Bill & Beck on Big Government, Tax Cuts, Hillary, and More
By: StaffSeptember 8, 2017
Bill & Beck on Big Government, Tax Cuts, Hillary, and More

Bill joined Glenn Beck on The Blaze radio for another of their regular Friday conversations.  They began with a philosophical and political discussion about big government and its burden on ordinary Americans. 

"The Democratic Party," Bill began, "has now basically said that we will spend as much of the taxpayers' money as we can spend and we will tax people up to their eyebrows.  They want to weaken the individual America, but I've never figured out why.  I don't think rank-and-file Democrats want to be weaker but this is eroding their personal power."  

"They believe in a socialist Utopia that doesn't exist," Beck said about progressive Democrats, "and they believe the people are not smart enough.  They believe that if they take people's money they can redistribute it in a way that is much fairer.  No one on the right or left is standing up for responsible spending except for the ones who are being called radical and crazy people who want everyone to starve." 

Bill turned to President Trump's agreement with Democratic leaders, under which the debt ceiling will be raised for three months.  "The reason that happened," he said, "is because the Trump administration is in dire trouble and needs to pass tax cuts.  In order to do that, they had to get this debt thing off the table.  If there had been a brawl over the debt ceiling, it would be harder to pass tax reform."  Bill predicted that a tax reform bill will pass very soon, but Beck contended that Bill is dead wrong, saying, "Everyone I've talked with on Capitol Hill says there is no way that can happen."  Bill insisted, "There are Democrats running for reelection in red states and Trump will be able to peel some of them off and get them to vote for tax cuts." 

The duo shifted their conversation to Hurricane Harvey and the government's aid efforts.  "Americans take care of each other," Bill opined, "but the government also has a role to play.  The response to Harvey was much better than the responses to Katrina and Sandy, so when people criticize President Trump, they should know that federal organization is better under him.  You'll never hear that because of the media's endless lies."  Both men agreed that Texas residents and their storied individualism have made a huge difference.  They also questioned the wisdom of government-subsidized insurance for rich folks who build expensive homes in hurricane zones. 

In their final segment, Beck and Bill talked about Hillary Clinton and her new book, in which she blames pretty much everyone for her loss.  "Her approval rating," Beck reported with amusement, "is lower than President Trump's.  Even with her being gone, her approval rating is at 30 and going down."  Bill's response:  "She's just not a real person.  I've met her a few times and the word 'bloodless' comes to mind, there is no real humanity flowing out of her.  In the book she blames her loss partly on sexism, and I've had it!  I've had it with sexism and homophobia and racism.  As soon as I heard that, I vowed to not read the book.  Yes, she got hammered by the media, but not nearly as much as Trump did."

Bill concluded with personal messages to Hillary Clinton and Bernie Goldberg, which they are extremely unlikely to hear:  "Hillary Clinton, I wish you a happy life and I thank God that you are not president of the United State.  Whether the deity is a man or a woman, I am on my knees saying thank you!  And Bernie Sanders, you are a loon.  You honeymooned in Moscow, and not even Putin honeymooned in Moscow!  Anybody who thinks Bernie Sanders should be president should move to Cuba or Venezuela and see how Bernie's system works.  See it, feel it, touch it!"

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