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  • Dealing with Sanctuary Cities
  • ICE Raid Warning?
  • The Snowflake Quiz
  • Wednesday's Talking Points

    As a historian, I can tell you I have never seen the national press despise a president more than they do Donald Trump.

    Personal Story

    A far-left politician in Massachusetts actually warned illegal immigrants of a possible impending raid by federal authorities.

    No Spin News

    I’m one of these guys who believes that the planet is much dirtier than it should be, ok?

    Tuesday's Talking Points

    For years Maxine Waters, a Democrat from California, has been an outspoken left-wing voice, highlighting the oppression she believes black Americans experience.

    Personal Story

    The dangers of political correctness run amok are evident across America, and not only on college campuses

    American Patriot Quiz

    In 1968, Gaye’s recording of what song became his first to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100? 

    Old School Town Hall

    Watch Bill read passages from his latest book Old School: Life in the Sane Lane. Bill answers your questions and shares his old school philosophy. 

    O'Reilly's History Quiz

    The first speaker of the House of Representatives was elected on April 1 of what year?

    Stratfor's Intel Briefing

    Since man has gone to war, arms control has existed in some form or another. Among the first were the rules of battle protecting sanctuaries established by...

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    The Sanity of Storm Chasers

    Three men died this week in Texas when they crashed trying to get closer to a tornado. What is your general opinion of 'storm chasers?'
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