Bernie's Taxing Behavior
By: Bill O'ReillyApril 9, 2019
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Bernie's Taxing Behavior
Senator Bernie Sanders, 77 years old, says he will release his tax returns on Monday and that is very good news, indeed.  Finally, the nation will have a role model when rendering to Caesar.
In fact, Bernie looks a bit like old Julius, before he was brutally stabbed to death by fellow Romans in the senate, none of whom Bernie knew personally.
As Americans well know, Bernie Sanders, originally from Brooklyn, would like the federal government to take a lot money from affluent citizens and give it to those less fortunate.  In Brooklyn that has been known to happen by climbing through broken apartment windows, but Bernie favors legalizing the transaction.
You see, the Senator is a “democratic socialist,” which means no matter how we vote, the Feds would still take our money in great amounts and then “provide” fantastic entitlements to the folks.
Bernie Sanders, himself, knows something about money because he is a millionaire.  Or as Bernie would pronounce it - a “me-yon-air” which in Brooklynese means “forgetabouit.”
The Senator and his wife own a cute condo in Washington, a kind of a big deal house on Lake Champlain in Vermont, and another property up there someplace.
The Lakefront pad is worth about 700k.
Even though Bernie is doing pretty well in the capitalist marketplace, his heart still lies with the Fidel vision: free health care, free education, housing and food supplements, and, just maybe, free Ben and Jerry’s for all but the rich.
The Cherry Garcia guys are Vermonters and big Bernie supporters.
And there are a lot of those, supporters of Sanders, I mean.  When he ran for President in 2016, cranky Bernie raked in $228 million campaign donated dollars.
Nice haul. And with that money, Bernie got a big car, driver, meals, lodging, and get this, Fidel, private jets!
That’s right, Politico is reporting that since the election of 2016, Senator Bernie Sanders has spent $342,000 on private air travel.
Oy Vey.
Upon hearing that Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said, “does he use Netjets?”
That’s false.  I’m sorry.  She didn’t say that at all.
However, it is possible that senior-citizen Bernie Sanders misheard the “Green New Deal” platform.  When he heard “Green” he flashed to his checking account.
I didn’t say that did happened, but it’s possible!
So this American citizen, who is skeptical of socialism, is looking forward to seeing the tax returns of Senator Bernard Sanders, especially the charity part where he helps the poor.
In 2014, Bernie donated just $8,350 to charities.  Not a lot.  On a private jet that would get you from Vermont to New Hampshire.
But maybe now that he’s a “me-yon-air” twice over, the Senator’s largesse will increase.
We’ll know on Monday.  After the weekend with Bernie.