A Fair Wind
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 26, 2020
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A Fair Wind
Democrats are demanding a “fair” impeachment trial in the Senate where President Trump must be found guilty.  If he’s not removed from office, that’s not “fair.”
Got it?
It’s exactly like affluent Americans paying their “fair share” in taxes.   Is 50 percent of your income fair?  No?  60 percent?  Keep going?
The leftwing fairness doctrine is kind of like a little kid deciding how many Skittles to eat. What’s the fair amount?
All of them, that’s what.  Whatever I want is “fair.”
The media, most of it, wants Mr. Trump expelled, but the word fair is not often used in press circles anymore.  That’s because an even-handed examination of news stories will never again happen in America because the press is so proud of its liberal activism there isn’t even an attempt to fake objectivity these days.
Wait, I’m not being fair.  Recently, The Washington Post assigned a radical left columnist to criticize Rachel Maddow, a radical left TV commentator.  The Post knows its reputation as an objective provider of information is in tatters so the editors came up with that.
Everybody got a good giggle out of it with the possible exception of Ms. Maddow.
I think it is entirely possible that no one in this country believes the impeachment exposition is fair.  Certainly, those who support President Trump see no even-handedness in the exercise.  And the “Resistance” against Trump can’t possibly see any fairness in his likely acquittal.  
So, finally, all Americans agree on a political issue: impeachment is not fair.  Common ground at last.
And while we’re on the subject, was the hysteria surrounding the “Russian-collusion” allegations fair to Donald Trump and his administration?  Did you see any “fairness” in that presentation?  
This column is not about defending the President.  He and all other Chief Executives should be scrutinized.  There is nothing unfair about opposing or criticizing any politician unless you embrace dishonesty in the process.
But this destructive impeachment thing should not have happened.   President Trump can be removed by the voters in ten months.  A partisan play to force him out of office may be legal but it’s certainly not fair, especially to the American people who deserve problem-solving in Congress, not partisan scheming.
The cliche is “fair is fair.”
The reality is the entire concept of fairness may be on the verge of obsolescence. 
Fair warning.