No Spin News   |   Thursday, August 16
The reason that Donald Trump hangs tough in Rasmussen is this...people have already formed their opinion of him. You either like him or you don't like him. Very polarizing man.

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Bill's Message of the Day

If you watched the No Spin News last night you saw there is a new media theme of the week in play: not only is President Trump a racist, but anyone who supports him is one too.

The dishonest news coverage of the far left group Antifa last weekend was a race-tinged situation as the media spun it this way: because Antifa was opposing neo-Nazis, the violence they perpetuated should be understood. As the New York Times posited - Antifa is simply an anti-hate group.

No Spin News   |   Tuesday, August 14
So, we all know who Antifa is? Any questions? Not good. Bad people. No program, they hat everything. They're anarchists.

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No Spin News   |   Monday, August 13
Peter Strzok, FBI Senior Counterintelligence agent, fired....he was the guy that wrote all the emails denigrating Trump.

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No Spin News   |   Thursday, August 9
Are we just like Germany? There's no difference between Germans and Americans...Hitler could never have amassed power if people thought about evil and confronted the evil.

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Bill and Beck discuss the biggest stories of the week including the evil and violence running rampant in Chicago, Silicon Valley intrusion, and more.
Bill's Weekly Column

Human beings have a tendency to rationalize their bad behavior and to look away from evil, if they even think about it in the first place. Certainly we have seen that throughout history. Now we are experiencing open evil here in America.

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For a few days now I’ve been wondering who Omarosa Manigault reminds me of.  Then it hit me.  She’s the female, black version of Michael Avenatti...

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In just over three months, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will be inaugurated as the next president of Mexico. He will be armed with a public mandate to tackle corruption and drug violence.

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Video of the Day

As we reported yesterday, NBC ignored an attack on their own reporter by the left-wing "Antifa" at the protests this past weekend. Taking their apparent support for the extreme left wing group even further, host Chris Cuomo praised the counter-protesters who showed up to the "Unite the Right" rally in Washington D.C., Sunday. Cuomo appeared to justify the violence because, according to him, these rioters had the moral upperhand. "I argue to you tonight, all punches are not equal morally," Cuomo stated, adding that violence from the left was not "morally equivalent."