jorge Ramos Interview
Where Do You Stand?
Based on what you know so far, what should happen to football star Adrian Peterson, who beat his 4-year-old child with a tree branch?
Jail, it's child abuse
Long suspension, no jail
Nothing, it's a parent's prerogative

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September 15, 2014
Hear Bill's take on the day's news
"September 11 - the thirteenth anniversary of the attack by 4 jetliners and nineteen jihadists on the USA. So it is worthwhile thinking about what has happened over the past thirteen years.

As a country we have changed a lot. Just go to the airport and you know that."
"...and that is why President Obama had to do what he did last night - he did not want to do it, he does not want to fight this war, but he has to. Because the American people are demanding it."
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