AOC Pulls Race Card on Pelosi; Biden faces Protests over Obama-era Deportations
By: Bill O'ReillyJuly 11, 2019
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Hey Bill O' Premium Members and welcome to the No Spin News Thursday July 11th 2019. Take Your Country Back. We're out here in our Eastern Long Island Studios. It is now summer. The living is not easy for us but we're lucky to have studios... three studios that we can use.

 OK. So let's open with Nancy Pelosi, who's making a huge mistake and that's not anything unusual. But you have to credit her with understanding power. So she understands that in the House of Representatives she's a speaker. She has to threaten her members, the Democrats to vote along with whatever she wants in order to keep her power intact. The way she does that is she says look if you don't go along with the party line, the Democrat party line, we're not going to give you any money for re-election. Remember the representatives run every two years and they need money and the Democratic machine gives them money. So that's how she keeps everybody in line. But there are four new members who are just radical off the chart leftists and I think they're anarchists to boot. Led by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, the media darling. What they want is to blow up the American system and they're not going to cooperate with Nancy Pelosi or anybody else. All right they're going to demand, demand, demand. Vote against, vote against, vote against because they're essentially socialists who believe that America is a racist state. So white people have to be... you know put in the back of the line or whatever it is. So Pelosi has been sparring with Ocasio Cortez in particular. That elevates Ocasio Cortez. Not that she needs it. The media loves her. I've made a prediction that she'll be on The View in a few years because that's what she wants, she wants to be a celebrity.


 So today there was a meeting in Pelosi's office, where she told the Democrats once again, look don't go out on Twitter criticizing us. Stay in the fold, stay in the family... But she herself, Pelosi herself has given interviews where she's disparaged, alright, Cortez and the other three radical women. On July 6, New York Times quote, "all these people have their public when ever and their Twitter world but they didn't have any following. Therefore people and had so many votes they got." This is voting against the money to send to the border. So she was mad they didn't get on line with that bill which passed and she says they got four votes. Well immediately of course Miss Ocasio Cortez is gonna snap back, which she did quote "when these comments first started I kind of thought that she was keeping the progressive flank at more than an arm's distance in order to protect more moderate members, which I understood. But the persistent singling out it's got to a point which is outright disrespectful. The explicit singling out of newly elected women of color." So in essence Cortez is sending a message to Pelosi, we're going to brand you a racist just like Kamala Harris did to Joe Biden because that's what we do. If you criticize us, you're a racist. I mean that's number one in our playbook and you see it almost every week and the Democratic Party is behind that. It's their own fault. They do it all day long. CNN does it, MSNBC does it, New York Times does it. Washington Post does it. You oppose the far left radical movement. You're a racist. You criticize anybody who's not white, you're racist. Women of color. Oh yeah. So Pelosi's a racist. I mean she didn't say that of course but she implied it and that was a warning to Pelosi. We'll go after you as a racist. We don't care. You're white. Remember remember and this is very important. The Radical Left movement wants to break down the whole political system in America and the social system. They want to wipe out all traditions and start over as a progressive social justice state. That's the goal. OK so they've got a foothold, four or five people making a lot of noise in that area. really is anybody in the Senate that radical but they're maybe. They're gaining traction, the media loves.


 So on that note we go to Beto O'Rourke. I had this back down in the show but I'm going to move it up. So just get the soundbite ready. I'm giving orders to my staff in New York. So Beto O'Rourke is part of this progressive crew. He's no longer in Congress but he's desperate because his polling is terrible he did badly in the first debate. So he's in Tennessee holding a rally, he's running for president. He says this. Go.


 "This country was founded on white supremacy and every single institution and structure that we have in our country still reflects the legacy of slavery and segregation and Jim Crow and suppression, even in our democracy."


 OK so we're a racist country. We haven't learned anything from slavery, we haven't progressed. It is the same ole ridiculous foolish song. I don't expect to ever get a chance to interview Mr. O'Rourke, but if I did...what do you think would happen? What do you think? I mean it's just blather. Gibberish propaganda. He didn't have a chance. He's not going anywhere. He's been outflanked by Ocasio Cortez and others. And that's that. But I just want you to know what's happening.


