Bill & Beck on the FBI Raid of Michael Cohen, the Violence in Syria, and the Vast Manipulation of the Media
By: StaffApril 13, 2018
Bill & Beck on the FBI Raid of Michael Cohen, the Violence in Syria, and the Vast Manipulation of the Media

Beck’s first topic during his weekly Friday interview with Bill was about Syria and what is happening over there. Bill says that there’s a fear on the part of the Trump administration that if the U.S. launches military action, such as bombings and the use of missiles, that the stock market will tank causing unintended consequences. The Russian warships were ordered to leave their naval base in Tartus, Syria, out of fear that the U.S. will conduct airstrikes. Bill believes it’s a good thing that the U.S. is sending warships to Syria because the U.S. and our allies could set up a blockade and cause heavy economic damage to Syria and Russia without having to shoot anyone. 

Beck moves on and brings up how Fox News is covering actual newsworthy information, while other networks are solely focusing on James Comey, his new book and what he says about Trump. Bill says that Beck is right because the media in this country is not honest anymore. This mass manipulation by the media is just crushing the spirit of the country. Bill goes on to say that real irony here is that CNN hated Comey when he was going after Hillary Clinton so it’s interesting to watch how Comey has reemerged as the ‘good guy’ now that he’s trying to demean and besmirch Trump. 

When Bill brings up Comey’s new book, he says the worst thing was the way that Comey twisted Trump’s concern for his wife, Melania, over these unverified sexual allegations. Bill says it’s important for any man to be concerned with his wife’s feelings, but for Comey to turn it around into some kind of tawdry display really says all you need to know about Comey’s character. Bill says that because of the media in America right now, the country has descended into a place that makes people uncomfortable.

Beck’s next hot topic is the shakedown of Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney. A raid was conducted earlier this week at Cohen’s office, home, and apartment. The big problem in this situation is that if the FBI raids anybody’s office and calls the media to report what they found, it’s considered a felony. In the case of Cohen, the FBI has been leaking information to the Washington Post. The Post doesn’t know if this information is true, but they don’t care, they post it anyway. Bill says that if the Washington Post had a stellar record of fair reporting, not only in regard to Trump but conservatives and traditional American stories then it would be easy to believe them. But the Washington Post hates anyone who is not of liberal orthodoxy.

Bill ends the interview saying that when a reporter is assigned to a story it is made very clear to them what the editors want. The editors basically tell the reporter, ‘this is the information that we want you to find out.’ And most reporters will oblige because otherwise, they won’t get the good assignments. However, this has become an epidemic because all of them want Trump out of office.

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