Barack Obama's Remarks Toward President Trump
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 10, 2018
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Back in 1997, I interviewed former President Gerald Ford for Parade Magazine and asked him about President Clinton’s impeachment troubles. Mr. Ford, a traditional guy, explained that a rigid code among former Presidents prevented him from saying anything negative about Mr. Clinton. Finally I dragged one quote out of him: “I hope dignity will soon be restored to the White House.”

The code of Presidents not bashing other Presidents began after FDR died. Harry Truman, who replaced Roosevelt, had been badly treated by him as Vice President. But Truman kept his own counsel and so did the Presidents who came after him.

Until now.

The arrival of Donald Trump to the mansion on Pennsylvania Avenue has horrified many Democrats including former President Obama, who has begun disparaging Donald Trump in public. Mr. Obama is apparently miffed that Mr. Trump is “dividing” the nation.

Donald Trump should be happy this is happening because it gives him a chance to pound home two significant points: first, that Mr. Obama’s economic policies harmed many Americans and the current democratic leadership stands by those polices.

And second, that growing evidence points to powerful people within the Obama administration misusing the FBI and federal judges to illegally surveil the Trump campaign; felony city.

If the Trump people would discipline those two messages into a coherent presentation, the anti-Trump cadres would be dealt a severe blow leading up to the mid-term election. A big if, I know.

Tonight on the No Spin News we will analyze the case of investigative reporter Sharyl Attikinson who presents a very convincing argument that she, herself, was illegally surveilled by the Obama administration. This is a story you will see nowhere else.

It all begins at 7 this evening eastern time.