 Now the mainstream Democrats also want to change the country drastically. Please read my column called the plan. They have a plan for you. Which is posted on Bill O', got a lot of reaction to that column but I hope you read it over the weekend. OK. So let's get down to the border. Now one of the things that we've been quite clear about is the Democratic Party wants open borders. They want to flood the country with foreign nationals because most of those people will vote Democrat because they need entitlements. It's a very simple equation. And again it's the diminishment of white people because they want more people of color to come in. So right now Hispanic America is about 18 percent, blacks about 13 percent. That's 31 percent. Asians 4, 5 or 6 percent. So we get...getting up to about 40 percent and they want you know to get a minority profile, it's a majority in this country. That's what this is all about. So President Trump threatened Mexico with tariffs unless the Mexican army started helping in the migrant situation, which the Mexican army apparently has done. So there was a drop in migrants being into, taken into custody 28 percent between May and June. Some of that has to do with the weather. So hot. So that's a factor. But in June ninety five thousand people taken into custody, still enormous, still crazy but it's down 28 percent from June. Number of single adults apprehended dropped 18 percent. Family units 32 percent. So the Mexican army is there and what they're doing I said yesterday, I don't know. We're going to have a story next week. The guy down there from the Washington Examiner I believe, we're going to talk to him and try to get some information for you. So you know we're watching it very closely.


 So President Trump he wants the citizenship question in the census to be taken next year. So 2020 is a census. How many people are in America. The Trump administration wants to know how many citizens there are and how many non-citizens there are in America. Seems to make sense because we have such a big illegal immigration problem here. But the Supreme Court says no you can't ask that question. John Roberts again. To me it doesn't make a lot of sense. The question is necessary for aata that would lead to analysis that might help the country. My opinion. So now, President Trump says well I am going to sign an executive action to add the census question to the census next year. Supreme Court can knock that back. On these questions, Supreme Court has more power than the president. So we'll see how that plays out but there's gonna be a confrontation. So immigration activists, these are the open border people. Don't... let everybody in. Don't touch ,don't molest. Don't stop. Everybody comes. All right. If 200 million people want to come here, fine with them. They storm, according to this report, I love that word, Storm, Biden headquarters in Philadelphia, I believe this is. All right and they storm it. Yeah in Philadelphia. Six arrests were made and they're demanding that Biden repudiate the Obama era deportations. Which of course Biden's not going to do. But this is a setup for the next debate. I guarantee you one of the bomb throwers, Harris or Elizabeth Warren is going to say, did you support all those deportations under Barack Obama, Mr. Biden? You support that? That's a setup. It's coming. And Biden, he is so befuddled. What's he going to say? Is he going to repudiate Obama?If he says Yeah I supported them then he's the main guy. He's the anti migrant guy, he's a racist.


 Joe Biden gives a speech today on international affairs. OK he's running for president, he is entitled to do it. But what Biden is trying to do is send a message to Americans that he is the global warming warrior. That's what Biden wants to do. That Trump is the Stone Age Guy, doesn't believe in climate change. Pulled out of the Paris accord. But I Joe Biden are gonna get back in and make sure the planet is saved. That's what this is all about.  Nothing to do with Iran. I mean Biden might say that go back to the original nuke treaty but not gonna get him anywhere. North Korea... Biden didn't know what to do. China trade.... What's Biden going to say? But global warming...There you go.


 Okay. I love this story. When I was a young reporter in New York City working for WCBS TV Channel 2, in the early 80s. Violent crime in America was crazy. But in New York City, everybody was in danger. Everybody. Close to 3000 murders a year. Now there are 300 murders in New York City. That's thanks to Rudy Giuliani, Bill Bratton and a number of other police experts who instituted the broken windows theory of crack down on all crime not just violent crime. Crime plummeted back to historic low levels we have today in New York City. One of the tenets of tough policing broken windows is that you punish, you punish criminals. Punish them so they don't do it again. Now that doesn't work a lot of times but it does work sometimes. Bill de Blasio is now the mayor of New York City. The cops can't stand him. They despise him because they know that de Blasio in his heart doesn't like the police. But now de Blasio and his crew want to close the big New York City jail on Rikers Island. Now this is where people go if they stab somebody or they beat somebody up or they they do something heinous. OK. They go to Riker's Island and they wait there until their trial comes and if they're found guilty of a local crime, not a state crime, if it's a state crime they go up upstate. Local crime you serve your time at Rikers. Rikers is a though place. If I were the mayor of New York City I would absolutely go in and change Rikers Island. It's too violent. It's too corrupt. So de Blasio says we're going to change. But here is the change. Ready for this. It's almost funny but you got it. Keep in your mind. People get hurt. These criminals hurt people. They're gonna make the jail of New York City more welcoming, it is a quote, more welcoming. They're gonna have cells with natural sunlight, space for children's play areas and space for computer programming. I don't know about hot tubs but maybe you know Hot Tubs will be in the cells. In the lobby of the jails, they are gonna have kiosks, a place to pay bail. Another area for children to play while visiting their inmate parents. OK. They're going to have a library. OK. I like the library and a gym. They already have gym outside and now they have indoors. I am sure it will be air conditioned.  Classrooms. Classrooms are okay. All right. But it's going to be more welcoming and I'm sure it'll be inclusive because crime is across the board. So this is another tenet of the far left. They don't want to punish criminals. No no we don't punish them and if you saw heroin and your people O.D. and die... it's nonviolent. You know and you shouldn't be going away for a long period time if you are a heavyweight heroin dealer on the street. No no no no. And you know if you assault somebody but you don't really... you know kill them. The soft approach, wait till you see whats gonna happen with the crime rate. Wait till you see. And Chicago, which is this epicenter for this touchy feely stuff. You know if you have a gun and you're a gang guy and you have a record, the judge is letting you out on one hundred dollars bail. You heard the sound bite yesterday from the Chicago police chief. Said he had a long record of violent behavior. Cops catch you with a gun. They know you're in a gang. You get a hundred dollars bail. You wonder why thousands of people are being shot dead in the ghettos of Chicago. That's why. So I thought I'd bring you... I know most of you don't live in New York City and you don't like New York City. I mean I born in New York City and it's my own town. And I was very proud of the fact that the police and Giuliani and the other mayors were able to get it down. You know Ray Kelly, police chief. Great job. Great job. But now you got de Blasio and he is...I know he's a communist but that... Communists put people in jail for a long time. OK. Let's take a quick break. We got some good mail and then we have my Final Thought on the best places to live in America. Roll it.


