Bill & Beck Discuss the Melania Trump Jacket Controversy & Remembering Charles Krauthammer
By: StaffJune 22, 2018
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Bill & Beck Discuss the Melania Trump Jacket Controversy & the Ongoing Collapse of the American Media

During Bill and Beck’s weekly interview, Beck starts off with the media madness surrounding the jacket Melania Trump wore while boarding Air Force One on Thursday on her way to McAllen, Texas. Bill says that she should not have worn the jacket because she was going down to show sympathy to children who are confused and deserve attention, and Melania, being a very powerful person, shouldn’t wear an article of clothing that has a message on it. Her advisors should have told her to play it neutral and just focus on the kids instead of trying to bring attention to herself. 

Beck poses the question: how likely is it that Melania was trying to send a message about the immigrant children by wearing the jacket? Bill says the chance is absolutely zero. What most likely happened is that someone grabbed a jacket for her since it was raining out. However, her stylists and publicists should have caught that and realized what kind of statement it could make.

Beck comes back saying that the press has crossed so many lines this week between Melania Trump and now with Time Magazine. On the cover of Time Magazine, they put a young, crying child that is looking up to Trump, which is obviously all photoshopped. But we find out that it wasn’t only exploitive and misleading, but this child was never taken from his mother. They have destroyed themselves over ideology and now they don’t really care what is true, they think Trump is a threat to the nation therefore they think they can justify anything. 

Beck and Bill turn to the midterms in November and the presidential election in 2020. Bill doesn’t believe that the press will have much of a role in either of the elections because everybody knows now that the fix is in.

Beck switches to the topic of Charles Krauthammer and asks Bill what his memories are of him. Bill says that while he didn’t have a personal relationship with him, what strikes him is that life dealt Charles a very cruel blow. But rather than folding from his paralysis, Charles completed medical school, did amazing work for bipolar disorders and later pivots into journalism, which he always loved. This is a life that should be studied by Americans, that you can overcome adversity, that you have to roll with bad things that happen to you and that you can accomplish an amazing amount of things, even if challenged the way that Charles Krauthammer was. Bill says that Charles was really a man that people should emulate.

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