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New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand announced on the Colbert program that she may run for President but I’m not sure the venue was right.  Perhaps Good Morning, Venezuela might have been more appropriate since the Senator will be seeking far left support.
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VOD - ABC Praises Nancy Pelosi for State of the Union Postponement Suggestion
As expected, the mainstream media gushed over Nancy Pelosi's suggestion to President Trump to postpone giving the State of the Union Address until after the government shutdown is over or even change the venue of the address. ABC's World News Tonight praised it as Nancy Pelosi's "bold power play" against a Republican President. ABC senior congressional and anti-GOP correspondent Mary Bruce lead the gushing stating, "In a bold power play, the Speaker of the House tonight is sending a pointed message to President Trump, suggesting no deal to reopen the government, no State of the Union," Bruce said. A bold power play from Ms. Pelosi would be to reach an agreement and reopen the government. Don't you think, Ms. Bruce?