Biden's New Cat
By: StaffJanuary 28, 2022
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The Bidens welcomed a new pet this week to the White House. A two-year-old rescue cat named Willow.
But it's unclear how much Willow will be able to help the President with problems the country faces, like the border and inflation among other issues.
This is the Biden family's fourth White House pet in just over a year, poor Champ died in office, and sadly Major was reassigned back to Delaware. Commander, a German Shephard puppy joined the ranks in September.
It would be easy to criticize the Biden's for the number of pets they've cycled through at the White House but after some quick internet research, it seems that 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has acted like an animal farm on many occasions for the leaders of the free world and their families. Teddy Roosevelt and JFK were pretty much living in a zoo.
In this era, White House animals are often used as a publicity stunt or distraction, meant to deflect from the realities surrounding Washington. 
So we wish Willow good luck! Our best to you and Commander. And if you have any ideas to help the country, please convey them to your owner.