Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller on the Ongoing Statue Controversy
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 7, 2017
Section from the interview:

Bill: Now, you’re lucky you went to Rome because the statues of the emperors, they’re all over Rome, they’re going to have to be removed, Miller. You know, those emperors did some bad things. So Julius and Augustus…you’ve got to get them out of here. 

Miller: Get to those FDR statues… 

Bill: He’s toast. 

Miller: He interned almost 20,000 Japanese Americans. He put them into a camp. You know, I was talking to my friend in Greece, who is quite the historian. He told me that there were people in there for three years. Is that possible, Billy? I thought it was, I didn’t quite know when FDR rounded people up. And they were not people living…they were Japanese Americans. Someone told me that some of them stayed there for three years. 

Bill: Teddy’s got to go because Teddy killed all the animals, Teddy Roosevelt. Columbus is already gone in L.A., it’s indigenous peoples’ day, not Columbus Day, in L.A. You know what struck me? Indigenous people killed each other in savage ways. I mean, I don’t know whether you that Indian culture, when they declared war on each other, was everybody dies. Kids, turtles, everybody dies. So the indigenous people day, that’s only going to last for a couple of months. You’ve got to wipe that out because there were many, many atrocities committed in the battle between indigenous peoples themselves.

So, we’re going to be living in a couple of years in a land of no statues, no paintings, no books, everything is going to be gone to the brave new world that’s coming, Miller. 

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