A Disturbing Partnership
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 16, 2019
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A Disturbing Partnership
The conservative group Media Research Center has released its annual analysis of the three nightly network news programs.  MRC says that coverage of President Trump on those three broadcasts was 90 percent negative for the year 2018.
Paging Claude Rains?  I’m shocked, shocked, gambling is going on at Rick’s Cafe!
Alert Americans know that the media fix was in from the beginning.  Donald Trump, who the national media believes is a vulgarian, was never supposed to be president.  And after he was elected, the press took the voters' repudiation of their liberal political views personally.
The President, himself, did nothing to court the media, which always wants its collective butt kissed.  Quite the opposite.  Using Twitter as a six-gun, Mr. Trump fires away at the press, branding many outlets fake news.
Now it’s vendetta time.
So with another presidential election less than two years away, the national media has pretty much partnered up with the Democrats to get Trump out.
I mean the Dems could run “El Chapo” and MSNBC would endorse him.
Never before in American history has there been an alliance like this - powerful media corporations operating in concert with a political party to accomplish an electoral goal.  All Americans should be concerned - even those who despise the President.
Let’s take the massive Comcast corporation, for example.  It owns the National Broadcasting Company, NBC.  On its roster is NBC News which runs The Today Show, The NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, and CNBC.  All of those vehicles are skeptical of Donald Trump, and one of them, MSNBC, is in business to destroy him.
Comcast also owns Saturday Night Live, a program that marginalizes Mr. Trump using Trump-hater Alec Baldwin.  There has never been anything like this in the history of broadcasting.
Then there’s print.  Liberal Jeff Bezos owns The Washington Post and the Uber-left Sulzberger family controls The New York Times.  Both papers compete furiously to see who can damage Mr. Trump more.  All reporters and columnists working for the papers well understand the prevailing wisdom of those who sign their paychecks.
The Democrats also understand that wisdom and take full advantage of it.  The party knows that no benefit of the doubt will be given to the Trump administration while democrat policies will generally be praised.  When a radical-leftist like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can become an overnight media star, you know the tipping point has been reached.
The gigantic Disney corporation owns ABC News which trots out former Clinton Chief-of-Staff George Stephanopoulos as its marquee anchor.    

Newsflash: George is not a fan of Donald.
CBS features late night talk show guy Stephen Colbert who now uses his program as a safe space for democrats to make political announcements and hold bake-offs if need be.  “We’ll be right back with Steny Hoyer’s impression of Mike Pence!”
The unspoken alliance between the nation’s most powerful media companies and a political party is flat out dangerous not only to accurate information flow, but also to democracy itself.  When one political point of view dominates, it wins.
Not 90 percent of the time - 100 percent.  Right, Fidel?