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 OK let's get to some mail on the message board. Brian says:.


 "Someone should explain to poor oppressed Megan Rapinoe that the Trump administration proposed a 2020 budget of nearly 300 million dollars to defeat AIDS. On CNN, Rapinoe tries to tell us that her community and other minorities are oppressed by Trump."


 Good point, Brian. You know I... as I said yesterday, I don't know what her beef is. Why she she doesn't like Trump or America. She hasn't been able to articulate.




 "The so-called soccer star took away the rights of her teammates to make a decision about going to the White House. She made that decision for them.".


 Hmm. There's something to what you say, Nadeem because I don't believe the women's soccer team is going to even be invited now because it's a big dog and pony and I'm sure there are some women on the team that would want to go to the White House. So I think you're probably right there. But those women should speak up.




 "I totally agree that sports and entertainment should not be political. It should be an escape from things and a place where all Americans can come together.".


 Good. I don't mind them, the athletes in their off the field time. It's on the field for me that that I get upset. Off the field, they have a right to dissent and say what they want.


 George. Concierge Member. Thank you, George. On the message board.


 "Have you ever seen conservative athletes protesting liberal politicians?".


 I have not. Now the pitcher in Boston, very outspoken but not on the field. I should... his name should pop in here. He's retired now. But no and there's no conservative movement to boycott liberal news programs. Interesting isn't it?


 Bo Yazdi. Gilbert, Arizona.


 "Bill I disagree with your opinion U.S. women's soccer teams should be paid equally as men. The men's World Cup in Russia brought in 6 billion, Women's World Cup expect to bring in a hundred thirty one million.".


 It's not about worldwide, it's about America. The U.S. women's team got higher ratings by far than men. Their merchandising is much more lucrative than men in soccer. Come on. Fair is fair.


 Bambi Forester. Boulder Creek, California.


 "I was listening to the report on the wealth of Joe Biden and I realize these politicians are supposed to be public servants, so how did they become millionaires?".


 When you leave office you can write a book, you can give speeches. Gerald Ford is a great example. President Ford, humble upbringing in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Became a gazillion heir after he left office. He's on boards and this and that. I don't begrudge him that. It's capitalism. If he can make money, they should  make money. OK with me.


 Allan Feldhammer in Washington.


 "According to Jason Javits, Bill Barr may not get to the bottom of anything and I believe he's correct. He'll be blocked by the FBI head Ray and others at every turn.".


 On Monday I'm going to delve into this. The inspector general's report obviously being held up. I've got some information, I don't know if it's correct. And I'm going to lay it out with a caveat of I don't know if that's true. But it's important enough to tell you. So the Justice Department, inspector general's supposed to report to the FBI. Long overdue, long overdue but I'll tell you what I know. Then we'll have a guest to reply to it. Brett Tolman, our best guest. So please be with us on Monday.


 Roger in Auburn, Alabama.


 "You frequently comment Bill on how the polls are biased. Do they also show any demographics of where the people polled live? People in urban areas obviously are different than rural areas."


 That is not compiled. It's a random sample, Roger it's random. But you're right. Urban... let me tell you an interesting story. The ratings compiled by Nielsen, the television ratings are supposedly fair and scientific. There was a time the O'Reilly Factor for 16 years was number one but there was a time I saw the ratings from my program going down and the ratings for competition going up. And I went, what's that all about? So I did my own research and we got a hold of the Nielsen diaries that they send out to people. You know what Nielsen was doing? It was sending more diaries to San Francisco and Seattle than it was to the entire south of the United States. So of course the liberal programs are going to have higher ratings. We call them on it, we Fox News called them on it. Said if you don't change this now, we're going to go public. They change it but that's how you can do it. That's how you can manipulate ratings and poll numbers.


