Adam Schiff is a Liar
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 8, 2019
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The Washington Post has called Congressman Adam Schiff a liar because Schiff is one.  He told reporters he did not speak with the Ukraine whistle blower before he filed his complaint.  That was not true.
You may also remember that Schiff told the nation that he had proof President Trump colluded with Russia when Schiff had nothing.  So why is this man allowed to get away with rank deceit?
The answer is that the House of Representatives no longer represents the American people.  If it did, Adam Schiff and any Congressperson who lied in the “people’s house” would be sanctioned by the ethics committee.
But that will not happen to Schiff because the ethics committee apparently doesn’t care about ethics.
What they do care about, I don’t know.
So Adam Schiff will continue to mislead the country and get away with it.  Not what the Founding Father’s had in mind.
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