Anarchy is Breaking Out
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 29, 2020
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From my vantage point watching both the USA and foreign countries, it looks like anarchy is breaking out.  For example, tens of thousands of Californians hit the beaches last weekend and many did not social distance.  Governor Gavin Newsom scolded the shore people but is essentially powerless against hordes of folks who have had enough “sheltering in place.”
In New York, the virus epicenter, the isolation is still holding but barely. More people are moving around and my guess is that Governor Cuomo has two weeks of authority left before the state orders break down.
I do believe the politicians understand the situation and will begin loosening the pandemic rules in order to avoid open conflict. I also think many Americans remain scared and will wear masks long after they are allowed to move around at will.
Tonight on the No Spin News, we’ll zero in on the anarchy factor.  Hope to see you beginning at 7 eastern.