Today's Highlights   |   Monday, January 21
Bill's Message of the Day   |   Monday, January 21
Hope you are enjoying the federal holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Here in the northeast the wind chill is well below zero!  However, we will be working today and this evening we’ll have analysis of Nancy Pelosi’s immigration view.  It’s really pretty frightening.
No Spin News   |   Monday, January 21
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Do you think that President Trump will give his State of the Union Address on time, or due to the ongoing partial government shutdown, will he postpone the address?
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VOD - Bill Maher Calls Trump a Terrorist and Dangerous Menace
After being away for two months, Real Time With Bill Maher returned to the air on Friday. This episode was true to form when it comes to Trump-bashing, with the host calling President Trump a "dangerous menace" and a "terrorist." According to Bill Maher, "Trump was very mad that he didn't get his, you know, Lego wall set for Christmas." Maher expressed his wish that "Democrats don't cave" and argued that their position should be "Trump is holding this country hostage, you don't deal with terrorists," effectively comparing the President of the United States to a terrorist. This is simply what has become of late night television.