 On the message board. Catherine.


 "Bill I reread Old School last night, loved it all over again. You talk about the cultural chaos that reigned. Eventually things turned around from the 1960s.".




 "Do you expect that will happen this time?"


 Yes I do. I think there's gonna be some kind of cataclysmic occurrence in America that's going to snap people back. But you're always going to have the media, which is corrupt. That's the big thing. The media is so corrupt now and it's so hard for you to get honest information, which is why I'm prospering doing this and my radio, the O'Reilly update which I hope you check out because we post it every day on the site. That's going through the roof. It's only 15 minutes every day and the radio stations all across country are buying it like crazy. Why? Because it's true. I'm giving you the truth. And people you know... you hear it and you know we back it up. Now I do opinion stuff but it's fact based opinion. All right. Over the weekend please go into our store and get some nifty stuff. You've got birthdays, you've got stuff coming up. You know that. If you want to upgrade to Concierge Membership, you get direct access to me. And during the election cycle I think you're going to want that. Well please think about us. Not a lot of money. Somebody said I should charge more. I want everybody to be able to afford it. We keep the price as low as we can keep. OK. Another break and then we'll get the best places to live in America.


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 OK here's my Final Thought of the Day and again we're in eastern Long Island if you came in in the middle of this. This is our studio out here first time we're using it this summer. So CNBC, part of the NBC News umbrella. Liberal, no doubt. Fox Business is beating it which is incredible. But they did a study or I don't know what they call it. Yes they're calling a study about the best places, best states to live in America. And here are the four criteria as they use, CNBC. Crime rate. Local attractions, that mean stuff to do. Environmental quality. Air, water, that kind of thing. And inclusiveness. I love that. So right away you know what this is. Right. You know, you know what this is, inclusiveness. OK. I've been to every state and I know this. There is no best state. There is no worse state. There is no best place to live. It's all about what you like. For example, I can't take the heat. I mean I love Florida during the winter but I lived in Florida in summer. I almost died and I lived in Dallas in the summer. I mean I was almost in a coma. I can't take the heat. And I...can... I do okay in the cold but I can't do North Dakota cold. OK so.. I guess I'm a wimp, so I need a climate that's not too extreme. That's number one. Number two I like a lot of activities. Sports, shows and a lot options. So I got to live in a fairly sophisticated place. All right. I can't be living in Montana, which is unbelievably beautiful and there's a lot of stuff to do if you're a hunter or sportsman outside and you like to do all that. Tremendous in Montana. But I knew a little more culture. All right then they have their. So it's all about what you like. But here's what CNBC rates the 10th best state to live in is Massachusetts. I lived in Boston many years. I love Boston. It's a great town and I like Massachusetts. I don't know why. I just like it. High taxes but not crazy high. But it is high. Political correct off the chart annoys me. But I like it and I can live there easy. Number nine best state, Utah. Now I've been in Utah for its natural beauty but I don't think I could live in Salt Lake. Montana and Colorado are tied for seventh and eighth. OK. I live in Colorado for two years, fabulous time, fantastic place. That was a long time ago. Colorado has now gone politically correct and everybody's smoking pot. Montana I just told you about. Then the tie, Washington and New Hampshire. Washington state, if you take Kings County, Seattle out of it OK. It's unbelievable. Washington has everything. But Seattle is a madhouse. Couldn't live in Seattle. New Hampshire has really amazing beauty. I used to go on vacation my parents a Lake Winnipesaukee. Mitt Romney has a big compound. We weren't in anything like Mitt Romney's compound. We were lucky we had a little cabin. But I love New Hampshire. Live Free or Die. The spirit there is great. It's cold. Real cold. North Dakota. Been there. Very very cold. Rural state. Great folks. Minnesota same thing. I love the boundary waters up there. You know it's it's just terrific. But it's freezing. Vermont. I'm going to go back to Vermont this fall and give it a look. I havn't been there in a while. Give it a look. And the number one state in which to live according to CNBC is Hawaii. Now Hawaii is a socialist paradise. So I guess it's inclusive. One of the most beautiful places on earth, Hawaii. I've been to every island except Lanai and I'm going to Lanai. I love Hawaii. Couldn't live there. It's too far out of the mainstream but it's fantastic. It's such a great place. I love the water. Love everything about it. OK. But it's a socialist paradise and that's what it is. So anyway those are the top 10 according to CNBC. What are you gonna do? You know. I love America. I love every state. I had a great time in every single state.

  So that's it for us today. I want you have a great weekend. Check in. We'll be checking in. Got lots of great stuff. All my radio stuff, listen to it. It's fun, really fun. I'll be doing Beck tomorrow. We post that. Did Hannity yesterday. That was a good interview. So please check that out. Thanks for being Premium and Concierge members. See you on Monday.

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