Bill & Beck on Trump's Threat to Take Away Media Credentials, Fighting Between Iran and Israel, & Political Evil
By: StaffMay 11, 2018
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Bill & Beck on Trump's Threat to Take Away Media Credentials, Fighting Between Iran and Israel, & Political Evil

Glenn Beck starts off Friday’s interview with Bill discussing the First Amendment, specifically Freedom of the Press. The duo breaks down President Trump’s recent tweet on Wednesday morning, “The Fake News is working overtime. Just reported that, despite the tremendous success we are having with the economy & all things else, 91% of the Network News about me is negative (Fake). Why do we work so hard in working with the media when it is corrupt? Take away credentials?”

Bill points out that this will never happen but gives way in which President Trump could limit some of the press personnel that is allowed in the White House. Bill points out you couldn’t stop the press simply because they are unfavorable or unfair toward the sitting president, but if they were being dishonest, and it was proven, Trump could limit their access to the White House press briefings. The key to this being that it would need to be proven that they were being dishonest.

The next hot topic of the week was North Korea and Trump’s tactics in making progress with the North Korean dictator. Glenn Beck refers to President Trump’s “rather aggressive” tweets about Kim Jong Un, calling the dictator things like, “short and fat”. Beck asks Bill if these aggressive tweets had anything to do with the confirmed meeting in Singapore on June 12th, between President Trump and Kim Jong Un. Bill firmly disagrees and lays out exactly what happened to make not only the meeting possible but also the release of the three American hostages from North Korea. Bill explains that with Trump’s threat of increased sanctions on the Chinese which encouraged them to put large amounts of pressure on the North Koreans to initiate a talk with the U.S.

The topic of North Korea then turns to the President’s negotiation skills and how different he “doesn’t play ball the way everyone else does”. Bill points out that leaders around the world don’t know President Trump yet, and can never guess his next move. This has created some fear in other countries since they don’t want to take a chance on what he might do, which Bill accredits to some of the successes we are seeing with North Korea, and could see from Iran.

Next up, Beck describes Bill’s recent column on and depicts some of the political evil that is referred to throughout the column. Bill does a quick rundown of the background of the column and gives some insight into where he found the information. Beck and Bill both agree that this type of information and news will never be reported by the mainstream media, which is leaving a large gap in the media and the dangers going on behind the scenes.  This political evil leads to a segway into the extreme part of the democratic party, that is rarely portrayed by mainstream media. Bill tells Beck about some of the various points the extremist want for America, including Medicare for everyone, starting at the time of birth. Bill finishes up the segment with more background on the dangers of this political evil and where it could leave the American people.

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