Another Round of Why Politicians Will Not Tell You the Truth
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 4, 2015
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For the past 48 years, Democrats have controlled the city of Baltimore.

During that time, the city's population has fallen 30% and the poverty situation has grown more intense.

During the last five years, the federal government has poured billions of dollars into the poor areas of Baltimore ... stimulus money.

Total taxpayer money given: $1.8 billion.

One poor neighborhood, Mid-Town Belvedere, got a whopping $838 million.

That includes $467 million to education, $206 million to the environment, $24 million to "the family," and $15 million to transportation.

The result: Not much improvement.

Fox News Sunday Yesterday

CHRIS WALLACE, HOST OF FOX NEWS SUNDAY"One of the things that we learned this week is Baltimore spends the third highest amount per capita on its public schools.  Baltimore was already spending plenty on public schools and the schools were still lousy."

REP. DONNA EDWARDS (D-MD)"Well, I mean, there's uneven spending in the public schools.  And I would say to you -- I mean, even the school that let out where the riots first began, there was a student who was interviewed who said, I'm looking at a book that's 20 years old." 

So either the money is being stolen or the Democratic administration in Baltimore is so incompetent that, despite billions in funding, poverty and hopelessness remain entrenched.

Instead of pointing that out, President Obama states the problem but totally avoids the solution.

OBAMA: "Those opportunity gaps begin early, often at birth, and they compound over time, making it harder and harder to bridge, making too many young men and women feel like no matter how hard they try, they may never achieve their dreams."

Then give them a road map to dream/achievement Mr. President, which you have done with the "My Brothers Keeper" program.

But what you haven't done is spotlighted the total failure of money politics.  It is the behavior of individual people, not big daddy government that leads to success.

And touting that message is free of charge.

I mean, this is just brutal, and poor Americans trapped in ghettos have a right to be furious.

But their anger should be directed at the corrupt, dishonest politicians who are lying to them.

The truth is, liberal policies of creating dependence and entitlement, promoting victimization and anger ... have failed to help Americans who desperately need help.

Once again, these stats are in stone.

Billions poured into Baltimore and improvement was scant.

Now another example of truth-evading from the opposite end of the spectrum.

There is no question that the Clinton Foundation has benefited Bill and Hillary Clinton by allowing them an affluence few human beings will ever experience.

Nearly $2 billion have flowed into the Clinton Foundation. 

In just a few moments, we'll have a segment on what you can do with foundation money legally and you'll be surprised. 

But President Clinton believes there is nothing wrong, even though the Clinton Foundation now has to re-file its income taxes because it neglected to mention some big donors.  And even though Hillary Clinton violated a signed agreement with President Obama by accepting foreign money for the foundation while she was secretary of state.

Here's Mr. Clinton:

Today Show today

BILL CLINTON: "I give 10% of my revenue off the top every year to the foundation. And Hillary in the years that she was there gave 17%.  Over the last 15 years, I've taken almost no capital gains. And I've given 10% ..."

CYNTHIA MCFADDEN, NBC NEWS: "But why do it, Mr. President?"

CLINTON: "To pay my bills, and because...  in the ev... Why?"       

MCFADDEN: "Regular working Americans look and say, '$500,000 for a speech?'"

CLINTON: "Why shouldn't every... it's the most, it's the most independence I can get."

Now there is no way on earth that Bill and Hillary Clinton are going to admit any wrongdoing.

But they have to know that the whole foundation thing is unethical to say the least.

But as long as it's not illegal, apparently they are fine with it.

So the question becomes, what about the legality?

Shouldn't the Clinton Foundation be investigated?

Of course it should.

And the FBI can start that investigation tomorrow.  It doesn't need President Obama's approval and it doesn't need Attorney General Lynch's approval.

So my question tonight is for FBI Director James Comey, will you start an investigation?

Today we presented that question formally to the FBI.

We'll let you know what the agency says.

And that's the memo.