Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller on the Trump/Military Family Story & the NFL Protest
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 19, 2017
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Former Monday Night Football analyst and Bill's regular banter partner Dennis Miller joined the Wednesday's No Spin News.  "First off," Miller began, "I see nothing in Donald Trump that would make him call this poor widow and wind her up.  He seems to love the troops, he goes out of his way to laud the troops, so I can't see him turning on the widow of a soldier.  But I also believe that everything he says is taped by the leakers in the White House.  People are tapping everything he does, including conversations with top foreign leaders." 

Miller then put forth a unique recommendation for the National Football League:  "They've got major concussion problems in the NFL, they should change it from the National Football League to the National Knee-ball League.  They should take a knee before the game and then play the entire game on their knees.  They won't get as much speed built up and we will have fewer concussions and other injuries." 

On a more serious note, Miller denounced league boss Roger Goodell as a manipulative charlatan.  "He's my idea of a bad guy," Miller declared.  "He does everything to shine the brass buttons to look like a good guy, but he will do whatever the owners want because they pay him $40-million or $45-million a year.  He's there to put a good face on this complete avariciousness; all the league is about is money!" 

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