Bill's Message of the Day   |   Sunday, August 19

We have had an excellent week of commentary on the No Spin News.  Here are some of our primary points.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is misguided believing that America is “not that great.”  He also damaged his presidential chances.  The USA has literally freed billions of people the world over and just for that, the word “great” applies.

No Spin News   |   Thursday, August 16
I'm not going to call him any names, but I am going to say this is one of the most foolish statements of public policy that I've seen in 45 years of journalism.

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O'Reilly on The Blaze
Bill and Beck discuss the biggest stories of the week including Andrew Cuomo saying America was never great, more controversy over a Colorado baker, and the role of Google in the media.
No Spin News   |   Wednesday, August 15
The reason that Donald Trump hangs tough in Rasmussen is this...people have already formed their opinion of him. You either like him or you don't like him. Very polarizing man.

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Bill's Weekly Column
Any rational person knows that the national media has been supremely hostile to Donald Trump from the very beginning of his political journey. That is way beyond any doubt.
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Flashback Friday

Check out a "best of" the No Spin News from this past week including clips on Peter Strzok's firing, Antifa, Trump's approval, and Andrew Cuomo. 

No Spin News   |   Tuesday, August 14
So, we all know who Antifa is? Any questions? Not good. Bad people. No program, they hat everything. They're anarchists.

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No Spin News   |   Monday, August 13
Peter Strzok, FBI Senior Counterintelligence agent, fired....he was the guy that wrote all the emails denigrating Trump.

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Video of the Day

Following the epic gaffe by New York governor Andrew Cuomo this week, CNN's Angela Rye, on Wednesday night's Erin Burnett OutFront, insisted that "America has never been great". As if that wasn't atrocious enough, Rye went on to roll her eyes when the idea of Trump campaign board member having an adopted minority son with Down Syndrome came up.