Bill & Beck on the Stock Market, the Pinheads on Capitol Hill, and the Latest in Electiongate
By: StaffFebruary 9, 2018
Bill & Beck on the Stock Market, the Pinheads on Capitol Hill, and the Latest in Electiongate

Bill starts off the podcast by saying he’s having a relaxing start to his morning by doing some yoga, so he has a clear head and is ready to discuss whatever topics Beck throws at him. However, the two biggest stories according to Bill today are the border wall and the FBI scandal.

Beck’s first topic of conversation was about the stock market and how it’s been going up and down all week. Is there any reason to be worried? Bill says that the older you get the less stock you should have because it’s not worth the risk. Instead you could get bonds which will give you steady returns. Bill says you don’t want to be gambling with the stock market when you’re 70 years old. His advice is to invest conservatively if you are over the age of 50, but if you’re younger and have a good job the stock market will most likely pay off for you. Bill says that America’s economy is one of the most stable in the world.

Beck shifts gears to what happened in the Senate on Thursday. Bill says the government shutdown is just a charade. There are a bunch of pinheads on Capitol Hill who don’t care about the debt, they just want to keep the circus on the road. So what they do is pass spending bills in the meantime.

When Beck moves to the topic of the FBI, Bill’s head is about to explode. Bill is really angry about this topic and goes into detail about who is behind the FBI scandal. Bill says it’s clear that there are four people in the FBI who might be indicted, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok.

The reason that Comey and McCabe would be indicted is because they went to a federal judge in the FISA court and requested documents so that they could spy on Carter Page, who was then associated with the Trump campaign. When the judge asked for evidence Comey and McCabe handed over the phony dossier which the FBI suspiciously acquired.

Now, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page could be indicted because they sent over 50,000 text messages to each other saying all sorts of negative things, attacking Donald Trump and many others. Bill says that beyond any reasonable doubt Strzok who was working on the Clinton email investigation hated Trump and wanted Trump to lose. There is enough proof that someone needs to go in and conduct a thorough investigation.

In another text between Strzok and Page they said that Obama, who was president at the time, wanted to know everything that was going on in the FBI. The biggest revelation is that from their text messages it looks like they were not conducting an honest investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

 In March, when Inspector General Horowitz’s report comes out, it will look at how the FBI conducted the Hillary Clinton email investigation and Bill believes it’s going to blow this whole FBI scandal out of the water because clearly there was some wrongdoing. Bill says he thinks there’s going to be some damning evidence coming out of the report which is why McCabe was recently fired. Bill says the top people at the FBI got ahold of the report early, saw what would be in Horowitz’s report and had no choice, but to fire McCabe. 

The last topic that Beck and Bill discuss is the border wall. Bill says the wall is coming! He believes it is the next big thing, because Trump is not going to give in to the dreamers unless he gets funding for the wall. So, Bill poses the question, why would anyone oppose building a wall on the Southern border? 

In Mexico, in 2017, there were approximately 50,000 homicides. So, there is this out of control cartel situation who are killing people every day, at a level that is so horrifying and the world doesn’t seem to care. You have a government in Mexico City under President Nieto that cannot control a country. Since these cartels cannot be controlled, tons of drugs and crime come into the United States. The cartel members also come into the U.S. because they want to oversee their business. The wall is designed to keep that out of our country. It is irresponsible not to build the wall. By not doing it the American people are being put in danger.

In Israel, they put up a wall and guess what happened after that wall was built? Violence not only went down, but now it’s almost non-existent.

Bill says this topic makes him so angry, because the press in our country is so corrupt and they haven’t been reporting responsibly on the border wall. The Democratic Party needs to wake up and realize they are jeopardizing Americans safety by not supporting the wall.

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