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Bernie Sanders' Newest Radical Proposal

Which of Bernie Sanders' proposed plans if he were to become President, would you describe as most radical?
Medicare For All
The Green New Deal
Free college
Guaranteed employment
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Bill O'Reilly on Tour - Understanding Trump

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VOD - CBS: Blaming Slavery for No Universal Health Care
CBS This Morning on Thursday promoted the New York Times attempt to blame everything wrong in American on slavery. Talking to Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones, co-host Gayle King praised the effort: "The thing that's so amazing about this that makes me so proud, you can look at just about anything happening in the world today and tie it to slavery." According to the Times journalist, slavery, which ended in 1865, is the reason America doesn't have total government-run health care: "We're the only western industrialized country that doesn't have universal health care. It starts with opposition to universal health care that occurs right after slavery when the Freedsmen's Bureau was trying to offer free health care to the formerly enslaved and there was opposition to that. And so even today, you see with polling white Americans will reject social programs if they think large numbers of black people will benefit from them."