Awaiting the FBI Report on Judge Kavanaugh
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 3, 2018
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Although many people do not believe Christine Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, it would be wise for the President and other elected officials to avoid comment on her testimony.

Not because of threats from feminist zealots and Kavanaugh haters, which are certainly in play, but because the FBI should be the final word.

Also, by diminishing Dr. Ford publicly, she gains sympathy from folks who may be undecided about her allegations.

Some believe that Judge Kavanaugh is, himself, being victimized and the upcoming FBI report might solidify that feeling. But it might not.

Americans are deeply divided on the Kavanaugh case so opinions really don’t get us anywhere as a country. This should be a fact-based situation and the FBI will deliver those facts very shortly.

Of course, no matter what the Bureau puts forth the destroy Kavanaugh crew will continue their mission. But fair-minded Americans will have much more information on which to base their judgment on the Judge and on Dr. Ford. Thus, disparaging her before facts are presented is unwise.

So everyone should button it until the FBI weighs in. Or am I wrong?

Tonight the best news analysis anywhere will once again be on display. Why wasn’t the letter by Dr. Ford’s former boyfriend given much media attention?

The No Spin News begins at 7 eastern time.