A Trifecta of Chaos
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 11, 2021
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A Trifecta of Chaos

It’s a one, two, three punch.  Massive government spending and aggressive taxation, open borders, woke fascism. That’s what all Americans are facing even though many of them have no clue.

Let’s discuss that for a moment.  Always in this country we have had citizens too lazy or selfish to pay attention to the common good.  During the revolution, historians estimate that half of the colonists supported King George.  They were called Tories.  Today, you can visit a street in Cambridge, Massachusetts called Tory Row to see where some of them lived. Others died with ropes around their necks. The rebels were an impulsive bunch.

To support the king, you had to accept unlimited taxation by whim, total dominance over your private life, and subservient allegiance to an unstable monarch who didn’t give a fig about you.

Remind you of anything?

Right now, President Biden is as clueless as old King George.  He actually believes that boycotting the state of Georgia is a positive step for democracy.  Against every piece of evidence available, Mr. Biden thinks his border strategy is good even as hundreds of thousands of migrants pour into the USA.  And then there are the massive taxes Biden is willing to impose because American taxpayers are going to have to support millions of foreign nationals, as well as stop worldwide climate change.

Yet, according to the polls, about half the country thinks the President is doing a good job.  Hello, George, hope you’re not too hot down there.

As I wrote last week, socialism is on the rise and Joe Biden is not going to fight the trend.  He, of course, already has his and now, in his diminished state, he has morphed into a woke social justice warrior - fighting for the “disenfranchised.”  

This is not going to work as the majority of Americans like their lives and don’t want the calloused hand of a powerful central government holding back their ability to achieve true independence.  That King George thing again.

But resisting the Biden calamity is not easy. Millions of voters are buying into the nanny state concept and may be willing to sacrifice personal freedom for a guaranteed life outcome, as paltry as that may be.

And then there are the “neck-benders” who can’t stop looking down at their devices.  Many in this crew have created a fantasy world of cyber-space gibberish that totally blocks out what’s happening in the real world.

The combination of the “give me’s” and the clueless device addicts has allowed the progressive movement power.

However, I believe the chaos trifecta will eventually destroy the Biden regime.  And it can’t come fast enough.  American freedom is in peril.

But like way back in 1776, only half the country knows it.