Bill & Beck Cover it All
By: StaffAugust 4, 2017
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This being Friday, Bill joined Glenn Beck on The Blaze Radio for another in their series of weekly discussions. 

They began with the recent personnel moves at the White House, where General John Kelly is now Chief of Staff.  "This was a very gutsy move by Donald Trump," Bill declared, "because he has now put himself in a position where General Kelly were to walk out of the White House, Trump is finished.  So he's given his Chief of Staff an enormous amount of power over him."  Beck supplemented that with his own theory:  "Trump knows that he has problems and he had no love for the GOP or Reince Priebus.  The only people other than his family that he really respects are his military men.  I think John Kelly looked at this and said that his commander-in-chief is in trouble and went to Trump.  But you're right that President Trump has trapped himself now." 

Bill went hammer and tongs after leakers in the administration, focusing on one leak in particular:  "Putting out those transcripts of Trump's conversations with the presidents of Australia and Mexico, that's treason!  You're basically undermining the ability of the president to have a private conversation, which is disgraceful."  Beck agreed, saying, "This is putting our president's credibility in jeopardy and you should go to jail." 

The duo turned to other perils facing President Trump.  "You can't govern if your party bolts," Bill opined, "and the Republican Party has pretty much bolted on Donald Trump.  John McCain walked into the Senate chamber and let the repeal of ObamaCare fail, and that was personal.  If Kelly leaves, the entire Republican Party will revolt and he'll have two parties against him."  Beck worried that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, a key player on the Trump team, appears to be growing frustrated. 

As for the administration's tough talk about North Korea, Bill predicted that President Trump will not hesitate to take action:  "I don't think saber-ratting is effective against countries run by insane people.  But if General Mattis tells the president that we need to teach North Korea a lesson, President Trump will do it.  He's not Barack Obama, and that's clear to everyone in the world." 

Regarding another global hot spot, Beck applauded President Trump for admonishing his top generals about the quagmire in Afghanistan.  "It is about time," Beck said, "that somebody asks, 'what the hell are we even doing there?'  Finish it and come home!"  But Bill reminded Beck that it's not quite that simple:  "They can't finish it because American forces are not capable of imposing an orderly society on a primitive society.  Life expectancy is about 40 and 65% of the country can't read, so you're not going to get a nation that can function.  Do we pull out and have the Taliban return and then ISIS?  Or do you basically do a police action and keep 10,000 troops there?  That's the decision and there is nothing else.  We're not going to win militarily!" 

Bill also heartily endorsed the tougher sanctions being imposed on Russia:  "You have to have sanctions and President Trump is making a huge mistake in disparaging the Republicans for voting for sanctions.  Putin has to be taught a lesson and there is no win for the president to keep whining about it." 

Returning to White House Chief of Staff General Kelly, Bill suggested that his calming influence is already being felt, most notably after the news broke that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has empaneled a grand jury in Washington.  "In the past," Bill pointed out, "Trump would have tweeted his brains out, but this time there was no tweeting.  That shows you that Kelly is having influence.  That's a big story, it's all about the discipline Kelly is bringing." 

As the conversation wound down, Bill summarized the immigration situation: "The Senate and the House will never, ever reduce the number of green cards from a million a year to anything less.  The votes are not there, it's not going to happen.  But he's still going to build a little bit of the wall, Sessions is deporting members of MS-13, and border crossings are way down.  Trump wins on this issue." 

Finally, Bill revealed that the No Spin News, heretofore shot in his study, will be broadcast from a studio next Wednesday.  It's a test run of what could be a much different look.

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