Biden Derangement Syndrome
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 21, 2023
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Biden Derangement Syndrome

By God, I think I have a malady, and there's no vax. It's been two years since President Biden took the oath of office, and I am becoming obsessed with the man. This is not good.

I mocked the Trump derangement people. Everything the former President did was evil, stupid, criminal, tasteless, tawdry, corrupt, moronic, or dastardly. Those hate-Trump Americans made a lifestyle out of disparaging the Don. It never ended.

Well, now, I may be doing the same thing with Joe Biden. The guy drives me nuts. Doesn't care about the border, fentanyl, collapse of the airlines. Claims he's bringing down inflation when he ignited it by attacking and over-regulating the energy industry. Says he's cut the deficit by a trillion when he had little to do with it - the deficit came down because the Congress-approved Covid spending stopped.

His latest has Biden saying he handled the top secret document thing perfectly even though the pro-Democrat New York Times reports the administration actively tried to cover it up.

It's enough to send you screaming into the night.

I know Trump said dumb stuff. I ignored most of it because he governed well.

Quick vaccine, robust economy, pretty much destroyed ISIS.

Biden, on the other hand, has mucked things up, has tried to divide the races, is incapable of problem-solving, and thinks Kamala is President.

I feel like that French police supervisor in "The Pink Panther" movies. Peter Sellers, playing Inspector Clouseau, slowly drives the guy insane with his incompetence.

Often when I think of President Biden, I get a facial tic.

This is bad. It's my job to cover the man in a fair way, but it's getting more difficult to do that. And then there are the legions of Americans who actually think he's doing a good job. More tics.

I realize I have to fight BDS because I risk joining the WashPost and the other liberal media that tried everything to hurt Trump. I do not want to be like them with Biden.

But the symptoms are there. I actually called the President "lazy and incompetent" on the air last week. I rarely use ad hominem attacks when discussing politicians and didn't feel good about it.

So, if there's a Biden rehab center, I will check-in. Maybe I can call a Democrat when the President overwhelms me. Talk me down from the syndrome.


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