Another Needless Round of Divisive Racial Accusations
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 12, 2018
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President Trump finds himself increasingly isolated on the issue of race.  Even though his pro-business economic policies seem to be benefiting African-Americans and Latinos, his tough guy rhetoric about immigration has brought about another needless round of divisive racial accusations.

There is no question that Mr. Trump believes immigration to the USA should be based on merit; that is, foreign nationals who gain entry should be able to immediately contribute to America rather than being supported through social and entitlement programs until the immigrants become self-sufficient.

Donald Trump ran on that opinion and it immediately alienated those who believe American immigration should provide refuge for the poor and disadvantaged.

So, when The Washington Post reported that the President questioned why so many immigrants from “s---hole” countries are being admitted, all hell broke loose.

It is important to remember that the anti-Trump media is heavily invested in portraying Donald Trump and his supporters as champions of white supremacy.  That has been an ongoing narrative.

It is also true that the President rarely thinks about the consequences of his rhetoric.  

When racial violence broke out in Charlottesville, Virginia, the President was angered that the media pretty much ignored bad behavior from left wing agitators.  He stated his annoyance but was not precise - allowing the media to brand him as sympathetic to the Nazi demonstrators, who ignited the disgusting display.

In the latest hysteria, Mr. Trump disparaged some African countries as well as Haiti and El Salvador.  It is true that those countries are troubled and rank high on the “misery index.”  However, when speaking about nations populated by people of color, a certain diplomacy is usually used.

But as we all know, diplomacy is not uppermost in the President’s mind.

So now the nation must endure another round of “the President is a racist.” Ronald Reagan experienced a bit of that when he called the Soviet Union an “evil empire.”  Reagan supporters quickly made the point that Mr. Reagan was not calling the Russian people evil, just the government.  With Mr. Trump, the same concept may be true but since the poor countries he mentioned have done nothing to us, it’s a much tougher sell.

The hate-Trumpers are rejoicing over the latest Presidential mistake because it further marginalizes a leader who has momentum on the economy and national security.

Mr. Trump should finally realize that bombastic statements will no longer help him in any way.  If he wants to succeed in strengthening the country, he must become much more measured in what he says and avoid overstatement and mean-spirited dialogue.

Will that happen?

Doubt it.

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