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The Senate Impeachment Trial

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VOD - NBC & ABC Urge Klobuchar to Pressure GOP on Impeachment
During a mid-afternoon break in the Senate impeachment trial on Thursday, both NBC and ABC brought on 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar for interviews. Anchors urged the Minnesota Senator to put pressure on her GOP colleagues to vote for witnesses and drag out the proceedings. "So what do you think about how these arguments are resonating with Republican senators? Are you getting any body language clues?," Lester Holt asked Klobuchar during NBC's special coverage. She claimed that Republicans were "looking down at their shoes" and warned that they would "have a real heavy heart...if they end up voting against witnesses." Moments later Chuck Todd implored Klobuchar, "Senator, whenever there is a stalemate in the Senate, you're usually among the group of senators that tries to find a gang to break it up, right? "You know how to read these guys, you know how to read them on the other side." Klobuchar argued: "I just see them looking guilty, looking concerned about the evidence that's coming forward."