Bill's Message of the Day   |   Monday, May 21
Harvard has announced it will give a prestigious award, the Radcliffe medal, to Hillary Clinton in honor of her public service.  This is no surprise.

America’s most famous college is now run by devoted liberal people who believe the school must promote politically correct left wing doctrine and those who embrace it.
Bill is BACK!
Check out this photo from Bill's tropical vacation. Tune into Monday's No Spin News starting at 7pm eastern time for a full report on Bill's vacation!
No Spin News   |   Thursday, May 17
This commentary from Bill features the far-left madness that is occurring on colleges campuses across the country. Instead of focusing on academics, these students are being taught to hate President Trump and learn about ways to condemn conservatives.

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No Spin News   |   Wednesday, May 16
Bill is away, but we have compiled the best interviews from recent months. If you missed any of these highlights when they first aired, you will get a chance to see the riveting interaction between Bill and each guest, and if you're seeing these moments for a second time then you'll enjoy watching them again!

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Bill's Weekly Column
The American people know that Donald Trump is unpredictable and can be kind of crazy in his presentation at times.  During the campaign, he called his opponent “Crooked Hillary.”   He labeled Senator Marco Rubio “Little Marco” and told Governor Jeb Bush he was boring.  Do timid politicians do that?
No Spin News   |   Tuesday, May 15
That raw authenticity that the president showed today with those families of fallen police officers is the exact kind of raw authenticity that won him the presidency in 2016 and will win it for him again in 2020.

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Bill's Daily Briefing
Our roundup of today's news for your perusal.
  • Trump Demands Review of Russia Investigation Surveillance Tactics
  • Thousands Attend Service for Exchange Student Killed in Santa Fe High School Shooting
  • Barack, Michelle Obama to Produce Films, TV Shows for Netflix
No Spin News   |   Monday, May 14
History was made in the Middle East. Finally, after decades of promises, the United States embassy was moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

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Bernie's Weekly Column

Commentators, almost always from the Right, have documented liberal media bias for many years now. And the response by the perpetrators of this bias has been both constant and predictable:  Circle the wagons and blame the accusers.  Accuse us of bias for seeing their bias.

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Video of the Day

During an interview with Rudy Giuliani on 'New Day', CNN anchor Chris Cuomo expressed his feared that President Trump may start putting journalists in jail for reporting on leaks. Trump's attorney dismissed the exaggerated vexing and jokingly offered to serve as Cuomo's legal counsel. Giuliani rejected Cuomo's speculation: "He doesn't want to put anybody in jail. The President hasn't suggested putting any of you guys in jail."