A Bad Moon Rising in America
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 29, 2019
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A Bad Moon Rising in America
In order to know what is truly happening in the USA you have to pay attention and many Americans, perhaps most, are refusing to do that.  Headphones firmly affixed, texting fingers getting stronger by the hour, millions upon millions of folks have checked out from the reality of their country.  It is my job to bring as many of them back as I can.
So here it is.  Using propaganda techniques that would humble Stalin, the media has allied itself with the far-left progressive movement to crush traditional thought in America.  They have turned President Trump into Czar Nicholas II, branding him a menace to society and a threat to democracy.  Along the way, they have convinced some citizens that the President is a corrupt racist and anybody supporting him is in that category as well.  Even if you’re a high school kid.
It doesn’t matter whether you approve of Mr. Trump or not; the above analysis is true beyond any reasonable doubt.
The result of the unprecedented Trump hate campaign is primarily playing out in two areas: economics and social.  Let’s take money and property first.
As you may know, two elected socialists, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, have each proposed radical government action.  Ms. Warren wants to confiscate wealth from high-asset Americans, Ms. Cortez would like a top income tax rate of 70 percent.
Writing in The National Review, Kevin Williamson is perceptive about Senator Warren: “she has proposed to begin seizing a portion of the assets of some wealthy Americans, a course of action that the federal government has no constitutional power to undertake...
“What Warren is proposing is essentially a federal version of the hated asset-forfeiture programs that have been so much abused by law-enforcement agencies - minus the allegation of criminal conduct and made universal and annual.”
Simply put: Elizabeth Warren believes the government has the right to take a portion of your stuff every year and it will decide exactly who gets looted and how much it will steal.
Hello, Fidel, how’s hell?
Warren’s communist impulses will most likely not get far, but the radical intrusion into social matters is quite another story.  The ordeal of the Trump-supporting high school students in Washington, D.C. is a shocking example of the social fascism that is gripping America.
Perhaps the nation’s most astute columnist, Victor Davis Hanson, lays the frightening situation out on the website “American Greatness.”  The article is entitled “Attack of the Techno-Lynch Mob.”
Mr. Hanson opens by describing the boys who found themselves confronted by a native-American activist: “they were white (enough said) and smiling (indicative of their smirking privilege and lack of victim status)...”
Then Mr. Hanson puts forth the threat to us all.  “Like racing dogs leaving their starting blocks, the electronic mob sprinted out in competition to lynch the Covington kids within seconds of the initial staged video posting that purportedly showed a supposedly solitary Native American ‘swarmed’ by a crowd of smirking Brett Kavanaughs intent on bullying and blocking the ‘elder’s’ passage...
“The competition to appear tough, cruel, defiant - and morally superior - is fed by crowds of anonymous laptop and smartphone shock troops.  But what has altered is that we now have no sheriff.  Or rather, our town marshal - Twitter, Facebook, Google, etc - are on the mob’s side, as if the bulwark between civilization and savagery has left the porch and (joined) the mob ...”
In the past, the American press would have been all over the new social fascism, exposing and condemning it, using its constitutionally vested power to protect the attacked students.  But not now because the press, generally speaking, has joined the mob.
In the past, unconstitutional calls for seizures of private property would also have been challenged mightily by the media.  No longer.
That’s because the press now sympathizes with those who call for government strong arm methods against the prosperous.  In addition, the media, in the tank for the “virtue” crowd, actively supports the denial of due process as the nation saw in the Kavanaugh hearings and during the Covington coverage. 
Stalin, Fidel, and yes, even Adolph, would be very pleased.
So please pay attention to your country and urge others to do so.  The bad moon has risen, it’s right before our eyes.