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Democrats Wrestle with Impeachment

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VOD - CNN Town Halls Focuses on Impeachment
On Monday night CNN aired five back-to-back town halls with 2020 Democratic candidates. Despite it being only one day after the terrorist attack in Sri Lanka by Islamic extremists that mainly targeted Christians, CNN offered zero questions about anti-Christian bigotry. Instead, CNN asked those candidates eight combined questions on impeaching President Trump. For the town halls for Senator Amy Klobuchar and Senator Kamala Harris, Trump's impeachment was at the top of the docket. "You serve on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Should the House Judiciary Committee move forward with impeachment proceedings against President Trump," one student asked Klobuchar. The second question she received on the topic came in the form of a follow up from moderator Chris Cuomo. "In light of Mueller's report do you believe the Democrats in Congress should reconsider their position on impeachment," was the question that kicked off Harris's town hall.