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Put yourself in the shoes of a journalist working for NBC News or CNN.  You are assigned to cover the Trump-racism controversy on television.  Your analysis shakes down this way:  based on past criticism of liberal politicians by the President, you believe he would have criticized the four mod squad Congresswomen no matter what their skin color.
Certainly that’s an opinion that can be backed up citing Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi among others.
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VOD - MSNBC Guests Claim MAGA, Trump Are a 'Nazi Symbol'
On MSNBC's AM Joy over the weekend host Joy Reid argued that President Trump is promoting white nationalism. Her three guest furthered that concept and even took it one step further. Comedian Dean Obeidallah claimed that the word "Trump" is becoming a "modern-day swastika," Then MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson saw a "modern-day lynching" of Ilhan Omar and her "Squad" colleagues, and The Beat D.C's Tiffany Cross declared that a MAGA hat is equivalent to a "Nazi symbol" or "Klan hood."