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Columbus Day Controversy

In regards to the controversy surrounding Columbus Day, do you. Think the United States as a whole should...
Observe the holiday as usual
Replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day
Stop observing the holiday all together
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Bill O'Reilly on Tour - Understanding Trump

Mesa, AZ

Mesa Arts Center Ikeda Theater
Nov 16 Sat

Malden, MA

Oct 26 Sat

Palm Desert, CA

McCallum Theatre
Nov 15 Fri

Huntington, NY

The Paramount
Dec 15 Sun

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VOD - MSNBC Vows Not to Show Trump Attacking Omar, Hunter Biden
On Friday's Meet The Press Daily on MSNBC, host Chuck Todd offered commentary on how he was refusing to show what he thought was the worst of President Trump's Thursday night rally in Minneapolis. Chuck Todd made it sound like it was beyond the pale to criticize Rep. Ilhan Omar, or Hunter Biden. The MSNBC host stated, "President Trump held a campaign rally in Minnesota last night. There are parts of it we can't show you or rather there are parts of it we're not going to show you. The president's red meat vitriol wasn't new, neither was his use of profanity or his railing against the media or his attacks on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar."