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JULY 31, 2014  | PM Rating: B
Talking Points Memo & Top Story
Yesterday, the House voted 225 to 201 to sue the President in federal court for failing to i...
Personal Story
Millions of Americans voted for President Obama in the presidential election of 2012. Do some...
Unresolved Problems Segment
Texas authorities say they are under siege. They say criminals at the border are overwhelming...
Mad as Hell
Tonight we read viewer emails about what's making YOU mad. We'll talk about taxpayer funded...
Weekdays with Bernie Segment
As you may know, Jesse Ventura was awarded 1.8 million dollars after winning a defamation suit...
What the Heck Just Happened Segment
Times Square has become out of control! The area is flooded with people in costumes shaking...
Factor Clips Border under siege
Where Do You Stand?
Stocks took a big hit Wednesday, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeting 317 points. Where do you stand?
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July 31, 2014
Hear Bill's take on the day's news
"As far as Congress is concerned, they are a bunch of pinheads on both sides. Now they are off for a month. Bye! See you, gone. A month! How do I get that job?"
"It will be interesting to see what happens in November, if voters are angry, and they turn out in the midterm. Usually they don't. I think all this impeachment nonsense and the lawsuit nonsense, this is just garbage."
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