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If you took President Trump out of the picture, which of the following could you most likely see being POTUS?
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Bill O'Reilly on Tour - Understanding Trump

Mesa, AZ

Mesa Arts Center Ikeda Theater
Nov 16 Sat

Malden, MA

Oct 26 Sat

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McCallum Theatre
Nov 15 Fri

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The Paramount
Dec 15 Sun

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VOD - Joy Behar Brags She Scolds Trump Supporters While on Vacation
Joy Behar, co-host of The View, came back to the show Thursday after taking a trip to London this week, and touted how she blew up at a Trump supporter while overseas on a museum tour. Joy Behar ranted about arguing with a Trump supporter, while touring the Churchill War Rooms: When I was in London, I was in the war rooms and I got into an argument with a Trump supporter. Underground...All he said to me is, 'Why can't you give him a chance the way we gave Obama a chance?' Give him a chance? He's destroying the planet. He's destroying the democracy. He doesn't know what he's doing. He's writing stupid letters to Erdogan. He's killing people far away from us who did nothing but help us. Give him a chance? That's the argument you're giving me underground?"