Bill & Beck React to President Trump's Controversial Immigration Comments & Other Recent Headlines
By: StaffJanuary 12, 2018
Bill & Beck React to President Trump's Controversial Immigration Comments & Other Recent Headlines

After a few weeks on hiatus Bill returns to Beck’s program to discuss the most talked about issues of the week, the first of which is Trump’s alleged s***hole comments.


Beck starts off the conversation saying that he and Bill will probably disagree on the topic. Beck says he likes what the president has done for the country, but he can’t take Trump’s unedited comments any longer. Beck is tired of defending comments that he doesn’t completely agree with. Bill agrees by saying that Trump is too bombastic and that the president is going to undo all of his successes if he continues his excessive off the cuff rhetoric. After knowing Trump for such a long time, Bill says that he believes Trump doesn’t think about the unintended consequences of what he says. However, Trump supporters will be behind him no matter what he says or does. Now, is it a good idea to call Haiti, El Salvador and other countries s***holes? No. I don’t think anyone believes it’s OK for the president to make these derogatory remarks. By making those remarks, Trump obliterated his own accomplishment which was released this week, saying that African American unemployment has reached a record low.


Bill says it’s been nearly a year of Trump having his face kicked in by hate-Trumpers, so he should realize that he needs to pull back and act in a more measured way.


However, the context of the discussion in the White House, was that Trump wants people who are educated and skilled to come into the country. The Democratic party is trying to gain sympathy by saying “give me your tired, your poor…” Beck defends this mantra by explaining that is actually a challenge, give me the people that the world says is worthless. Beck says that there’s enough drive in those people that they want to succeed and don’t want to live in a s***hole country.


Bill says if you look at the facts, 50% of immigrant families in America are now receiving entitlements from the government. Trump believes that immigrants can stay here if they are able to contribute to the American society. It’s not just about Haiti, El Salvador and Africa, the bigger picture should focus on why the U.S. is taking in people who don’t have anything to offer. There are a lot of people who want to live off the sweat of other people’s hard work.


Overall, both Bill and Beck agree that Trump’s s***hole comments were not the right thing to say, but nothing can be done to soften Trump’s way of speaking.


You go from one president, Obama, who was incredibly disciplined, however, some of his views and what he tried to do as president were really destructive for the nation. Now, you have this shift where the new president, Trump, is actually getting things done, but he runs his mouth. The media continues to focus on Trump’s behavior instead of giving him any credit for what he has accomplished such as, the destruction of ISIS, the tax reform plan, etc.


Bill and Beck then went into some quick-fire topics including FISA, “Fire and Fury”, the Obama’s supporting Oprah to run for president and Joe Arpaio running for Senate in Arizona.


Beck finished up the interview asking Bill what his predictions for 2018 are. The first thing that came to mind is the investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Bill believes that they used the foundation for political purposes and enriched themselves at the same time.


Bill also says that thousands of Americans will enjoy “Killing England” this year because it’s such a terrific book!


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