Anonymous New York Times Article
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 6, 2018
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So what? An anonymous person who claims some kind of access to Donald Trump writes an article in The New York Times thrashing the President. Do you care?

I don’t and I believe most Americans will not even bother to read the piece.

That’s because American voters understand that the President is a volatile person who can easily alienate those around him. That is not news. So what if someone disenchanted with Mr. Trump lashes out at him using a hate-Trump vehicle.

By lashing back at the article, Donald Trump makes it much more important than it is. He should have ignored it. But he doesn’t ignore anything.

That is hurting him as the media has figured out that creating a crisis du jour may exhaust the electorate. So that’s what the press is doing. The perception that President Trump is unstable and incompetent is what the media is trying to establish.

The President must focus on the midterm election now and ignore his tormentors in the media. Everyone understands the hate-Trump movement and the anger Mr. Trump has for it.

Today, the President tweeted that he may declassify some documents concerning the surveillance warrants on his campaign issued during the Obama administration. If Donald Trump wants payback against the “deep state,” that is surely the way to get it.

Americans are witnessing a gang war between the media and The White House. Fighting that war will take skill and discipline. Donald Trump best think about that and stop giving his attackers ammunition.

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