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Tonight on The Factor

  • Conservatives Turning on Trump?
  • Ending "High Five Friday"
  • Miller on Politics and Recent Drone Disaster
  • Outrageous Statements about Trump
  • Wednesday's Talking Points

    A new survey from Harvard, conducted by the Harris Poll and printed in The Hill newspaper, is kind of shocking.

    Miller Time

    Dennis Miller jocularly predicts a Trumpian dynasty that will extend deep into the 21st century

    No Spin News

    This illegal alien stuff, this is going to peak now for the next month or so as the left sees itself losing.

    Tuesday's Talking Points

    It seems that Mr. Trump wants to win the culture war as well. And if he really does, he must change his style.

    Personal Story

    Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s niece lays out her pro-Trump argument and urges other black Americans to give him a chance.

    American Patriot Quiz

    Grammer is best known for playing the character Dr. Frasier Crane on which two long-running TV comedies? 

    O'Reilly's History Quiz

    Harriet Tubman will replace what president on the $20 bill?

    Stratfor's Intel Briefing

    The lens of China's latest actions on North Korea is a useful prism to understand how China throughout history has dealt with its periphery and beyond...

    Monday's Talking Points

    Twenty-three-year-old Daniel Ramirez Medina, arrested by ICE earlier this month in a Seattle suburb, says he is being brutalized by the Trump administration. His story is fascinating.

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