Anti-Semitic Charges Made Against Republican Party
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 29, 2018
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The blame game is now officially out of control with far left fanatics accusing President Trump and the Republican Party of responsibility in the bomb sending incidents, and the terror murders in a Pennsylvania Synagogue.

It is literally horrifying for me to hear charges of mass anti-Semitism made for political reasons. I worked on my new book Killing the SS for a year so I understand what true anti-Semitism is. To diminish this evil by applying it dishonestly for political gain is barbaric.

There is no question that the Synagogue murderer was anti-Semitic. But there is no extension of that in this case. To claim there is puts you in a hateful, lunatic category.

The far left is claiming that any criticism of progressive money man George Soros is anti-Semitic. Another gross lie. Soros gives millions to progressive groups that try to destroy people. That’s documented. To attempt to use true Jewish suffering to protect this man is despicable.

Politics in America have never been more poisonous. Tonight on the No Spin News we’ll continue our honest analysis of the recent terrorism, the migrant caravan, and the upcoming election. Important show this evening.

See you later on. Thanks for visiting us today.

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