A Bad Christmas for Joe Biden
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 21, 2021
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Most Americans tolerate politicians but don't exactly embrace them. Donald Trump is an exception because of his celebrity before running for office. In his case, folks got emotionally involved on both the love and hate side of the ledger.

Joe Biden does not have any built-in loyalty except for party devotees. Therefore, he is watching his poll numbers free-fall because of poor decision-making. The cold truth is - few really care about the President.  It's all about performance. And, so far, it's been dismal.

This evening on the No Spin News beginning at six eastern, I will explain why Joe Biden is likely to have a bad Christmas. Then at seven, we'll have a special called "The Real Joe Biden."  It can only be accessed if you're a Premium or Concierge Member on BillOReilly.com. A special for the special. Hope you enjoy it. 

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