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The Impact of the Mueller Report on President Trump

Did the results of the Mueller report change your opinion of President Trump?
Yes, the report exonerated him and my favorability of the President increased.
Yes, the report did NOT exonerate him and my favorability of the President decreased.
No, the Mueller report had no influence on my opinion of the President.
I don't know what the Mueller report is.
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Video of the Day

VOD - NBC: Trump Wanted to Collude, Couldn't Figure it Out
There was plenty media hysteria to go around after the release of the Mueller report. NBC News political director Chuck Todd appeared on NBC Nightly News to declare that even though the Mueller report concluded that there was no collusion, nor was there obstruction of justice charges, both things did indeed happen. "Well look, I can tell you this: the headline is not 'no collusion, no exoneration' as the Trump administration and Bill Barr essentially set us up for three and a half weeks," he claimed. "When you read through this report, what you see is Mueller found attempted obstruction and attempted conspiracy." According to Chuck Todd, the only reason the Trump campaign wasn't able to pull off a collusion plot with Russia was that they were too stupid to figure it out, comparing them to the inept Keystone Cops.