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Thursday's Factor

  • Refugee Problems in Sweden?
  • Remembering Alan Colmes
  • Thursday's Talking Points

    Mexico should take full responsibility for its inability to provide a decent economy for its own people and for failing to defeat drug peddling monsters. But they never will.


    Back of the Book

    A tribute to Fox News original and frequent Factor guest Alan Colmes, who died Thursday morning at the age of 66.

    BOR Staff Column

    We finally have a president who speaks bluntly about the evil of sanctuary cities. So how many more innocent people will be killed before this insane policy finally dies its long-overdue death? 

    Wednesday's Talking Points

    A new survey from Harvard, conducted by the Harris Poll and printed in The Hill newspaper, is kind of shocking.

    Miller Time

    Dennis Miller jocularly predicts a Trumpian dynasty that will extend deep into the 21st century

    No Spin News

    It looks like the president is calming down a little bit as far as the direct incitement of controversy.

    Stratfor's Intel Briefing

    During their heyday, anarchists managed to assassinate a number of world leaders. In addition to McKinley and Umberto, they killed Russian Czar Alexander II, French President Sadi Carnot...

    Tuesday's Talking Points

    It seems that Mr. Trump wants to win the culture war as well. And if he really does, he must change his style.

    Personal Story

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece lays out her pro-Trump argument and urges other black Americans to give him a chance.

    Latest Poll

    Bathroom Brouhaha

    Do you believe that a transgender public school student, for example a biological boy who identifies as a girl, should be allowed to use the bathroom of his/her choice?
    No, that's insane
    Sure, it's human dignity
    I am undecided on this one

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