Today's Highlights   |   Tuesday, November 12
Bill's Message of the Day   |   Tuesday, November 12
President Trump tweeted some of my analysis on impeachment done on the No Spin News.  I basically said the impeachment thing is designed to subvert democracy by negating the 2016 election.  It is obviously not valid to remove a sitting President for a conversation requesting help on possible corruption.  And that’s what the Ukraine thing is all about.
Also, Mr. Trump tweeted good things about my book “The United States of Trump.”   We’ll deal further with both of those things tonight on the No Spin News.  See you beginning at 7 eastern time.
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VOD - NBC Panel Hopes Dems Can 'Dramatize' Impeachment Hearings With Crying Witnesses
Following Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd grilled Republican Senator Rand Paul and tossed softballs to Democratic Congressman Jim Himes on Sunday, regarding impeachment, the political panel admitted that House Democrats had an uphill battle in upcoming public hearings. The worried journalists urged liberal lawmakers to "dramatize" those hearings as much as possible and hoped some of the witnesses would cry or become "emotional." "I think in those two segments, with Rand Paul and Jim Himes, we had a good snapshot of how difficult this is going to be for the - for the Democrats to convince the country that this is extraordinary behavior that disqualifies the President from office," The Washington Post's David Ignatius admitted. Ignatius then offered advice to Democrats on how to change that image problem: "The one thing that will break through, I think, is if this can be dramatized so that our diplomats struggling against the President feel like soldiers in a battlefield, and their commander abandoned them." He argued: "...if that gets through...It makes it a very different process."