Americans Want the National Guard
By: Bill O'ReillyJune 4, 2020
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One of the few encouraging things this week is that 71 percent of the American people want the National Guard to protect lives and property from violent criminals. That is according to a Morning Consult poll and I believe the number.
It is simply inconceivable that people want to give up their freedom to lawbreakers who are using the death of George Floyd to commit crimes. Yes, there are some Americans who believe this is a racist country and want to tear it apart. But the vast majority reject that lie.
So what will the majority do now? It is obvious that the corporate media has enabled the violence and liberal politicians have surrendered to it. When Democrats are interviewed about the chaos, two things are usually said. One that President Trump is at fault. And two “but.” When speaking about the wanton violence there’s always a “but” from the left.
I hope you saw my reporting on Black Lives Matter last night. It is certainly worth knowing the facts as the national media tries to mainstream the dangerous group.  
Tonight, we’ll analyze how this week will affect Donald Trump.
See you beginning at six eastern.