Bill O'Reilly and Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN) Discuss the SLAP Act
By: Bill O'ReillyDecember 5, 2017

Rep. Rokita Unveils Bill to Imprison Officials Who Shelter Illegal Immigrants

Congressman Todd Rokita (R-IN) introduced the “SLAP Act” on Friday, the Stopping Lawless Actions of Politicians Act. The bill states that those who refuse to enforce immigration laws, such as those in sanctuary cities, could face up to five years in prison and a $1 million fine.

Rep. Rokita said Tuesday that his bill could put elected officials in prison for failing to enforce federal immigration law. “If they’re going to act like criminals themselves, if they’re going to put the interests of these illegal immigrant criminals above the safety of their own citizens, then we ought to lock them up,” Mr. Rokita, Indiana Republican, said on Fox News. 

The bill is one of the most aggressive pieces of legislation to date aimed at sanctuary city policies, going beyond the Justice Department’s threat to cut off grants to those jurisdictions.  

The bill comes after the murder trial of Kate Steinle, who was fatally shot by an illegal immigrant with a criminal history, ended in a not-guilty verdict. Steinle was walking in San Francisco, a sanctuary city, when she was shot in 2015.

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