Today's Highlights   |   Sunday, January 19
Bill's Message of the Day   |   Sunday, January 19
Ardent democrats such as Al Sharpton and Van Jones are very worried.  So are some big money donors to liberal causes.  Who can beat Donald Trump next November? That’s what’s bothering the crew.  Bernie? Joe B?  Pete the Mayor?
Seven times the presidential contenders have debated and seven times the nation has yawned.  Charisma check.  Anyone have it?  No.  Tulsi comes closest.
No Spin News   |   Thursday, January 16
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The Senate Impeachment Trial Procedures

Do you think witnesses should be called in the Senate impeachment trial?
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VOD - CNN: American 'Democracy Is Broken' If Dems Don't Get Their Way in Senate Trial
According to CNN's Douglas Brinkley, we can kiss American democracy goodbye if Senate Democrats don't get their way with the Trump impeachment trial. That was the message he delivered Thursday afternoon to his co-hosts Wolf Blitzer and Jake Tapper, stating that presidents will now act as "an outlaw" with "imperial precedent" and "democracy" will be "broken" if Senate Democrats aren't able to take over the trial with a slew of witnesses, but then remove Trump from office. He added, "I'm afraid if no witnesses come forward after what we've heard about what transpired in the Ukraine and stalking of an ambassador, and none of this gets heard, I feel it's going to make a lot of people think our democracy is broken and that the American presidency, the executive branch is trying to run shotgun over both the judicial branch and certainly over the legislative branch."