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Thursday's Factor

  • Trump & Religious Leaders Meet
  • Investigating Our Failing Infrastructure
  • PC Culture on College Campus
  • Thursday's Talking Points

    Those who dissent have to be tolerated, but we don't have to applaud that dissent if it is misguided and uninformed.

    No Spin News

    If you have a fact, if you know something happened and it has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt, then you can accuse.

    The Contributing Factor

    The Wounded Warrior Project famously fired its CEO and COO after media allegations of inappropriate spending.  But an internal review at WWP found no widespread misuse of funds. So why were they really fired? 

    Campaign 2016

    Pastor Robert Jeffress reveals what went down when he and other religious leaders met behind closed doors with Donald Trump.

    Top Story Quiz

    Clinton and Trump found common ground, both agreeing that which group should be barred from buying a gun?

    BOR Staff Column

    Howard Dean is apparently deep in the throes of a malady that has spread wildly throughout the media lately, namely Trump Derangement Syndrome. 

    Video of the Day

    Long before little Zymere Perkins was beaten to death, neighbors had warned the city numerous times about the boy's horrible abuse.

    Tuesday's Talking Points

    The truth is both candidates can do much better. And to win the White House they will have to.

    The Contributing Factor

    Professor Allan Lichtman, who has correctly predicted the popular vote winner of every presidential election since 1984, says his model forecasts a Trump victory in 2016. Listen now.

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    The Veep Showdown

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