A Tale of Two Cities
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 4, 2017
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As we have been reporting, the city of Chicago is the most violent place in America and little is being done about the incredible murder rate in some black neighborhoods.

A quick look at the stats: last year murders in Chicago were up 57% from 2015, shooting incidents up 46%, shooting victims up 47%.

On New Year's Day, 28 more people shot in Chicago.

It is obvious that Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Governor Bruce Rauner will not protect innocent people and solve the problem.

But what is the problem?

The vast majority of shootings are being done by low-level gang members who are running wild in the streets.

An investigation by the Chicago Sun-Times shows that even if the cops do find a gang member with a gun, that person is given a very light sentence - maybe a year in prison.

So the justice system in Chicago is not punishing the thugs convicted of carrying illegal weapons with any severity.

That's problem number one.

Secondly, there's policing.

Here in New York City, shooting incidents are at a record low.  And this is a tougher town than Chicago.

The reason shootings are down is because the New York police target the gangs and arrest them for any and all violations.

They hound gang members, truth be told.

But in Chicago, the opposite is true.  The police do not want any part of engaging violent gang members.

Why?  Because the liberal politicians in Chicago are making it impossible for street cops to do their jobs.

In fact, the ACLU is now running street crime in the Windy City.

Mayor Emanuel has instituted an ACLU-suggested policy that mandates a two-page police report each time a cop stops someone for questioning.

That means the cops are spending hours filling out paperwork if they even ask anyone what they're doing on a street corner at four a.m.

How insane is that?

And then there is the racist angle.

Most of those shot in Chicago are poor black people.

If the mass murder were happening in Chicago's business district, believe me, it would be stopped cold.

So Mayor Emanuel and Governor Rauner can be accused of racism because they allow the madness to continue.

In San Francisco, it's property crime.

Since 2010, crimes like arson, car theft, and larceny are up a whopping 64%.

Why?  Because San Francisco politicians have stopped the police from enforcing quality of life crimes.

Therefore homeless people are all over the place - urinating and defecating in the streets, panhandling, and, when they need money to buy booze or drugs, committing crimes.

The situation is out of control and a disgrace.  And that's what happens when liberal politicians demand that the police stop enforcing laws.

Look, there's a civility factor in this country.

With nearly 325-million folks living here, there have to be standards of behavior.

But in San Francisco, there are not.  You can do whatever you want and therefore a beautiful city has now become blighted.

Add to that insane social policies, like San Francisco's General Assistance policy.

Ready?  The city gives indigent people - homeless, those roaming around - three hundred bucks a month cash and benefits.

And where does that money go?  Many times to purchase drugs and alcohol.

So if you are a West Coast drug addict, where would you go?

San Francisco of course - where the free money is.

Summing up, terrible laws, cowardly politicians, and apathetic voters all lead to chaos.

People continue to die in Chicago.  And San Francisco is a chaotic mess.

But, unless voters wise up, nothing will change.

And that's the memo.