Biden Has Done Nothing
By: Bill O'ReillyJanuary 25, 2023
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According to an Emerson poll, 58 percent of Democrats would very much like Joe Biden to be president through 2028.  Yes, the Emerson poll is often wrong, but I think it's safe to say a majority of left-wing Americans like the job the President is doing.

That means they approve of the open southern border, a record amount of narcotics being smuggled through that border, food prices up ten percent on Biden's watch, the embarrassing exit from Afghanistan, a man who has "no regrets" that he stashed classified documents in his garage, and on and on.

All good, as the cliche goes.  No worries.

It is true that Joe Biden has anxiety under control because he simply doesn't care about solving problems.  He says the border is secure, and that's that. Meanwhile, the six million foreign nationals who have come across the border since Joe's been in office wonder what an unsecured border would look like - if Biden's statement is true, which it is not.

Most presidents in my lifetime at least tried to fake it.  Jimmy Carter attempted a military operation to rescue Americans being held hostage by Iran.  Bill Clinton signed a law that forced welfare recipients to try to find work.  Donald Trump revitalized a depressed military.

So, what's Joe Biden's big win?

Nothing, that's what.

Yet millions of Americans are down with nothing.  They approve of chaos and failure.  They embrace the political abyss, the art of presidential apathy.

I don't know these people, maybe you do. My liberal friends are all running for cover. They know nothing when they see it.

It's the opposite of success.