A Thanksgiving Message
By: Bill O'ReillyNovember 24, 2021
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Even on the nicest of federal holidays, Thanksgiving, the progressive left continues its rampage to destroy American traditions.  A hateful group called "Change" is demanding that The Wall Street Journal discontinue its annual pro-Thanksgiving editorial.

Progressives believe Thanksgiving is a "racist" holiday because Native Americans were "mistreated."  That's about as shallow a historical analysis as you can find.  The story of Squanto and his tribe saving the pilgrims at Plymouth is uplifting.  President Lincoln knew what he was doing when he made the last Thursday in November a federal holiday.

The Journal, of course, will print the editorial but the leftists got what they wanted: another chance to brand America as an evil, racist place.

Lots of folks are asking me how to deal with radical people, perhaps family members who show up in propaganda mode.  My answer is pithy: don't deal with them.

No one gets inside my home who despises this country or presents irrational, hateful debate points.  Holly the Terror Dog has been instructed to block Joy Behar and her crew from entering the property.

In the past, I was far more accepting of crazy opinions, usually mocking them.  That has changed.

People who condemn the USA based upon a foolish, ill-informed view of this country are no longer welcome in my proximity.  My website BillOReilly.com has a "Stand Up for Your County" campaign to counter the loons.  Hope you participate in that.  We need to actively oppose those who would subjugate us and impose an insane ideology on this country.

On a personal note, I have a new thing to be thankful for this weekend: no progressive loons allowed.  No upside. Don't care if they're offended.

Enjoy Thanksgiving.  Keep it positive and safe!  Take a nap!

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