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Fed up with being investigated, President Trump is now trying to shift the nation’s focus to alleged wrongdoing by the FBI and other intel agencies by declassifying investigative documents.
If high-ranking federal officers did try to subvert the election and Trump’s presidency, the nation will see a spectacle that could very well lead to prison time for people like former FBI Chief James Comey.
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VOD - Nets Decry 'Angry,' 'Fuming' Trump, Hail Pelosi as 'Master Strategist'
Rather than hold both sides of the aisle equally accountable for a breakdown in talks about infrastructure legislation, the network morning shows decided instead to parrot Democratic talking points blaming President Trump for the "blow-up" while cheering House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for being a "master strategist." ABC White House correspondent Cecilia Vega bemoaned: "Any hopes of bipartisan compromise on issues like infrastructure or prescription drug prices gone after President Trump vowed not to work with Democrats until they end the investigations into his presidency."