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From my vantage point, I think the country is split about evenly on President Trump.   But if he is re-elected, two things will help him.
First, the incredible hatred he is experiencing from the press and the Washington establishment.  Honest people know an unfair situation when they see it.  We’ve posted Victor Davis Hanson’s latest column on the amazing corruption Trump has had to deal with.   Add that to the loathing and dishonesty of the press, and you have an absurd situation.
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VOD - ABC Plays Damage Control After Jussie Smollett Story Takes a Turn
ABC's Good Morning America team went into full damage control mode Monday, after news broke over the weekend that actor Jussie Smollett had allegedly paid two men to stage his alleged assault. Quite the change from last Thursday, when anchor Robin Roberts had interviewed Jussie Smollett and refused to call his story of the assault "alleged". On Monday's show, Roberts then chose to use the word alleged introducing the report. "A new twist in the Jussie Smollett case. The actor firing back this morning as the story of his alleged attack faces questions. Police in Chicago say they're working to corroborate allegations that Smollett paid two men to stage the assault," she stated. Robin Roberts followed up by defending her interview with Smollett, as appropriate given the knowledge they had at the time.