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Big day for the democrats.  The CBS debate tonight in Charleston, South Carolina may be the last time around for Amy Klobuchar and Tom Steyer.  They are just hanging on with absolutely no chance of securing the nomination.
Senator Klobuchar has done enough to get VP consideration, however.
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Bernie Sanders Leads Democratic Field

Are you surprised that a socialist is leading the Democratic field for the 2020 nomination?
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VOD - The View Claims Sanders Is 'Reaction' to 'Far Right' Republicans
On Monday's show The View co-host Sunny Hostin revealed she blamed the "far right" Republican party for Bernie Sanders becoming the Democrat frontrunner. It all started when Meghan McCain argued Sanders' rise was emblematic of how far left the Democrat party has become. Sunny Hostin eagerly shifted criticism away from the left saying, "We're seeing a reaction to what we have seen in the Republican party, because the Republican party of yesteryear is gone. What we have now is the Trumplican party, right? We have this, I don't know, party that no one even recognizes anymore, that's so far right, that is so out of bounds, we got this dictator really that's completely untethered in the White House and a party that's completely supporting all of that to remain in power. Democrats that are saying we want someone like Bernie. We want somebody to completely shake everything.