Biden's Battle of the Bulge
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 2, 2022
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Biden's Battle of the Bulge

It was strange, Old Joe Biden standing outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia warning Americans their "freedom" is in peril.

Warm summer night. Labor Day Weekend upon us. Few following the news cycle.

But the President was on a mission. And here's what it is.

Internal Democrat polling now shows a looming disaster in November's midterm elections. Even weak Republican candidates like Herschel Walker in Georgia and Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania have a chance to win. Despite pro-Biden propaganda spewing from the corrupt media, the House is likely to be painted red. The leftists running Joe know this.

In December 1944, Hitler was just about finished; his troops decimated, the German people demoralized. But the Fuhrer was not going quietly. He massed his western troops and attacked through Belgium, pushing back allied forces. The Nazi land advance was called "the Bulge."

General George Patton saved the day, as chronicled vividly in my book "Killing Patton."

The Philadelphia speech on Thursday is President Biden's counterattack. His administration is failing, his policies disastrous for most Americans. So, now, a final offensive before the November vote.

Only CNN and MSNBC ran the speech live because it was a partisan exercise, not important enough to bump Young Sheldon from his spot. The President had little to say other than Donald Trump is a fascist, and so are the "MAGA Republicans" who support him.


Mr. Biden's offensive quickly ran out of gas, just like the German panzers. Old Joe sees a giant threat to democracy. Many Americans believe the real threat is wild inflation and nonexistent problem-solving.

It is clear the Democrats believe their only chance in November is to run against Trump. Again. Trump, the democracy denier. Trump, the white supremacist.

It's all so predictable and foolish. Those Americans who fear Donald Trump's return to power will, of course, side with Old Joe.

But the vast majority of "we the people" simply want a vibrant economy and laws enforced. That is obviously way beyond Joe Biden's capability.

Democrats stand behind the President at their peril. He's the problem in this country. Not Trump.