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Yesterday, I spoke with President Trump about his agenda as it stands today, March 19, 2019.  He believes he is close to a new trade deal with China which, of course, would stimulate the US economy because we would ship more products over there.  Cutting the multi-billion dollar trade deficit with the Chinese would be a remarkable achievement for Mr. Trump and would put him in a position to do the same with Europe.
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VOD - MSNBC: Trump's Tweets Are Sign of 'Crisis Level' 'Psychological Duress'
MSNBC's Deadline: White House dedicated Monday's edition to the suggestion that the President's weekend tweets were somehow a symptom of some sort of "crisis level" "psychological duress" brought on from a mental "spasm" due to fear. Neither fill-in host John Heilemann nor any one of the analysts on the panel were licensed psychologists but that didn't keep them from making their diagnoses. MSNBC then proceeded to complain about how no one was taking President Trump's deteriorating mental state seriously. Former Republican campaign advisor Mike Murphy, stated, "I'm not sure what the cause is but we have become so dulled to Trump's madness, I don't know what it will take. Does he have to go run around for an aluminum foil hat? He is clearly under psychological duress here. And it, I think, is a crisis level event."