America Adrift
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 30, 2023
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America Adrift

In just a little more than four months, the first Republican presidential debate will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The tottering Fox News channel is the sponsor.

Already there is a problem. Donald Trump says he won't show up. His reasoning is that the moderators will not favor him, and the establishment press will falsely report on the exposition. So, the Don will attend to business elsewhere, perhaps on the fairway.

You may remember that Mr. Trump skipped a Fox News-sponsored debate in 2016 after being harshly questioned by Megyn Kelly in a previous extravaganza.

Didn't hurt him.

The Democrats have not announced any debates because President Biden may be incapable of the exercise. At a White House kids event on Thursday, he could not remember that he had spent four days in Ireland two weeks ago. Joe Biden is in big trouble, cognitively speaking. Sorry to state the obvious.

So, with 19 months left before Americans vote for president, the country is in deep political trouble because the flow of honest information is dubious, to say the least.

Donald Trump used the media to his advantage in 2016 and fought it to a draw in 2020. Fox News and talk radio largely supported him, while Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden had the rest of the national media in their pockets.

Now, it's different. Fox is diminished, and its ownership supports Ron DeSantis. So, Trump's media presence is far more difficult.

President Biden, on the other hand, will receive overwhelming support from the media even if he is reduced to eating jello in a small, locked room. The progressive press would support anyone, including Young Sheldon, over Trump.

Last time around, more than 150 million Americans cast presidential votes. Biden got more ballots than any Democrat in history, same with Trump in the Grand Old Party.

There could be a rematch, although I remain skeptical about Biden's short-term future. He's fogged out much of the time and obviously incapable of running the country.

Trump remains vibrant but has amassed more enemies than Genghis Khan, whose hobby was decapitating thousands of innocent people and placing their heads on sticks.

If old Genghis ran against Donald Trump, The New York Times would endorse the Mongol.

Millions of voters don't really understand or even care about America's leadership because they live in bubbles. But they hear things. Unfortunately, those "things" are often untrue, and finding an honest perspective is extremely difficult.

Our job here is to provide that daily.

And we will do it.

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