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The House Judiciary Committee's First Impeachment Hearing

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VOD - MSNBC Claims: 'You Don't Need an Underlying Crime to Impeach'
During Wednesday's MSNBC impeachment special coverage, Ari Melber tried to change the standards for impeachment by claiming that no crime is needed for the President to be removed from office. Acting as though he was designated the moral arbiter of the panel, Melber made his legal analysis while stressing the importance that Americans' hear his words; "There is a larger stupidity here that's important. Because Americans are watching this. You don't need an underlying crime to remove a President." Fellow MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace then made a point to drag the Russia investigation into the conversation: "You also don't need an underlying crime to obstruct justice. Which was the parallel, right." Melber then continued, "No, you don't. Exactly."