America the Exhausted
By: Bill O'ReillyMarch 26, 2023
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America the Exhausted

Feeling a bit sluggish these days? I am. I'm tired of many things in this country, and I bet you are, too. Naps don't help. Soft lighting and soothing music don't either. What's going around is perma-weariness.

So now I'm going to vent. Consider this an exercise in listing some of the things that are wearing me out. Let's start at the top: Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

President Biden is doing a bad job. Period. If you dissent, you need to stop watching The View and check yourself into reality rehab. The man is a policy disaster on most every front, and much of what he says is gibberish. Not being facetious.

Donald Trump is fighting too many battles. No one could possibly keep track of them. At times, Trump doesn't even know who he's yelling at. It's exhausting.

Charging Trump with malfeasance is extremely enervating. Every time the man makes a phone call, someone files something. Enough. He's not Al Capone, people. Documents in his basement are not responsible for Covid.

Very tired of hearing about LGBTQ stuff. As Dennis Miller once opined: "Can I get a day off from gay? Just one day?" La Cage aux Folles is a good movie. I don't want to watch it 'round the clock.

Apps wear me out. There's an app for everything except clear thinking. You come to me for that.

Cliches suck the life right out of me. Congress should put a tax on saying "at the end of the day" or "deep dive." That tax would wipe out the deficit.

It's exhausting watching CNN try to get ratings. It's not going to happen unless they hire Taylor Swift and Kanye West to do a debate show. CNN presently stands for Cable Nothing Nothing.

Stephen Colbert is the best sleep potion in history. I mean, I almost fell asleep writing this sentence.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are actually coma-inducing. Pictures of them bring on heavy eyelids. I wish them well in shopping for a $60 million dollar mansion. But it's making me tired and cranky.

Marjorie Taylor Green could wear out a greyhound. Maybe a game of chess once in a while, Congresswoman? You can run around the room after you make your move.

Putin now makes me nod out. He's taking so many steroids his face looks like a thumb. The guy makes evil boring. And exhausting.

Streaming services are dull. Contemplating watching eight consecutive episodes of Punky Brewster would drive anyone under the covers. Binge sleeping comes from this.

Finally, what the deuce has happened to 60 Minutes? Used to be interesting and stimulating. No longer. Now, there are trans people playing field hockey and ice receding near the South Pole. That story put the penguins to sleep.

I understand the program has been around since The War of 1812 when Leslie Stahl interviewed Andrew Jackson, but, come on, Sunday at 7 is too early to enter the land of nod.

So there you have it—my column on our weary country.

I'm exhausted after writing it.

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