A Cheap Political Stunt at The Grammy Awards
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 29, 2018
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What looked like a cheap political stunt on the Grammy telecast is actually much more than that.  Hillary Clinton and other celebrities read from the latest anti/Trump book in a blatant attempt to diminish the President in front of a national audience.

The head of CBS, Les Moonves, had to know that exposition was scheduled so we now have one of the big three networks actively undermining a sitting president.

This is far beyond satire or opinion, this is a corporate decision.

There is simply no way Mr. Moonves would have allowed a politician to appear on The Grammy’s to denigrate Hillary Clinton.  That never would happen.  So why is Donald Trump fair game for derision on an entertainment program?  It is out of context and a cheap shot.

CBS cannot control spontaneous comments at the Grammys but it can control skits that are rehearsed in advance.  It is clear the network has now staked out a political position; one that will alienate millions of potential viewers.

It is somewhat bewildering.  CBS already has the anti/Trump Colbert program on five nights a week.  Why the overkill at the Grammys?

I will answer that question tonight on The No Spin News.  See you then.
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