Bill & Beck on Trump Meeting with North Korea, Trade Wars, and the Far-Left Loons in the Media
By: StaffMarch 9, 2018
Bill & Beck on Trump Meeting with North Korea, Trade Wars, and the Far-Left Loons in the Media

Bill joined Beck for his weekly interview on “The Glenn Beck Radio Show” this morning to talk about some important stories that have been ignored by the media.

The first topic that Beck brought up was President Trump accepting North Korean Leader, Kim Jong Un’s, invitation to meet face to face. Trump is the first sitting U.S. president to ever meet with the North Korean leader, so the media should be congratulating him, but of course the left has been bashing Trump all morning.

Bill explains that the reason behind the bash-Trump fest is because at the beginning of each day the left-wing media gets a note about what talking points they need to cover. On today’s agenda was Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un.

Aside from the negativity, questions are swirling about how this meeting came to take place. Bill said that it all stemmed from China. The Chinese government most likely told North Korea that they had to try and resolve the conflict with the U.S. because China’s economy is suffering. China needs to secure a robust trade with the U.S.

Trump’s tariff on steel is an example of the message that he’s trying to send to China and if they can’t make the meeting with North Korea happen pretty soon Trump will put a ban on anything that is made in China.

Beck said that he doesn’t think Kim Jong Un has any intention to denuclearize North Korea. He believes that the country will use this meeting to their advantage because having the president of the United States coming to meet with Kim Jong Un is a huge PR win for North Korea. Beck said that he applauds President Trump for trying to sit down and hopefully reduce the threat of nuclear war, but most likely nothing will come out of this meeting. Bill believes that even the acceptance of Trump meeting with Kim Jong Un is a huge win because the of the positive headlines running through most of the media. However, the media will likely flip this tone to something negative because the liberal media can’t be kind to the president for too long.

Beck transitions to the topic of trade wars and says that when other presidents have attempted this in the past it has hurt American workers and the U.S. economy. Bill interjects and says that Trump is following a playbook. 100% of his reelection potential lies with increasing jobs and wages for American workers. Trump will not be reelected unless those two main factors are going well. This means that a trade war won’t happen, there may be a few small threats, but overall things will stay the same. Trump will come up with a couple of new deals, such as NAFTA being renegotiated and then he’ll make a bunch of smallers deals to tout proving that he’s the greatest deal maker ever. Beck asks Bill, if there won’t be any trade wars, then why is his economic advisor, Gary Cohn leaving? Bill says he doesn’t know the entire reason, but it isn’t solely over a tariff threat.

Bill transitions into the investigative report on This past week, Bill looked into the leaders of the Women’s March Movement. The three top leaders of the movement are close friends with Louis Farrakhan. They were at his most recent speech posing for pictures with Farrakhan after he spoke about how Jewish people are the enemy. Now, what message does that send? It says that the Women’s March Movement isn’t tolerant of Jewish people. Farrakhan has also said in the past that white people are the devils. So there’s no tolerance for Jewish people or White people, but there’s all of this tolerance for other women. It’s just another example of stealth fascism that has been misrepresented to the American people. You won’t see this story covered in the New York Times or the Washington Post, but they know what is happening. These women post on Facebook and they’re proud to be Farrakhan supporters. If you go to we have pictures and more information about these leaders of the Women’s March Movement.

The interview ended with a comment about the latest news and content that viewers can only find on

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